Being Creative in a Marketable World – An Artist Journey To Life: Day 776


I have spent the last 3 and half years working Full-Time as an Artist! That’s pretty cool. I have really enjoyed it and throughout that time have encountered some interesting challenges. Although I have been “making a living” doing art for the last 3.5 years, before that I spent a great deal of time creating art and have actually been developing this art career point since I decided to go to art school when I was 19 years old.

One of the greatest challenges I have faced in particular since I have been earning a living with my art is the balance between creating art that is marketable versus creating art that is truly a unique expression of myself.

Our world and money system is an interesting thing in that there is very specific rules that one must follow to ensure the success of a business. (Or at least this is what I am lead to believe) And you know, what I have found is that these rules also seem to exist in the individual as well. I have encountered this with creating art where it seems individuals are more comfortable purchasing art that is ‘safe’ I will say.

That these ‘safe’ items sell more frequently and readily where the more experimental pieces don’t seem to sell as quickly. And this also goes for apparently controversial contemporary art as well where if it doesn’t have that very recognizable essence of being or looking like contemporary art, than people are afraid to buy it who have contemporary collections.

This has been quite a dilemma for me because obviously when you spend a lot of time creating art you start noticing things about this process. I have for instance noticed that “Art” follows a lot of rule and follows the trends of today. Art today has a very specific look and feel unique to its time just as it did 100 years ago. But its strange because I also notice that this kind of limits REAL CREATIVITY which from my perspective doesn’t follow a trend or preconceived pattern which can be replicated.

But to get to the bottom of this question could be quite a story so I am not going to go into all the dimensions in this blog.

For now I am going to stick to my approach.

Basically, I start with making sure my business side of my Art Making is stable, which means that I am creating art that is creative, but also marketable. Then from there I am essentially funding my own creativity from the perspective of where and when I have enough art for sale that is more proven to sell, or money from sold art, then I can experiment a bit, and be a bit more creative with some pieces.

There is also grants and things like that you can get from the government but even with that you are catering to a specific idea of what art should look like. Essentially you are selling your art the government or at least for them to give you a grant to create art that they think is valid.

But I really question that also because our world is really in quite a state of chaos and suffering which to me does suggest that the major systems in this world and the ideas and directions they are supporting are kind of in question looking at how everything is existing right now.

So this is quite a challenge for artists today and for artists that have lived throughout time, to create truly unique individual expressions.

For me I see this as being a work in progress for myself. And sometimes I wonder if I will ever do this in my lifetime.

It takes courage to try something new, to create something that may not look like ‘art’ but that is a real expression of yourself. This especially being so with the pressures of existing in our current money system where if you don’t have money, you don’t eat.

Sometimes I wonder if people yearn for that real honest individual expression in art and would be willing to pay for that. But then, its like the pressure of money and that FEAR of not having enough money to eat or make more art enters the picture and influences what I do.

So I just do my best to find that balance, ultimately with the end goal being to create a world that allows for that Real Unique Individual Expression to come through and flourish throughout our world not just in Art but in all things and all different expressions.


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Creating The ‘KILLER’ Whale – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 753



The newest sculpture I am working on at the moment is of an Orca Whale. One thing I like to do is to research the animals that I make carvings of. So with this one, since I have never carved an Orca which is also referred to as a Killer Whale, I decided I would watch a few documentaries to learn more about them and also to study the shape and movement of the animal.

Now that I think of it, in pretty much every documentary I watch about different species of animals, even though each species is uniquely different, they all have one very important thing in common.

Do you know what this is?


And further more, how the activities of the human is actually having a negative impact on the lives and environments of these animals.

It really is such a shame to think that eventually all animal species will be extinct because the human is unable to align their relationship to Life and the Planet in a way that is sustainable, supportive, and nurturing.

I personally see a Potential that exist for animals and humans to co-exist in harmony. But this relationship must be cultivated and restored over time.

As the dominant species on the planet it is of our utmost responsibility to ensure animals are extended the same rights and freedoms that we as humans are trying to create for ourselves. Its like all our laws and programs, and policies are focused on the human and our interactions throughout the world where animal rights is only something that comes as an afterthought and even as a reaction to the negative out-flow consequences that is coming from our inability as humans to co-exist with each other and the planet.

