Is Your SmartPhone the Reason for Mass-Shootings? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 759


Today I went in to get a new phone. I was in the store inquiring a week before and was told that the new phones I was looking for would be in next week so I returned today, a week later to do the transaction.

When I got into the store I was greeted and we began the transaction. But, unexpectedly I found out that I did not get all the details in my first meeting and it turns out that my initial understanding that my phone would be free was ‘incorrect’ and that in fact there would be a 100$ charge unless I wanted to upgrade my phone plan to a more expensive plan.

To me, the different dimensions of this interaction is what one would consider NORMAL, however I can’t help but notice this accepted normalcy within our system is in fact part of the dysfucntions that is leading to the violence, mass-shootings, suicide bombings, protests, that is taking place all over the world.

Everyday president Obama is addressing the nation about yet another police shooting or terrorist attack and from what I can see, nobody has any answers. Obama really should be a qualified psychologist because each day he stands behind his podium, he is expected to have an explanation of what is happening in your world with what is now, daily violence plastered across our media platforms.

So how is my interaction at the phone store linked to this ongoing violence and continual decline of our world and world system, and so also the growing unrest and dissatisfaction with how things work.

I looked at it this way.

In Canada, we have 3 major players in the telecommunications industry. Telus, Bell, and Rogers, and then there is a few smaller companies but this triad of larger companies basically makes sure no others can compete.

So as a consumer I really don’t have a choice when it comes to what I am going to end up paying for what should in fact be a FREE BASIC RIGHT – COMMUNICATION!

So already as I am walking into this store, I have no power. I basically will have to pay what ever offers they have available. And so as an individual interacting with the system there is a degree of powerlessness.

And so I walk into the store and find out basically what I expected. That my “FREE” upgrade is actually going to cost me money! And also, once you get down the fine print, there is even more money that must be paid on top of that.

So I thought this was a good example to illustrate the kind of relationship that leads to violence, unrest, frustration, and protest. The kind of relationship that is in fact existing between the System and the majority of People in the world.

Imagine the system was a person and you had a relationship with them. And they never really listened to you, and would just strong arm you into what ever it was that they wanted to do. That to me is not a relationship that engenders mutual respect.

Now if you look at this specific experience created through how our current system is functioning at the moment, you are able to see how over time, this ends up creating disgruntled individuals who are frustrated, and angry because they feel like they have no power, or say of how things are running, and that from their position, they are not treated with respect within and by the system but are actually coerced, enforced and bullied to basically give into how the system exists and either pay or get out.

Then you have your cases where many can’t afford to pay and so they are pushed to fringes of the world, with no access to the resources that others have access to.

From this perspective I can see how this ends up in people acting out against the system or those things that represent the system leading to mass violence, shootings, protests ect. Because these people don’t have anything to lose, they are the have nots, yet from a humanity perspective They are LIFE, Equally Valuable, Equally Capable if given the same opportunity, and yet they are cast aside and marginalized and end up in the fringes often times because they were born into their position in the world.

The fundamental way our system functions must change at a core level so it eventually will be unrecognizable. So that when we as individuals engage with the world, we encounter a relationship of mutual respect, equality, support, and all those things that are the foundation of any solid peer to peer relationship.

We have a lot of work to do. Both on ourselves. Our internal realities, with regards to our own SELF-RELATIONSHIP we have with ourselves,  and with the external systems of this world, so that we transform both of these to internal and external relationships into ones of respect, kindness, forgiveness, empowerment, and principles that support ourselves to live and express to our utmost potential as Life.


The Internal and External Pressures of Impatience – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 711

calendar, blue target

When I look at the point of impatience within myself. I see a few different dimensions of what is contributing to this experience. One thing I noticed about the point of impatience within myself is that it is linked to a ‘fear of loss’ where for example, when ever I am starting new projects, particularly, long terms projects or endeavours, I fear that the outcomes I am wanting to create won’t materialize and so I become impatient where I just want them here already when in reality, there is a process ahead that is required to be walked to create such outcomes where this must be done, through consistent action day by day, step by step.

So why is it that I would fear that my planned outcome won’t come to be? What is it that is causing this experience of fear within me, where I fear that whatever it is I am planning to do, just won’t work out.

I see that there is both internal as well as external dimensions contributing to why this impatience experience comes up within me.

Firstly, one ‘internal’ dimension would be is that I never really learned to plan long-term. It has only been later in my life in my later 20’s to now that I started to consider and plan things long-term. Before then I was more short term oriented. I was never really introduced to the awareness of planning and executing long-term goals. I see that I did have long term aspirations but these were not really broken down into physical achievable goals placed in a practical way that can be walked into creation.

