Human Potential Income Grant – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 740


Income Inequality and the growing gap between the rich and poor is an issue that is front and center across the globe including the country where I live which is Canada.

The idea of a “Guaranteed Basic Income Grant” is one that has been around for a while and has made a few headlines in the past few years here in Canada.

So I thought I would write a blog about a “Guaranteed Basic Income Grant” and explain why I Support it, and also what I see is necessary in understanding how such a grant would work.

I think its important before one gets to hung up on the details of how exactly such a grant would be implemented is to understand what such an income is necessary in not only the Country of Canada, but necessary globally as an Unconditional Income to every Man Women and Child on Earth, that extends from Birth to Death.

Now initially in the implementation stage, it may be more gradual than to just have this shift happen overnight. In fact, we are still only in the phase of talking about it in blogs and news articles which of course is also important to develop and expand our awareness on this subject so that it eventually becomes a Solution that can be understood by every voter in the country.

So lets start at the beginning. The Foundation.

Why is a Basic Income important?

Well, first of all, lets call it what it really is.

We do NOT need a ‘Basic’ Income Grant

We need a LIVING Income Grant.

The different between a basic income grant versus a Living income grant is similar to the difference between Minimum Wage, and a Living Wage when it comes to employment pay.

So perhaps we should then call our Grant a Fulfilling Human Potential Income Grant because that is really what a Basic Income Grant is about.

Its about redirecting our Ship that is humanity and the world system back into alignment with what we are really doing here on earth. Which is to Live to Our Fullest Potentials, and to create a world and a world system that facilitates this kind of Living Expression for every Man, Women, Child, Animal, Plant, and ultimately the Organism that is Planet Earth as a whole.

So this awareness of why a Basic Income is important as a viable, valid, and worthy policy is necessary in facilitating this kind of Income to one day become an expression of our System.

Because it is BEST for ALL Life.

A World that is Best for ALL Life will Function differently than our current system does.

In moving from our current economic systems into a Living Income System, we are in fact moving away from a profit driven system and shifting into an actual benevolent system designed to maximize human potential not human labor for profit as our current system does.

Now think about that.

Because this is important.

Look at this one single point of how our system is currently functioning.

It functions to leverage human labor to maximize profit, meaning where the expression of the human being is reduced into an equation where profit is the goal, the purpose of the human becomes to function in a way that best creates that profit, despite the fact that in doing this, the potential of that human is squandered, suppressed,  diminished, and never realized so that they become lifeless machines performing menial functions which in no way supports or nurtures their actual Utmost Potential as a Life Form.

So from my perspective it is necessary to understand the eventual goal of moving towards and into a Living Income Guaranteed System, which is to move away from a profit driven system that only squanders human potential, into a system that is designed around nurturing the utmost potential of All Human Beings and All Life Forms.

So its not simply a matter of “maybe a basic income is a way to go” It is much DEEPER than that. It is about LIFE, and why we are HERE on Earth, or why we are HERE Existing and Alive.

Id rather live and exist in a way where my potential as a living expression can be supported and realized.

Because I am very much curious to see what we are capable of as humans.

Obviously we got something wrong here when Killing Each Other (war) is the biggest business on earth. Oooops, try again.

Its Time to realize that there is more at stake than just ‘if’ a Living Income is economically viable or not.

Where there is a WILL there is a Way. So first we must develop our understanding on what a Living Income Guarantee is all about so that we can strengthen our WILL, then we WILL Find a Way to make it happen.


Please Visit the Living Income Guarantee Website to find out more –


Are you Happy With Your Job? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 716


Its voting time again here in Canada. The time where we as a populous choose the leaders of our country. The leaders that are taking up those primary positions of responsibility within managing the efficacy and functionality of our world system.

In a recent visit back to my home town visiting family and friends I was having a discussion with someone about their recent change of occupation and what it was like in the new position versus the old and what factors contributed to why it is they decided to make the career switch.

One of the points discussed which stood out allot to me with regards to the difference between the new and the old job, was in the degree of freedom and creativity that was now offered in the new position.

I mentioned the voting point in the first paragraph because in a lot of ways, it is the leaders of our country who have been assigned with not only managing, but also creating, or at least playing a significant role in the creation of our world system and so within this the kinds and types of jobs that are available within this system.

It’s not difficult to observe how our world, now existing in the age of consumerism is accelerating in pace and speed with each passing day. And how we have over time, constructed a massive machine that streamlines the manufacturing of consumer goods and services where the individuals role within this has more and more been reduced to performing some simple functions within this machine and within the corporate structure of this machine, essentially passing on instructions from the higher ups where ones own freedom of expression and creativity has been greatly diminished within this system and has ultimately been extracted out, where now one can spend their entire career basically carrying out the instructions of someone else where they themselves have no real valuable relationship to their product or service at all.