Animal rights should be considered equally to human rights in the creations of policies that guide our direction on planet earth. Not something that is an afterthought, but a fully integrated part of the policies developed that determine the flow and movement of our World System.

Last night I was watching the documentary “BlackFish” which focused on the captivity of Killer Whales for the purpose of Exhibition/Entertainment. The documentary highlighted one Orca in particular that developed a history of aggressive behavior towards its trainers and how this history was suppressed by the industry to keep up the illusion that this kind of Entertainment is something nice, fun, and legitimate when all the while, underpinning this kind of industry is an absolutely twisted human nature that is willing to capture live Killer Whales out of their natural habitat and place them in tiny pools, and then train them to perform for our own entertainment. Quite bizarre.

And the result as illustrated in the documentary is actually aggressive behaviors from the animals to the point of where they end up killing their trainers.

The whole concept of Sea World theme parks is a manifestation of just one tiny tiny example which reflects a particular part of our dysfunctional human nature. And the fact that this became an entire industry to me implies that this “dysfunction” within our nature is existing on a mass level, because for an industry like this to exist requires many many many participants, from those who snatch the animals from the sea, to the trainers, to the consumers who pay for such entertainment.

Its amazing how we as humans have developed the propensity for such blatant abuses, I find the documentary Black Fish does a great job of taking what should be obvious but somehow isn’t, and making clearly obvious, so that we can stop for a moment, take a step back and recognize how messed up something like Orca Captivity is and how this is NOT something in alignment with Living to our utmost potential as Human Beings.

So there is a lot of work to be done for us humans to restore our relationship with animals so that they have the same rights and freedoms as us humans.


Introducing New Words into Art and Self Creation – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 752


The other day I was admiring some artwork by one of my favorite life painters (John Singer Sargent) and I wondered to myself if this artist had ever written anything about his techniques of how to paint as surely I could learn something from this.

I ended up finding an article put together by someone about this artist and the accounts by his pupils that had the opportunity to learn from him. There wasn’t so much direct written words by the artist but rather accounts recalled by these students of what the artist taught them. The article also drew from a few various other references to comprise this commentary about the artists techniques, style, and approach to painting.

In my life right now, I have been practicing and developing my own ability, and understanding of what it means to Live Words as a process of Personal Self Creation. And I was also recently looking at this specifically in relation to how I go about creating and developing my artwork.

Now with my landscape paintings, one word that I have been practicing for the past 3 years is the word ‘value’. The context I am describing the word ‘value’ here is specifically related to color theory where ‘value’ is referring to dark and light.

But the interesting thing I noticed is that everyday I go out to do a painting, this word ‘value’ is at the fore of my attention and is what I am working with and practicing as I construct my painting.

And it has been the primary word for the past 2 or 3 years.

So after reading the abovementioned article, I took away a few words and points that I could now introduce the next time I went painting.

The words were


Thicker paint

Blending lines

Each one of these words/phrases were defined in the article in more detail/description so I had an idea how I would go about implementing them into my painting.

So I went out painting soon after and I began to introduce some of these words into my painting.

The first painting I did after reading the article had some new dimensions emerging in it which I could visibly see, meaning where the painting actually looked different from my previous paintings.

Then earlier today I went out and began another painting and I was surprised with the results of implementing these new words/phrases into my expression.

For me it was eye opening to see how reading a simple article on painting and then taking some of that information and “Living It” within the context of implementing it into the painting could have such a drastic affect.

I cannot recall ever learning that way even though I read quite a lot in art school about various different artists and techniques.

So I just thought this was a cool dimension of the “Living Words” process of Self Creation that I have been developing for myself these past few months.

Now another interesting questions that comes up here is how else can I live these words? Meaning, not where it is applied and Lived only in my painting but also in my life and myself.

With my painting, I had practiced living primarily one single word only over and over and over for nearly 3 years. And my paintings slowly progressed. Then suddenly I introduced more words into the process, and suddenly the paintings became more dynamic and took on new dimensions and had a new kind of life to them.

So perhaps this is the lesson to take away from this with regards to my own process of Self Creation through Living Words.

