My Inner Correction Facility – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 760


The other evening my partner and I watched a documentary about the US prison system. Now one exercise that I often will do when looking at different parts of our world system like in this case the prison system is I will look at what that particular point reflects about myself and how it is that I myself exist in the same or similar ways as this kind of system. And I do this exercise based on the principle of “as within so without” this principle representing how our outer reality is actually a reflection of our inner reality and that our world system is actually an outflow and reflection of our inner natures.

So in watching this documentary what did I notice about the similarities of the prison system and myself?

Well one of the first words that comes up is the word ‘Judgement’. Because in a way this is what prison is all about. It is about judgement, and punishment, although it is called a correction facility, it is not actually acting or standing as an actual CORRECTION point, where for instance people that end up in jail are not better off once they get out but are in many cases worse off because now they are a convicted felon which makes it even more difficult to get a job in some cases.

One statistic I found is that Within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested.

So I was looking at the nature of prisons where you essentially take “Bad” Guys and lock them up as punishment.

That is actually a form of Suppression where instead of dealing with these people, supporting them, educating them, rehabilitating them, we just lock them away.

I though this was interesting because this is in a way how we deal with ourselves and those parts of ourselves that we don’t understand, or those parts of ourselves that we don’t want to look at, that we define as bad, that we judge. Or even if you look at certain emotions, like anger, often times we take these parts of ourselves, and instead of investigating and understanding, and forgiving, and correcting, we just supress them. We take them, and we lock them up inside ourselves, and instead of looking at them and sorting them out, we just lock them away, and then what ends up happening is there is an accumulation affect that takes place and more and more parts of yourself are locked up and essentially abandon and then what ends up happening is you become a mess, you become reactive, or depressed, or stressed because you have a build up of emotions, and you have memories and thoughts, and beliefs and voices in your head that you have no idea where they are coming from or how to make sense of it.

So, what is the Solution.

For me I see the responsibility I have is to stop locking up parts of myself, but rather to face those parts of myself. Just as each and every crime or criminal that exists on this earth is a mirror for us to look at ourselves and see a part of ourselves and that to recognize that its not about judgement, it is about understanding how these crimes or criminals were created, so that we can change the conditions of our world system so that these particular crimes become obsolete or these types of criminal behaviours have no environment that fosters them.

A correction facility should NOT be about judgement and punishment. And so I can begin with myself and those parts of myself that I have judged and deemed as bad or criminal And to work with all my inner criminals as thoughts, judgements, past memories, pressured emotions, so they can become rehabilitated,  truly corrected, and released. To become a contributing member of the society that is me.

I can do this through my process of Writing, Self Forgiveness, Self Introspection and Investigation and then Self Correction as the practicing and Living the new behavior, the new instructions.

And so in this way create within myself an actual REAL Self Correction Facility and thus become the change I want to see in the world.


Is Your SmartPhone the Reason for Mass-Shootings? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 759


Today I went in to get a new phone. I was in the store inquiring a week before and was told that the new phones I was looking for would be in next week so I returned today, a week later to do the transaction.

When I got into the store I was greeted and we began the transaction. But, unexpectedly I found out that I did not get all the details in my first meeting and it turns out that my initial understanding that my phone would be free was ‘incorrect’ and that in fact there would be a 100$ charge unless I wanted to upgrade my phone plan to a more expensive plan.

To me, the different dimensions of this interaction is what one would consider NORMAL, however I can’t help but notice this accepted normalcy within our system is in fact part of the dysfucntions that is leading to the violence, mass-shootings, suicide bombings, protests, that is taking place all over the world.

Everyday president Obama is addressing the nation about yet another police shooting or terrorist attack and from what I can see, nobody has any answers. Obama really should be a qualified psychologist because each day he stands behind his podium, he is expected to have an explanation of what is happening in your world with what is now, daily violence plastered across our media platforms.

So how is my interaction at the phone store linked to this ongoing violence and continual decline of our world and world system, and so also the growing unrest and dissatisfaction with how things work.