This reminds me of a movie I watched last night about the ‘Milgram experiments’.

In 1961 a social psychologist by the name of Stanley Milgram began the famous and controversial ‘Milgrams Experiments’ conducting experiments investigating the role of ‘obedience to authority figures’

“Milgram (1974) explained the behavior of his participants by suggesting that people actually have two states of behavior when they are in a social situation:

 The autonomous state – people direct their own actions, and they take responsibility for the results of those actions.

 The agentic state – people allow others to direct their actions, and then pass off the responsibility for the consequences to the person giving the orders. In other words, they act as agents for another person’s will.”



What I see here is that our current world system and the corporate structure now existing is very much dependent on the majority of individuals existing in this ‘agentic state’ where they are just carrying out someone else’s will where they themselves have no real contribution to the system and product or service they are creating. And what you now have today is both, a conditioned population that no longer even recognizes this part of themselves that actually craves the kind of expression where you as an individual is really contributing in a way where your full capacity as an expression of life is being engaged and utilized, as well has having a world system and corporate structure that not only makes this kind of expression impossible for all, but that due to the omnipresence and prevalence of this corporately structured machine that is our world system, stomps out any spark of hope in those beings with an inclination for, or recollection of what it’s like to have personal freedom and creativity as part of their expressions.

What the individual I was having a discussion with when I visited my hometown expressed is that they felt that even though they were climbing higher and higher in the corporate structure, which is some ways meant more money, their personal creativity was still something that was not at all being engaged. With the new job, the draw, was that they now had a say in how the company will be carrying out their business and that they were able to see direct feedback via results for their own personal ideas,  insights, and actions, or in other words, they were now connected in a substantial and relevant way to the outcome of the product or service they were offering.

Being an Artist myself, this is something I have come to really be grateful for now in my life as I have began making this my full-time occupation. I like the freedom and creativity, and that I am actually responsible for and so Empowered within the successes and failures of the business.

So now here we are – Its Voting time in Canada – And who do we vote for?

What is the purpose of our political structure and where in this structure are steps being taken to create a system where FREEDOM and CREATIVITY of the individual is being nurtured.

Political Leaders often chant about “Good Paying Jobs For the Hardworking Middle Class” This is very misleading because this also means, more robotic jobs that perpetuate what psychologist Milgram defined as the “agentic state” where the individual is really not responsible for the outcome but is simply carrying out the will of someone else which from my perspective has lead to a depressed human race.

So the big question here is how do we re-design our world and our corporate structure so that each participant, a.k.a employee within this structure are functioning at their full potential as human beings, and not just existing as resources to be harvested to produce nice lifestyles for the ‘higher ups’

So what is the Solution? I would suggest to begin with investigating the Equal Life Foundation and their proposed “Living Income Guaranteed” policy. The Equal Life Foundation is operating on a set of principles designed to VALUE Each and every individual in this world no more accepting and allowing ourselves to lead uninspired robotic lives.

Do you value Creativity and Freedom? Do you want this for your own Life? If so, investigate Living Income Guaranteed.

A Complete Understanding of MONEY – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 713


Where does the money in your pocket come from?
Have you ever asked yourself that question.
It’s interesting that the mechanics of our economic system was not taught to us in school considering that this system governs everything about us and is the main platform upon which we operate our day to day lives. Yet it was never taught to us in school and was not part of our basic education.

The majority of the population doesn’t really question where money comes from or expects that they should even know this kind of information.

So I am here to challenge this notion and to put forward that each human being should have clear understanding of how the system that they live in and that provides for them their daily means actually works.

I was not taught to question my reality and to push for complete understanding.

I did develop some ability throughout my life to think for myself, to really investigate points and how they work, but I also accepted incomplete pictures as ‘good enough’ where I stopped short of really delving into the details and interworking of things.

Human beings have become conditioned to not ever really go to far beneath the surface, and the way things are heading, this ability to really understand how things work is becoming increasingly difficult because of the availability of entertainment where one will so easily get swept away by the current of their always updating facebook stream instead staying on point with the task at hand.

So The task at hand today is MONEY, the Money System, and our beliefs and understanding of this. Because what you will find if you start doing a little digging is you will start to see that our money system is not actually working in the way it could and that it is more designed to serve a minority of individuals than actually providing a stable system of exchange that benefits and nurtures all life on earth.