The lesson that if I never introduce any new words to Live and Become and practice Expressing as myself in my day to day life. That I will just always be the same, and in a way become stagnant. But within introducing new words, suddenly there is more life, more expression, more dynamics.

So here I can take the lesson I learned with my paintings and apply it to myself and my life and remember to introduce new Words into and as my process of Living Words/Self Creation as a point of developing and expanding and not just getting stuck living the same words over and over again.


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Moving out of Fear and Into Application – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 743


So recently I had a look at a Fear I have that has been existing within me for sometime. This fear, is in relation to my current profession where I work as an artist, which has always been a passion of mine. Art has always been something that I have wanted to do in my life and I have spent a lot of time developing this point for myself. Now, the fear I have, is that for some reason I won’t be able to do this, and “It just won’t work out” So in taking a closer look at this point and actually writing it out on paper and also applying Self Forgiveness on it, something I noticed about this particular fear is that its not so much that I fear not doing art, but that I fear sabotaging my opportunity that is currently here to do it.

So I have been busy now doing art full-time for the past three years, and often within me this fear experience will come up and in fact I noticed that it actually influences me regularly in where my behavior starts to change where I will tend to be a bit more high strung and stressed out where behind this is this fear that “everything is going to fall apart” and so I better hurry up and make everything work and stable.

So what I noticed is that the fear is actually related to ME, and fearing ME actually messing everything up by not applying myself effectively, but where I personally end up not taking the opportunity that is HERE in my life at the moment, and “Making the Most of It” and then I fear that moment where the opportunity has passed and basically I have missed out because in that moment I can see within me that “I didn’t do everything I could have” that I procrastinated, was lazy, apathetic, or just took the opportunity for granted and let other distractions get in the way instead of really seizing the opportunity and nurturing it to its Full Potential.

I also see that this fear becomes more prominent when I know in Self Honesty that I am not actually Living to My Full Potential, but allowing myself to become side tracked. It is during these times that this fear becomes more prominent. And it is during the times when I see I am moving and directing myself effectively that the fear isn’t so much coming up.

In opening up and investigating this fear and investigating the worst case scenario that I fear happening, I was able to see these interesting dimensions and actually also realized that if my current profession doesn’t work out, but I have given it everything I got, then that’s Okay. The Fear more exist in relation to me squandering an opportunity instead of things just not working out for reasons out of my hands.

So I realize that the best thing I can do to support myself here in relation to this particular fear, is to assist and support myself to really Take Responsibility For Myself and My Life in a way where I can Fully place myself in this endeavor and express, live, and direct, to my Fullest Potential. So what came out of opening this fear up for myself is an actual Realization and also Practical Solution I can apply Daily to support myself in stopping that experience of Living IN Fear, and that practical daily application I can practice, is to practice really getting the most out of my days, and to stop squandering my days, and allowing myself to exist within a lesser version of myself that I know I am never satisfied with.

SOUL – The School of Ultimate Living is an online
community of people interested in
discovering and developing their utmost potential – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
Journey To Life Blogs – Read the blogs from those walking the 7 year journey to life.
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Fear of Drawing In Public – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 739

Self Reflection, Pencil on paper, 8x10in.2004

Today, I went out to a coffee shop to do some drawing. I used to do this in the past but is something that I haven’t done much of in recent years. When I arrived I noticed that it was pretty busy, which normally is a good thing because then there is lots of people to draw, but in this case today, I felt a bit claustrophobic because I didn’t want people to look over my shoulder and see what I was drawing.

In the past, I used to go out drawing in coffee shops nearly daily as it was a great way to refine and practice my drawing. And during that time I was more accepting of who I was within this, and wasn’t as shy/reactive about people knowing or seeing what I was doing. I would just sit down and start drawing. In the past I see though that I did have a few reactions and resistances to drawing in public where I observed that some of my other artist friends were so much more willing to interact and engage with other people and for instance ask directly if they could draw them.

Today I noticed that I was much more timid within myself and really just wanted to be in the background where no one can see me. A point that I can see is also more ‘all encompassing’ with regards to the particular personality I lived throughout my life in relation to art, where a part of me just wanted to remain out of sight in the background. But ultimately I see, realize, and understand that here I am accepting a limitation where I am supressing my expression because I don’t want people to see what I am doing, and so ultimately I am in fear or reaction of what they might think about me sitting there drawing.

