SUCCESS – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 699


Today I was investigating and introspecting about what the definition of ‘success’ is for me.

In looking at this what I noticed a few interesting things about how this word ‘success’ is currently existing and manifested in this world.

Firstly, one thing I noticed is that ‘success’ is very often defined in comparison to something or someone else. I noticed this dimension of comparison to be existent within my own definition of success as well where I will often compare myself in relation to others and accordingly determine my degree or level of success.

Its interesting that ‘success’ is normally seen as a positive thing. Yet in terms of how we currently live and express this word in our world today, success is so often defined within a point of comparison where you have others failing or losing which is then used as a point in defining when someone else is successful. Now how can this actually be a positive thing if it requires so much negativity for it to exist?

Think about it. Success is often associated with wealth and material things and yes, that can be a form of success, though if you look at our society the reason we define certain degrees of wealth and material possessions as a measure of success is because there is so many that do not have that. So success is a exclusive thing and is being excluded from the majority of peoples lives.

Another interesting thing I am seeing right now as I write this is that success is also often related to ‘begin healthy’ yet shouldn’t ‘being healthy’ be a natural thing? Shouldn’t being healthy be something NORMAL in terms of how we should be existing, yet in today’s society ‘being healthy’ is a kind of rarity or ‘achievement’ that is difficult. So for me this is showing that there is a dysfunction that exists within our current expression and acceptance of who we are as life where a healthy body and mind is something exclusive only achieved by a few when it should be something that is naturally, fundamentally a part of who we are normally.

So lets get back to our currently accepted definition of ‘Success’.

When you see someone driving a big fancy car and you think, that person looks successful. I wonder how many people had to fail, how many people had to lose, so that particular being could attain a certain degree of success.

What I realize here is that we has individuals, and starting with myself as well, and also as a whole human race, must re-design our current definition of success. Because ultimately if so many lose within the attainment of the success of just a few, that is not really success from a wholistic view. And that is how we should be looking at this word. Because looking at the TOTAL OUTFLOW to me implies a more Aware consideration and so perhaps a more EVOLVED consideration from a more Evolved Human.

So from my perspective success cannot be such an isolated incident but we must look at the outflow and consequence that the achievement or attainment of a particular goal or action has on all parties on all life as as whole.

We as humanity have developed shortsightedness or maybe just always had it. And in this we miss the fact that our success is coming at the expense of others and at the expense of the very planet we live on to the degree where we are actually creating our slow and steady destruction – So we must re-design our living application of success so that it wholistically supports, nurtures and benefits all that is here in a sustainable enhancing way.

Because the successful business owner that supports his or her family at the expense and the destruction of the planet is not really success.

So the question is – How do we create Success where everyone wins, where everyone is successful. Where the success ligis actually beneficial to all, instead of where right now you have the extremes where one persons success often means the failure, and loss of others. So this must be adjusted and corrected so that success is no more an isolated incident at the expense of others, but where it is overall and fundamentally beneficial of ALL.

This will require quite a transformation of our core values of human beings, and will also require this to be echoed in how our world and money system functions. And so this is where policies like a basic income or Living Income Guaranteed comes into play. The Living Income Guaranteed by the Equal Life Foundation is a stepping stone to eventually birth this wholistic view of success where everyone can live like millionaires. I am not saying the lifestyle of the millionaire is what we should be striving for or that it is the quintessence of success. Though there is certain characteristics of this, such as full access to the necessities of life such as health care, education, home, or where you have certainty you will always have your basic needs met, that can be adopted in our new definition of success that we create for ourselves moving forward into the future. For more information investigate the Living Income Guaranteed


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