When I think of human evolution, creating a money system that nurtures all life on earth to express to its fullest potential is for me a step that we has humanity must take for ourselves. Right now our money system is intertwined with fear, with greed, with scarcity, with survival, with authority and so many other perceptions where the sum total of this is a money system that only waters 1 plant in every 1000, instead of providing ALL with the water it needs to thrive.

So one of the first steps is to start doing some research on where money comes and how the money system works.

One of the interesting things that I started finding out for myself as I investigated this point is that the money system has changed form numerous times throughout history where I previously thought that it was a kind of ‘set in stone’ thing that is always the same and cannot be challenged, like “it is just the way it is”, when that is not actually the case at all.
This is a great explanation of how our current money system works to get yourself started in the movement towards a money system that actually supports life instead of restricting it.

I will also suggest to visit the Living Income Guarantee website which is a group working together to offer alternatives and solutions for a new money system.

SUCCESS – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 699


Today I was investigating and introspecting about what the definition of ‘success’ is for me.

In looking at this what I noticed a few interesting things about how this word ‘success’ is currently existing and manifested in this world.

Firstly, one thing I noticed is that ‘success’ is very often defined in comparison to something or someone else. I noticed this dimension of comparison to be existent within my own definition of success as well where I will often compare myself in relation to others and accordingly determine my degree or level of success.

Its interesting that ‘success’ is normally seen as a positive thing. Yet in terms of how we currently live and express this word in our world today, success is so often defined within a point of comparison where you have others failing or losing which is then used as a point in defining when someone else is successful. Now how can this actually be a positive thing if it requires so much negativity for it to exist?

Think about it. Success is often associated with wealth and material things and yes, that can be a form of success, though if you look at our society the reason we define certain degrees of wealth and material possessions as a measure of success is because there is so many that do not have that. So success is a exclusive thing and is being excluded from the majority of peoples lives.

Another interesting thing I am seeing right now as I write this is that success is also often related to ‘begin healthy’ yet shouldn’t ‘being healthy’ be a natural thing? Shouldn’t being healthy be something NORMAL in terms of how we should be existing, yet in today’s society ‘being healthy’ is a kind of rarity or ‘achievement’ that is difficult. So for me this is showing that there is a dysfunction that exists within our current expression and acceptance of who we are as life where a healthy body and mind is something exclusive only achieved by a few when it should be something that is naturally, fundamentally a part of who we are normally.

So lets get back to our currently accepted definition of ‘Success’.

When you see someone driving a big fancy car and you think, that person looks successful. I wonder how many people had to fail, how many people had to lose, so that particular being could attain a certain degree of success.

What I realize here is that we has individuals, and starting with myself as well, and also as a whole human race, must re-design our current definition of success. Because ultimately if so many lose within the attainment of the success of just a few, that is not really success from a wholistic view. And that is how we should be looking at this word. Because looking at the TOTAL OUTFLOW to me implies a more Aware consideration and so perhaps a more EVOLVED consideration from a more Evolved Human.

So from my perspective success cannot be such an isolated incident but we must look at the outflow and consequence that the achievement or attainment of a particular goal or action has on all parties on all life as as whole.

We as humanity have developed shortsightedness or maybe just always had it. And in this we miss the fact that our success is coming at the expense of others and at the expense of the very planet we live on to the degree where we are actually creating our slow and steady destruction – So we must re-design our living application of success so that it wholistically supports, nurtures and benefits all that is here in a sustainable enhancing way.

Because the successful business owner that supports his or her family at the expense and the destruction of the planet is not really success.

So the question is – How do we create Success where everyone wins, where everyone is successful. Where the success ligis actually beneficial to all, instead of where right now you have the extremes where one persons success often means the failure, and loss of others. So this must be adjusted and corrected so that success is no more an isolated incident at the expense of others, but where it is overall and fundamentally beneficial of ALL.

This will require quite a transformation of our core values of human beings, and will also require this to be echoed in how our world and money system functions. And so this is where policies like a basic income or Living Income Guaranteed comes into play. The Living Income Guaranteed by the Equal Life Foundation is a stepping stone to eventually birth this wholistic view of success where everyone can live like millionaires. I am not saying the lifestyle of the millionaire is what we should be striving for or that it is the quintessence of success. Though there is certain characteristics of this, such as full access to the necessities of life such as health care, education, home, or where you have certainty you will always have your basic needs met, that can be adopted in our new definition of success that we create for ourselves moving forward into the future. For more information investigate the Living Income Guaranteed

Gavel of Destruction – Destroying Life With Man Made Laws – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 697


Today I was reading an news article on the debt situation unfolding in Greece and in the article one of the representatives involved in the proceedings was citing as saying that forgiving down the debt that Greece has accumulated as a possible solution would be illegal and that is why they can’t do that.