At first I sat there for a little while waiting for a different table to open up that was a little more private so I could do some drawing. I even thought about just leaving and going home. Eventually I went and sat outside and drew but even that was a bit of a compromise.

So the point I could see within this all, is that there is a point/personality within me that I have lived and live that is actually inhibiting me within my art expression. What revealed today, was a dimension of where I did not want to draw because I was afraid of what other people might think about me seeing me sitting there drawing. I also didn’t want someone to come over and ask to see my drawings, because I am was in  judgement of my drawings seeing as how I am just getting started with this application again.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear what others would think about my Drawings if they saw them, where here I became preoccupied and distracted by all the ideas, and fears within my own mind of what I thought and believed others might say about my drawings, or how they would perceive them and me, and that I then allowed this inner reality of projection, judgement and fear influence me to not Live to my Fullest Expression, but instead go into anxiety, fear and suppression, not wanting to ‘put myself out there’ which would have actually been the most supportive for me in developing this particular drawing application and developing my own self movement and self expression as well, where I Direct me for me as a point of Self Support, and stop accepting and allowing myself to supress myself out of ‘fear of what others might think”.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to, when I go out to draw,  fear other peoples reactions towards me and how they will see me and so within this supress my self expression.

I commit myself to work with myself in this point to push myself to overcome this particular suppression personality that I have accepted and allowed myself to program as myself where I will supress and limit myself due to fear of what other people think where I have placed the opinions, ideas, reactions, judgements of others as more important than me Living to my fullest potential and exploring the Potential that exists within and as myself as a Human Being here on earth, and so therefor I commit myself to make sure that this ‘suppression personality’ is something I no more accept and allow to take me over and dictate who I am where I myself just submit to this personality and don’t bother asserting myself within and as Living to my Utmost Potential.

I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to create a personality where I supress myself and within this become comfortable with supressing my expression where now I will prevent myself from living to my utmost potential due to this conditioning of myself as supressing myself out of fear of what others might think of me, in particular here when it comes to drawing in public.

I see, realize, and understand that in by accepting and allowing myself to be influenced and directed by this particular point where I will prevent myself from going out and drawing because I don’t want to face that point of ‘fearing what others will think of me when they see me drawing” that in by accepting and allowing myself to submit to this fear, and this acceptance, that I am not allowing myself to grow and expand within myself and to really Live to My Fullest Potential and so therefor, I commit myself to assist and support myself to break out of this preprogrammed suppression personality when it comes to drawing in public as a point of assisting and supporting myself to Live to My Fullest Potential within my Art Expression, a point which I have allowed myself to supress and limit for some time, through accepting and allowing myself to be influenced by “fear of what others think of me”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the judgements of others as real, where I will exist within a limited expression as a way to validate the opinions of others, instead of walking through any fears, reactions, judgements, other people might have towards me as well as any reactions I have towards their reactions, to Stand Up and Live to My Fullest Expression and so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to FEAR Living to my Fullest Expression because I Feared what others might think about me if I do this.

I see, realize and understand that a Judgement is a form of Limitation that us humans have accepted to limit ourselves and others and that, What is Best For ALL, is to not accept and allow myself to bow down to these judgements that I have placed onto myself or that others might think about me because that benefits no one, where what would actually support and benefit all best, is to Move myself to Live and Express to my Fullest Potential so that I can then share and support others to do the same because the point of our existence is to Live to our Fullest Potential in All Ways.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit my application and expression in drawing/art through by going into a point of suppression when it comes to drawing in public. Drawing in public is something I used to do a lot to support myself in developing my skill and ability within my expression of art, but even then, and now also I will supress myself within this expression and so compromise myself because of fearing what others will think of me, despite the fact that seeing how this activity supported extensively in developing my skills as an artist. Yet, I will still allow fear of others opinions prevent me from doing this, where Id rather limit myself then face those ideas and judgements I have about myself in relation to fearing what others think.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be directed by Fear when it comes to my art/drawing application.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to walk through this fear and to support myself to physically practice and develop my skill as an artist and to no more accept and allow myself to just give in and essentially give up on myself and allow these fears to direct and influence me and thus prevent me from Exploring what is possible within my art expression and application.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to give into ‘fear of drawing in public’ where in doing this I am actually supressing my expression and so not living to my full potential within my art/drawing application.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify supressing my expression within art and drawing, through speaking the justification within myself that “its okay, its not a big deal” ( to not go out and draw) and within and as this statement justify my own limitation rather than moving myself through a fear of what others might think of me and into an expression that is aligned with me Living and Expressing me to my utmost potential.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have become comfortable in a limited and supressed expression of myself when it comes to my drawing where I essentially conditioned myself into a state of apathy and giving up even trying to live my utmost potential within this expression, but just accepted a much limited version of my potential as being only what I am capable of, not seeing, realizing, and understanding thatmI could do more or expand myself which would require me to step out of my comfort zone.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept myself in a docile and apathetic state of accepting my own limitations where this has just become ‘my normal self’ and that I haven’t lived with passion, direction, or assertiveness in expanding myself and my application within my art expression, but instead just lived apathy and submission.