So that is one dimension. Now when I start taking on long term projects, and I start walking the point, I begin to get anxious within myself. I see that I never really developed that ability to plan and practically walk long-term endeavors where now as I am getting into this, I get really anxious and try and force things where this ‘forcing’ is actually that point of impatience I am referencing here in this blog.

So now it’s a point of assisting and supporting myself to walk in patience, and TRUST, breath by breath, day by day until the project or goal is completed and within this to remain stable and here in breath instead of going into that anxiousness and what I see as a ‘fear of loss’ as fearing that the goal will never come to be, and so I must practice walking in breath and stopping myself from participating in that experience of anxiousness connected to projections and fear of the end goal never arriving.

Another dimension contributing to this impatience experience as the experience of anxiety in relation to fearing that my project goals will not come to be is an ‘external’ dimension related to our current world and money system.

If we look at the way our system is set up, it is based completely on the premise of fighting for your survival. Any child born today is born into a hostile environment where there is no guarantees. They may even be born into poverty and not last 2 weeks. Or into a low income family where who they become is not their utmost potential because they simply where not provided with the necessary tools and resources that allows for ANY human being to function and express on a level that is their utmost potential.

The way that the economy works and how the job market is always in flux I can see would create this impression that achieving your long-term goals might seem impossible. I mean most people do not have the luxury of looking long term. The way the system is set up, the majority of human beings are in a way forced to look only week to week where many don’t even know if they will have enough money for rent this month. Now place that same individual in a situation where they had unlimited resources and they knew that their rent would be covered for the rest of their lives and suddenly now the environment is supporting them to be able to start seeing things long term and then likely they will become proficient at such an expression, but in todays economy of fast food, quick fixes, and same day cash loans, long-term planning is becoming obsolete – it is a condition of our current system.

A Solution to this is we require quite simply to change the system, and to design it I a way where each individual within that system is supported in a way that will nurture their utmost potential. For this, I suggest researching a LIVING INCOME GUARATEEED, a proposal by the Equal Life Foundation that is aimed at removing survival out of the equation of living and providing all with the resources they require to live a dignified life from birth to death. For more information please investigate The Living Income Guaranteed Website

Now as for the internal dimension that I mentioned. I would recommend checking out the DESTENI I PROCESS LITE. It is a free course that supports individuals to essentially become their own psychologist so that they can practically support themselves into a point of clarity and empowerment within their inner as well as external reality so that they can be and become their utmost potential in this world and in their lives.

Gavel of Destruction – Destroying Life With Man Made Laws – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 697


Today I was reading an news article on the debt situation unfolding in Greece and in the article one of the representatives involved in the proceedings was citing as saying that forgiving down the debt that Greece has accumulated as a possible solution would be illegal and that is why they can’t do that.

Now this statement struck me because here we have quite an urgent situation in Greece and yet when taking into consideration potential solutions “legality” is being cited as a reason for why something isn’t able to be done that could potentially be a very effective solution.

From my perspective whether something is legal or not should not be what determines what we do as humanity, particularly when something is best for everyone involved.

I understand that we have created quite a structure of rules, and regulations, and procedures, and legal structures that is ultimately determining our relationship with each other and the planet. However, unfortunately this system was not designed upon the principle of ‘doing what is best for all’.

Our current laws and rules are used to hide behind. They are NOT used to regulate the functioning of humanity in a way that optimizes our utmost potential.

Who makes the laws?

Laws are often cited as if they are inalienable laws of life. But in fact THEY ARE NOT. They have been made up by human beings. So to state something is legal or illegal is to simply imply that we are giving our authority away to some other human beings that at one point in time came up with these laws and rules.

Its like we have come to trust in the law and justice system as if it ‘beyond us’ we reference the law likes it is the ultimate authority that we dare not challenge, and that, it simply ‘IS’, and how can “little ol’ me” challenge the law.

I do not remember giving permission to the men and women who made the laws that now determine everything about my life?

Yet here I am. I was born into the already-made system. I had no say on what the rules were. The laws and rules were already in place. And interestingly these laws and rules that I am obliged and actually forced to adhere to, are, by design, destructive – yet I must live by them.

Unfortunately these laws and rules do not have the interest of life at heart and this is problem. Yet its like we as human beings forget that we are the ones that made the laws and rules and that this implies we can unmake them and come up with new ones that are designed to empower life, not suppress it.

What we have now is we have people hiding behind the laws.

