Creating The ‘KILLER’ Whale – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 753



The newest sculpture I am working on at the moment is of an Orca Whale. One thing I like to do is to research the animals that I make carvings of. So with this one, since I have never carved an Orca which is also referred to as a Killer Whale, I decided I would watch a few documentaries to learn more about them and also to study the shape and movement of the animal.

Now that I think of it, in pretty much every documentary I watch about different species of animals, even though each species is uniquely different, they all have one very important thing in common.

Do you know what this is?


And further more, how the activities of the human is actually having a negative impact on the lives and environments of these animals.

It really is such a shame to think that eventually all animal species will be extinct because the human is unable to align their relationship to Life and the Planet in a way that is sustainable, supportive, and nurturing.

I personally see a Potential that exist for animals and humans to co-exist in harmony. But this relationship must be cultivated and restored over time.

As the dominant species on the planet it is of our utmost responsibility to ensure animals are extended the same rights and freedoms that we as humans are trying to create for ourselves. Its like all our laws and programs, and policies are focused on the human and our interactions throughout the world where animal rights is only something that comes as an afterthought and even as a reaction to the negative out-flow consequences that is coming from our inability as humans to co-exist with each other and the planet.

Animal rights should be considered equally to human rights in the creations of policies that guide our direction on planet earth. Not something that is an afterthought, but a fully integrated part of the policies developed that determine the flow and movement of our World System.

Last night I was watching the documentary “BlackFish” which focused on the captivity of Killer Whales for the purpose of Exhibition/Entertainment. The documentary highlighted one Orca in particular that developed a history of aggressive behavior towards its trainers and how this history was suppressed by the industry to keep up the illusion that this kind of Entertainment is something nice, fun, and legitimate when all the while, underpinning this kind of industry is an absolutely twisted human nature that is willing to capture live Killer Whales out of their natural habitat and place them in tiny pools, and then train them to perform for our own entertainment. Quite bizarre.

And the result as illustrated in the documentary is actually aggressive behaviors from the animals to the point of where they end up killing their trainers.

The whole concept of Sea World theme parks is a manifestation of just one tiny tiny example which reflects a particular part of our dysfunctional human nature. And the fact that this became an entire industry to me implies that this “dysfunction” within our nature is existing on a mass level, because for an industry like this to exist requires many many many participants, from those who snatch the animals from the sea, to the trainers, to the consumers who pay for such entertainment.

Its amazing how we as humans have developed the propensity for such blatant abuses, I find the documentary Black Fish does a great job of taking what should be obvious but somehow isn’t, and making clearly obvious, so that we can stop for a moment, take a step back and recognize how messed up something like Orca Captivity is and how this is NOT something in alignment with Living to our utmost potential as Human Beings.

So there is a lot of work to be done for us humans to restore our relationship with animals so that they have the same rights and freedoms as us humans.


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