When and as I see myself accepting myself to limit myself within my drawing and art application where I am unwilling to move through “fears” that I have about what others think of me, and then just existing in a state of apathy and submission to these fears, I stop and I take a breath and then I redirect myself to I in such moments, commit myself to live the word Assertiveness, where I Assert myself to walk through the fear and not allow myself to suppress my POTENTIAL within my art expression, but rather to walk through the Fear and into and as an application aligned with LIVING to my Full Potential within myself and within my application in art, Where here my direction is based on a Decision to Live to my Fullest Potential and not a Decision made in Fear. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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Removing My BIAS To the Word ART – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 707


How does my definition of the word ‘Art’ influence me and the kind of life path that I have lived.

In looking at this, I see that I have placed a positive value on the word ‘art’ and that I value this word more than I value other words. And I see how in doing this, that I am actually creating a bias towards this particular point that would influence and most surely has influenced me within my life in terms of the direction I have taken and path I have walked.

So here I am going to walk some Self Forgiveness on this point to clear my definition of this word so that it is not based in a bias but is based rather on a practical clear direct meaning.

Self Forgiveness

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect my definition of the word ‘art’ to a positive value and so then when I am faced with a decision where this word is part of the equation of that decision, Instead of being able to look at all the information clearly and unbiasedly and then decided from there to do what is best for me, that instead of doing this I will always slant my view in relation to the values I have placed on the words as the information I am face with, and so in having connected such a positive value to the word ‘art’ I will be and am more inclined to base my decision in relation to this value I have placed on this word and so thus have actually prevented myself from being able to make a decision that is absolutely best for me but would rather base my decision on a preference that might not be best for me as it is not based on an ACTUAL definition of how a word relates to and functions within this reality but is based on a ‘positive value’ which has very little to do with the actual practical functional definition of a word.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to imbue the word art with a ‘positive value’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect a positive value to the word ‘art’ because art was something that as a child I was good at and so was able to identify with on a level where I felt worthy and capable where for instance this was not the case with reading, and so as such placed a positive value on the word ‘art’ where then in future if I was ever faced with a decision in relation to the points of reading and art, my ‘value connections’ would influence the decision I make instead of making a decision that would be practically best for me in terms of my development and expression.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to neglect parts and aspects of myself because of having placed such a positive value on ‘art’ where I would tend to focus more on this point to the point of neglecting other areas and parts of myself and my development.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to value all parts of me as all words that exist equally, but to create a potential dysfunction within and as me through by attaching value definitions to words where this causes my attention to be displaced and influenced according to values instead of my attention being Stable, Clear and IN-SIGHT-FULL making sure that I am SEEING ALL of myself at all times and not tending to only see those parts of me that I have placed positive values on while suppressing and not looking at those that I have placed negative values on

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see, realize, and understand that I have been holding onto the values that I have placed onto the word art where those values that I created have actually created bias and preference that has distorted my ability to make decisions based in FACT and to within this, ensure that I am making the best decisions for myself.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to consider that when I do not make the best decisions for myself that this also influences others who are in my life and environment also and so ends up not being best for them as well, and so through by allowing biases and opinions based on VALUE definitions instead of ACTUAL DEFINITIONS to be that which I base my decisions on, I am not only affecting my own life but the lives as others as well.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to consider that the values and associations I formed around the word art were bias from the beginning as I grew up with art being a part of the household and so already was being impulse with a ‘positive value’ bias towards the point of art.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to release myself from the values as ‘positive energies’ I have connected to the word art so to assist and support myself to stop living out the value charged definition of this word where I allow these values to influence me and form a bias in my decision making around this point and so