Laws should never stand in the way of DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL LIFE.

For instance, with the situation with Greece right now.

There should be ONE QUESTION ONLY that should be asked.

WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL – Then ALL parties act in this interest.

This question however does not seem to exist at all in the minds of the individuals working on this issue because from what I can see there is mostly friction and fighting.

To Solve the Greece issue, this question of what is best for all must be at the foundation of the discussion. And it is not a question of is it legal is it not legal.

Though realistically we are entwined in our current system of rules and regulations and so we must in a way untangle ourselves from this mess.

The point I wanted to make in this blog is about our current system of laws and regulations and how this seems to have taken a life of its own, independent from the human in a way where we forgot that humans are the ones that actually created this system. It was created by people getting together and agreeing on what the laws are. And so this is what we as humanity must do again! We must re-write the laws and rules and regulations that govern and manage human civilization. Only this time we must write them based on the principle of WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL.


Please visit to find out more about how to redesign a world system that is best for all

Cracking the CBS TV Series ‘The Briefcase’ – How To Do The Right Thing! – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 692


How do we make decisions in a way that they create the best possible outcome? This is the point that I would like to discuss and explore in relation to the new controversial TV Series on CBS called “The Briefcase”

Each episode features 2 middle class families struggling with their finances. Each family is given a briefcase with 100 thousand dollars in it and are told that “They have a decision to make”. They can keep all of the money.  Give part of it away. Or give all of it away to the other family that is also struggling. Though neither family knows that the other one was also given a brief case and has to make the same decision.

At first as I was watching the show, I was thinking how manipulative it was towards the families where in only specific amounts of information was being released in a strategic way so as to elicit the most entertainment value possible during the 72 hour time frame in which the families had to make their decision.

Basically both families were experiencing financial hardship, but the details of each family was not being revealed to the other one so the decision whether to keep the money for themselves or help another family in need was in a way a blind decision. As the show progressed, more and more information about the other family was released.

At first I thought “That’s not fair” “This is not how ‘real life’ works” But what I have realized, is that this is in fact actually how real life works! I started to look at my own experience with decision making and how many times I faced moments where I had to make a decision where I still wanted more information but didn’t have it and still was required to make a decision.

So this show did in a way really exaggerate this decision making process, but I did find it interesting that I could still find examples in real life that were as manipulative as this show was being.

I mean, think of sales for instance where you have 2 people negotiating over the value of something, and one person says this price and the other person counter-offers and so on and so on, and its like a test of nerves until a value is arrived at. Meanwhile neither person is being totally upfront but is engaging the other in away to get the most for themselves.

Or like when you meet someone, and you are walking the whole dating ritual point only revealing so much information, and really presenting yourself in a modified and edited way and then the other person has to make a decision based on the information they have even if its not accurate and incomplete.

So in fact people everyday are faced with these such scenarios where the information is being manipulated, or simply that you don’t have all the information but still you must make a decision.

Now one point that came up in the TV Series was the whole point about “Doing The Right Thing” and both of the families really struggled with this point. It was interesting to see the turmoil that each family was going through trying to figure out and understand what the right thing to do was. Do I keep all the money for myself? Or Do I give it away? What is the right thing to do? And this was such a fascinating question to be faced with.

Fascinating because ultimately we are all faced with this question daily. “What is the right thing to do”

So here I would like to share a principle that has greatly supported me in my life in making these such decisions.

I was shown this principle when I was around 26 or 27 years old and its interesting to think that I wasn’t aware of this until then. And it amazes me to think that most human beings on earth are not actually aware of such a principle with regards to guiding ones decisions in life. No wonder we have fucked up this world the way we have.

So the principle that I was introduced to and that I have been practicing since, is the principle of “Doing What is Best For ALL”

It is actually a form of math equation to determine in each and every moment and each and every decision what in fact WOULD CREATE THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME.

So this has definitely taken some time for me to develop within myself because for the first 26 years of my life my decisions, as most individuals decisions are, was being governed by SELF INTEREST.

So when I am faced with tough decisions in my life, I simply look at it from the perspective “What would be best for ALL”

Due to conditioning myself to always make decisions in Self Interest, It is still a challenging procedure to now re-direct myself to make decisions based on the BEST INTEREST OF ALL, and not just for myself alone.

So in the case of “The Briefcase”, what I would suggest to the families required to make such  financial decisions  is I would suggest, to simply work with the information you have and to do what would be BEST FOR ALL INVOLVED.