Now this statement struck me because here we have quite an urgent situation in Greece and yet when taking into consideration potential solutions “legality” is being cited as a reason for why something isn’t able to be done that could potentially be a very effective solution.

From my perspective whether something is legal or not should not be what determines what we do as humanity, particularly when something is best for everyone involved.

I understand that we have created quite a structure of rules, and regulations, and procedures, and legal structures that is ultimately determining our relationship with each other and the planet. However, unfortunately this system was not designed upon the principle of ‘doing what is best for all’.

Our current laws and rules are used to hide behind. They are NOT used to regulate the functioning of humanity in a way that optimizes our utmost potential.

Who makes the laws?

Laws are often cited as if they are inalienable laws of life. But in fact THEY ARE NOT. They have been made up by human beings. So to state something is legal or illegal is to simply imply that we are giving our authority away to some other human beings that at one point in time came up with these laws and rules.

Its like we have come to trust in the law and justice system as if it ‘beyond us’ we reference the law likes it is the ultimate authority that we dare not challenge, and that, it simply ‘IS’, and how can “little ol’ me” challenge the law.

I do not remember giving permission to the men and women who made the laws that now determine everything about my life?

Yet here I am. I was born into the already-made system. I had no say on what the rules were. The laws and rules were already in place. And interestingly these laws and rules that I am obliged and actually forced to adhere to, are, by design, destructive – yet I must live by them.

Unfortunately these laws and rules do not have the interest of life at heart and this is problem. Yet its like we as human beings forget that we are the ones that made the laws and rules and that this implies we can unmake them and come up with new ones that are designed to empower life, not suppress it.

What we have now is we have people hiding behind the laws.

Laws should never stand in the way of DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL LIFE.

For instance, with the situation with Greece right now.

There should be ONE QUESTION ONLY that should be asked.

WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL – Then ALL parties act in this interest.

This question however does not seem to exist at all in the minds of the individuals working on this issue because from what I can see there is mostly friction and fighting.

To Solve the Greece issue, this question of what is best for all must be at the foundation of the discussion. And it is not a question of is it legal is it not legal.

Though realistically we are entwined in our current system of rules and regulations and so we must in a way untangle ourselves from this mess.

The point I wanted to make in this blog is about our current system of laws and regulations and how this seems to have taken a life of its own, independent from the human in a way where we forgot that humans are the ones that actually created this system. It was created by people getting together and agreeing on what the laws are. And so this is what we as humanity must do again! We must re-write the laws and rules and regulations that govern and manage human civilization. Only this time we must write them based on the principle of WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL.


Please visit to find out more about how to redesign a world system that is best for all

Psychological Transitions required for a Living Income Guaranteed Money System – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 696


Today I was reading a news article about 2 mayors in Canada who seem to be supporters of some form of a Guaranteed Basic Income for their cities and simply for a potential direction to eliminate poverty.

Now what I would like to discuss is a very critical component of making such a policy like a Guaranteed Income a reality. That component is the human psyche.

You see, I am an advocate of such reforms and have been investigating the point of a Guaranteed Living Income for some time to really understand what it’s going to take to implement something like this in a way where it actually stands as a practically functional solution.

One of the mayors cited as a supporter of this such economic and political reform is the mayor of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

I just so happened to have lived in Calgary for 10 years of my life but now I live in a different Canadian city. When I heard he was a supporter of such a proposal, my reaction was jealousy! I started thinking about and envisioning my old city having something like a living income implemented and I experienced jealousy because I looked as how someone like me would benefit from such a platform of support.

I see this as being a very important factor to consider within this entire process implementing something like a basic income. And so thus I see here how important it is to also re-educate ourselves around something like a basic income so that we understand why we would do such a thing and the benefits that would come from it so that with the proper education and understanding we can let go of our reactions like for instance the reaction I experienced such as jealousy so in letting these go, prevent them from hindering or blocking our direction as humanity from really creating a world system that is the best that it can be.

This is one reason why I support the Living Income Guarantee proposal put forward by the Equal Life Foundation. Because not only are they simply looking at such a systematic transformation from an outside view – meaning looking at the practical physical system only. But they also consider the ‘inner view’ looking at the point of the human condition or human psyche realizing that both the inner and the outer must change simultaneously in order for such a change like transitioning into a Living Income Guarantee system to work and remain stable and standing in the long run.