I commit myself to assist and support myself to when ever I am faced with decisions and direction choices in relation to Art to make sure I take a breath and ensure I am not accessing my value charged definition of the word art but rather am utilizing the DIRECT MEANING and so thus am able to assess the information in a common sensical way equally with all other information and so support myself to make decisions that is best for me and best for all.

I see, realize, and understand how in living out ‘value definitions’ instead of ‘actual definitions’ of words, particularly in relation to the word ‘Art’ which I have placed a positive value definition on, that I have actually limited myself through by not allowing myself to consider ALL options as words Equally but rather blinded myself from so many other options out there in this world as all the various skills and fields and expressions and endeavors that one can do because of only ever seeing those things that I have connected with positive value where one of the most prominent of these was art and so often could only ever manage to see art as an option for me in my life, and therefore

I commit myself to assist and support myself to practice working with REAL DEFINITIONS of words the real meaning of the words when making assessments and decisions within my day and within my life and to do this from the starting point of ‘doing what is best for me’ where I see that even with the best intentions of doing what is best for me, that if I am still going off ‘value based definitions’ than I am obscuring the information and end up risking doing something that is not best for me because I was not seeing and equating all the information present which I can see would be the best way make a decision – to make sure one accounts for ALL points that is here, and not accounting for only those points that ones want to see and ignoring the ones they don’t want to see

So Let me look here at the actual definition of the word ‘Art’ given by google

“the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Expression For Money or Expression for Self – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 698


I have decided to write a blog tonight and just see what points open up. I have started a new project recently at work. I really resisted starting this project initially because it challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

I work as a professional artist, and one of the considerations I look at when creating the art I do is its saleability or ability to sell once I have created it.

Early in my career I never considered this at all, though as I got older and began to see and understand more about the system I was in, I understood that I cannot just simply ignore my environment and pretend that ‘money does not exist’ in fact, I have rather shifted to a more ‘practical approach’ with my art creation where now I do consider the financial aspect of creating and selling art.

With that said what I am realizing at the moment is that this does not mean you have to just ‘go for the money’ all the time.

With the current project I am busy with there is different dimensions of ‘value’ at play. And that I am understanding that its important to consider all the dimensions of value involved when I take on a project where always just going for what will bring the most money may not be the best value in the long run or even the short run.

With one of the projects I took on recently there is an ‘educational value’ component existent within it because I am doing something that I have been wanting to do and haven’t yet, and so to now have the opportunity to explore this new territory is actually quite valuable for me as I am developing new skills.

So a point to consider within all this is “What is Real Value”?

I have often pondered how with so much art in this world, money is the primary motivater to the degree where you have artists simply creating products and have not ever actually had the opportunity or even the awareness to have art be an actual SELF EXPRESSION. Imagine…What would create if you had all the money in the world and you could just create what ever you wanted simply as a self expression. This kind of expression has become foreign to us now on planet earth due to the degree of control that our money system has onto us and onto our lives.

And this expression is not even about art – It is simply about “What would you do”? What would you do if you had all your needs taken care of and had unlimited money so you could essentially do what ever you want?

What would you do?

How would you express yourself?

How would you contribute to this world we live in?

When humanity can actually stand at a point where these questions can in fact be lived by each individual on earth, then we will have evolved into a more advanced life form. Its interesting that this questions doesn’t really even exist in our current system – and I say “current system” because the system as our current money system which we have created around us does not support self expression but where instead we are forced to make decisions almost exclusively just to survive and figure out how to keep getting money so we can live.

To create an environment that nurtures Real Self Expression we will require a new environment, A new system, a new money system. To Support this transition I suggest the promotion and implementation of a form of Basic Income where ones basic living needs are met so that they no more have to exist and live in fear of where they are going to find money to live and survive.

For more information on how something like a basic income would work, please investigate “Living Income Guaranteed by Equal Life Foundation”.