To learn more about this principle, please read the JOURNEY TO LIFE BLOGS. Blogs written by a growing group of individuals endeavoring to live this principle in their daily lives. You can find these blogs at the 7 Year Journey To Life facebook page.

The Ommision of Practical Matters in TV and Movies – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 270

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that the practical aspect of how reality actually function with regards to money is never clearly showed in television or media but really only ever show the end result where the money has just magically appeared and they someone have the money.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to be aware of how TV, Movies, Commercials, Media distort actual reality but just watched the stuff without ever questioning “but where does their money come from”
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to have the life of a character in a tv show or movie not realizing how far from reality such characters lives are actually based, yet I have brainwashed myself into thinking that I could live such a life, not realizing that editing makes lives on TV and Movies to seem so much better than actual reality because they seemingly able to be one place at one time then suddenly in the next scene be in a completely different country or scene, and within this I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see that for that to actually practically occur that that in real life that would take allot of money and that one would have to work at a job to get that money and perhaps even cut certain expenses from their budget to afford such trips.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want to experience what movie stars experience when they are out on the town and out in clubs, where within this I fail to see all that went into such events in terms of the preparation or driving to the location etc, and so did not notice that “hey movies are not real” even the ones that portray an apparent realistic feel to them.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fail to see that movie stars that I want to be like are actually following a script and that is why they know exactly what to say, as they do not actually have to communicate FOR REAL with other human beings, because everything is following a script, and in real life in real communication there is no script.
I forgive myself that I did not accept and allow myself to question where the people who are riding around in the cool cars on car commercials get their money to afford such a car because all we see is a snap shot of them driving around in the nice new car having fun, and do not consider the point practically like for instance they job they work to afford such a care, and how many people actually have such jobs.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have wanted to be friends with the people or groups of friends I see on sitcoms not realizing that life is not really like that because if I look closely most of the actual fundamental practical aspects of REAL LIFE are omitted from the tv show, like where the money comes from and the amount of hours they must work daily to afford the life style that they live so they have so much time to hang out with each other and do fun cool things that really brainwash me into wishing that i had that life.
I commit myself to when and as I watch tv, movies, commercials, to always ask myself where does the money come from and to always look at how far removed the tv show, movie, or commercial is from reality, even the ones that are apparently giving an accurate portrayal of real life.
I commit myself to challenge all TV, Movies, Commercials, Media, Music where when I observe such points to look at the practical side of the picture that never is seen in such points, so to when I am watching tv for instance or a movie I am here and aware of the actual reality I am in and am thus also aware of how such programs literally program us to have desires based on a fictitious reality and thus we end up losing touch with our actual reality in terms of how it really functions.
I commit myself to assist and support myself to remain grounded in actual reality through by when I am watching programs to identify in what ways practical reality is being distorted and disregarded and to investigate what kind of message this is sending to those who watch it and now this support in our detachment from actual reality.

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FREE COFFEE Its not what it seems – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 268

How Free Products create an Ignorant Population – Problem-Solution-Reward 


Today I was having a discussion about how products or things that are Free actually distort the individuals perception of themselves and reality in terms of how things actually are where for instance a free product is implying that something came from nothing or that for instance someone is actually able to “get something for free” when the actual truth of reality is that this is not how it works at all but that every action/movement/thought etc of an individual is actually accounted for and has a direct relationship and outflow consequence within reality. Though our current form of Capitalism grossly distort this law of the physical and TEACHES the individual that “something can come from nothing” or also simply facilitating a disassociation of the actual process that created a product because every product took a certain amount of labour and time and effort and thus IS NEVER FREE. So by having products for free we are sending a message to ourselves essentially that completely disregard the actual truth of that product and how it came into existence. To me I can also see how this “disassociation” plays a role in our “ABILITY” as a species to bomb, murder, and kill other people with NO REGARD what so ever, because we have lost touch with the actual connection so to speak we have with others and everything that is here just as we have no connection with the process of a product that we buy but that we just buy at the price it is and if we can get a good deal, great! Thus we have become the ingnorant consumer. So this is one way in how our current version of capitalism that promote FREE stuff as good distorts our understanding and perception of reality in how it really works, ultimately creating a human that is able to abuse the planet, animals, each other, themselves and still being able to sleep at night as if everything is fine.

I am going tell a story here now of a personal experience I had in how offering free products actually caused me to abuse my body just to get the free product. And you can look for yourself to see if you have ever experienced anything like this.