This reaction I had of jealousy could also be a point to re-emphasise why such policies such as a Basic Income would be beneficial to look at in terms of implementation within a global or national context, This may be necessary to alleviate any hardwired reactions such as jealousy that human beings might go into if they see their neighbors get basic income but they don’t. Thus the question here is – Is there a way to implement a system like a basic income on a global scale or even a national scale where entire countries adopt this kind of platform to enhance the lives and nurture the potential of its citizens. Or what other measures can be taken to support this transition and stabilize any psychological resistances or reactions that human beings might end up going into within implementing a basic income system. I mean have you ever noticed how people normally don’t like other people around them to be successful? Have you ever had that experience where you really wanted to be happy for someone, and in a way you were, but also within your there was reactions and jealousy. So this ‘inner dimension’ must also be addressed and there must be an re-education process taking place as well for us human as we as a group evolve towards NEW Systems that we have never created, expressed or existed within before.

My reaction of jealousy initially was because I can see how awesome something like a basic income would be to ligstart small businesses where one would have a more stable foundation in the early stages of building a business where they could focus on getting their project moving without running out of rent money.

There are endless befits of a system such as a Living Income Guarantee. That is not really the debate. The debate…or rather, the conversation is HOW will such a system be integrated and implemented into the already existing system so we can transition over to something like a Basic Income System.

For more information please visit the Living Income Website or listen to the video discussions on the Living Income youtube channel.

And don’t forget to like the Equal Life Foundation Page to Join the cause! We will need as many heads as possible discovering solutions to create a system that will truly nurture the potential of Life.

$$$ How Much is Enough $$$ – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 695


I recently read an article published by the CBC news about a homeless man in his 60’s who returned a briefcase he found that had 2000.00 dollars in it. After the event a fundraiser was started for him which raised 5000.00 to which the homeless man insisted on donating it as well as insisting to the police that all he wants is a job.

I could actually relate to this whole situation on a personal level. And it makes complete sense why the man would insist on having a job because $2000.00, even $5000.00 does not get you far in this world. A Job would actually be more of a permanent solution, where in all likelihood the 2 or 5 thousand dollars would be spent and gone and the man would still be in the same situation.

I sometimes forget about the importance of walking a process to understand something so that once you have walked that process you in fact understand every dimension of the thing you just walked and within that you are empowered in relation to that.

I will sometimes forget about this and just want some magic solution. Some big event to just “change everything” forgetting that REAL Change never just happens overnight but is the result of a consistent effort within a particular direction to where the results and the change is created step by step by step in awareness.

Sometimes I will catch myself thinking about some event taking place in my life where I suddenly get allot of money, and then, I think… “ but is that actually solution?” because I see the value in for instance really understanding how to generate money for instance so that if something were to happen to that magical paycheque that appeared in your bank account one day, that you would always be able to support yourself where its like that old saying, feed a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

Now even though this new article reminded me of this point within me, the dimensions at play with this homeless guy are a bit different. Essentially we are looking at a similar point in terms of the difference between a temporary and permanent solution where in this case the homeless man insists on having a job versus keeping the 5000.00$ raised for him where the Job would be more of a permanent solution.

This raises another interesting question about society at large and some of the new alternative economic reforms such as a Living Income Guaranteed or Basic Income Guaranteed which address this homeless mans predicament directly. With these new sustainable solutions a certain amount of money would be given out each year to every citizen on earth simply as a birth right and a human right to ensure that ALL human beings on earth have access to a dignified life starting with making sure their basic needs are met so that they for instance would never be left homeless without a job.

So the question is – How much money would be enough?

This homeless man obviously saw that 2000.00 would not be enough. And he also turned down 5000.00 insisting on a job instead. So how much is enough money per year to ensure a human beings basic needs are met. I would suggest this not be measured according to finding the least possible amount so that we could implement something like this and still keep it ‘affordable’. But rather to consider and implement a system like this based on finding an amount that would EMPOWER the individual. I mean that should be our goal as humanity and that should be the goal and purpose of governments….well, wait….maybe the role of governments is to simply execute the suggestions expressed by the many citizens to empower our civilization. After all governments should simply be an extension of the people, not some higher force that attempts to control the people while thinking they know what is best which seems like how governments work in todays day and age.

And so how much money would you say is enough to stand as a permanent solution with something like a Living Income Guarantee or a Basic Income Guaranteed?

And obviously with something like this we can also look at the other necessary components to empowering the human being, like for instance where education is made a human right as well and provided free.

Id suggest for more information regarding the comprehensive solutions such as LIG please visit their website here as well as you can listen to insightful interviews done on the LIG youtube page.