So I was going to my regular coffee shop where I normally go to get coffee and there was a promotion on where I could get a large coffee for the price of a small! “Cool”, I thought. So I this time around went to the large latte and paid only the price of the small. What is interesting here is that I usually get a small size because I find that that is all I drink. That if I get a large that it is actually to much for my body and I feel shitty if I drink to much and I really have to force it down. So what I see here is that in this situation I went for the FREE upgrade because I wanted to “save money” or “get the deal” but all I did was drink more than I should have and feel shitty after because I had to much coffee. So getting the FREE product became more important than Supporting my physical body in common sense. So this is merely another example of how our society as consumer culture is not designed to support ourselves to develop self awareness and common sense about ourselves and how our reality really works. It is designed around profit and greed and in essence promote a kind of disregard for self awareness or how things really work where this is all abandoned where finding a great deal becomes the point of focus.

The next time I went to the counter I just stuck with the small size.


So with Equal Money Capitalism there will be no such thing as “free stuff” because nothing is actually free, somewhere along the line someone is paying for it with their time and labour. Thus in equal money capitalism the cost of a product will actually be in direction relationship with the time/labour it took to produce it.

Here is a link to a blog within which the point of “free stuff” is discussed.
Day 162: EQUAL MONEY CAPITALISM – The Way Forward

Here is great link “The Story of Stuff” informing us of the process a product goes through within its creation


The rewards within a system such as Equal Money Capitalism is really a much more Self Aware, better informed, not to mention conscientious individual as they are now much more understanding the flow-out/consequences of their actions as this process is now actually considered within the fundamental functioning of the governing system at large, something that currently is being ignored and thus it would make sense that the individual within such a system would also ignore such a point.
I mean now when I walk up to the counter to purchase a yummy latte I won’t be asking myself “what is the best deal” but “what would best support me/my body”
So then this would also imply a much more heal conscious population as well both within ones mental considerations as well as ones physical body as individuals learn to actually become self aware of their body and the relationship certain foods have with their bodies.
One other reward is basically just that It will be Awesome!

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Desteni Has launched Desteni I Process Lite. This is a completely free, online course with buddy support. The course material has been designed from the ground up to accommodate complete beginners to the Desteni material. Start the your process of writing yourself to freedom today.

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You Will Never Amount to Anything – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 261

This blog is a continuation of the investigation into my Self Victimization Character which I have outlined in the following blog : Self Victimization – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 210

Here I am now continuing with the next Self Forgiveness as well as Self Commitment Statements on the next back-chat statement I have identified within and as my Self Victimization Character.

Back-Chat Statement – “you will never amount to anything”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to speak within myself the statement “you will never amount to anything”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe the back-chat statement “you will never amount to anything” when I speak it inside myself where I really go into believing that this is true and then as a result of this statement go into the energetic experience of disappointment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be haunted by the statement “you will never amount to anything” where I fear that nothing will ever work out or materialize within my life, where this idea/point of nothing ever working out or materializing in my life I have connected to this back-chat statement “you will never amount to anything” where within speaking this statement within me I activate this idea/fear within myself that nothing will ever materialize within myself and so also activating the entire experience of helplessness and self disappointment, all of this activating when ever I participate with the back-chat statement “you will never amount to anything”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to speak the back-chat statement “you will never amount to anything” when ever I start to look at or consider doing something new, or taking on a particular project or task.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to speak the back-chat statement “you will never amount to anything” in relation to my life in general, as a statement that I actually FEAR as I FEAR it is true, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live with the fear that “I will never amount to anything” instead of investigating why I believe such a point.

I see that this statement of “you will never amount to anything” often comes up when I am already “down and out” so for instance after having already given up on myself and have been for instance postponing doing something that I know must be done, or am accepting and allowing myself to live out patterns of self abuse where when I am “down and out” this statement of “you will never amount to anything” will come up like a “see I told you so” kind of point and thus also re-enforcing the idea of myself as really not doing anything substantial in my life but just more being ordinary in my life. So that is an idea I can further explore. This point of how I have formed this idea about myself as actually incapable of doing anything “substantial” or that would be classified of “Successful” and so as I have formed these ideas about myself and my life this statement “you will never amount to anything” actually have some grounding within me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I ultimately I am flawed and thus any ideas I have about myself excelling at something are completely false as it is more likely that I will fail at it. And so here I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to within this perception of me as being incapable of excelling at anything, actually substantiate this back-chat statement “you will never amount to anything”

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Desteni Has launched Desteni I Process Lite. This is a completely free, online course with buddy support. The course material has been designed from the ground up to accommodate complete beginners to the Desteni material. Start the your process of writing yourself to freedom today.

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