I looked at it this way.

In Canada, we have 3 major players in the telecommunications industry. Telus, Bell, and Rogers, and then there is a few smaller companies but this triad of larger companies basically makes sure no others can compete.

So as a consumer I really don’t have a choice when it comes to what I am going to end up paying for what should in fact be a FREE BASIC RIGHT – COMMUNICATION!

So already as I am walking into this store, I have no power. I basically will have to pay what ever offers they have available. And so as an individual interacting with the system there is a degree of powerlessness.

And so I walk into the store and find out basically what I expected. That my “FREE” upgrade is actually going to cost me money! And also, once you get down the fine print, there is even more money that must be paid on top of that.

So I thought this was a good example to illustrate the kind of relationship that leads to violence, unrest, frustration, and protest. The kind of relationship that is in fact existing between the System and the majority of People in the world.

Imagine the system was a person and you had a relationship with them. And they never really listened to you, and would just strong arm you into what ever it was that they wanted to do. That to me is not a relationship that engenders mutual respect.

Now if you look at this specific experience created through how our current system is functioning at the moment, you are able to see how over time, this ends up creating disgruntled individuals who are frustrated, and angry because they feel like they have no power, or say of how things are running, and that from their position, they are not treated with respect within and by the system but are actually coerced, enforced and bullied to basically give into how the system exists and either pay or get out.

Then you have your cases where many can’t afford to pay and so they are pushed to fringes of the world, with no access to the resources that others have access to.

From this perspective I can see how this ends up in people acting out against the system or those things that represent the system leading to mass violence, shootings, protests ect. Because these people don’t have anything to lose, they are the have nots, yet from a humanity perspective They are LIFE, Equally Valuable, Equally Capable if given the same opportunity, and yet they are cast aside and marginalized and end up in the fringes often times because they were born into their position in the world.

The fundamental way our system functions must change at a core level so it eventually will be unrecognizable. So that when we as individuals engage with the world, we encounter a relationship of mutual respect, equality, support, and all those things that are the foundation of any solid peer to peer relationship.

We have a lot of work to do. Both on ourselves. Our internal realities, with regards to our own SELF-RELATIONSHIP we have with ourselves,  and with the external systems of this world, so that we transform both of these to internal and external relationships into ones of respect, kindness, forgiveness, empowerment, and principles that support ourselves to live and express to our utmost potential as Life.

In The Name of Donald Trump – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 742


Last week I came across some articles showing protesters blocking the highway so that Donald Trump supporters couldn’t get to a rally set to take place in Arizona.

Now if you have been following politics you will have noticed all the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and his views, and how he is really stirring up a lot of emotions in his supporters as well as his non-supporters. So much so that his non-supporters protested his candidacy through blocking the highway in Arizona in attempt to prevent his supporters from attending his rally.

As I looked at the photo of this protest I noticed an interesting thing.

First lets consider the supporters of Donald Trump. In the photo, I saw maybe 100 going to the rally. 100 people in the name of Donald Trump.

Now lets consider the protestors, again there was about 100, now that’s another 100 people, technically in the name of Donald Trump. Even though they are protesting him, they are still there in the name of Donald Trump.

At the end of the day that’s 200 people actively engaged in the name of Donald Trump.

I considered that if those protesters, instead of spending their time blocking or fighting Donald Trump, which in a way only gives more attention and power to the Candidate.  If these protestors rather, directed their attention to a candidate that they would prefer to see in office, wouldn’t that be more productive than spending your time and energy trying to fight against the point you don’t want to exist.

I considered this in relation to a point I have started to become more aware of in relation to human nature and in relation to myself as well, where we seem to focus quite a lot on our problems, and mistakes and ‘bad’ parts, and don’t really instead use our attention to form and implement Solutions or recognizing those areas and parts of ourselves that is effective.

So my suggestion for the protestors, those who are not going to vote for Donald Trump, to stop spending their energy on ‘fighting’ Donald Trump, because in the end whether you are supporting him or fighting him, you are still giving your attention and energy to him.

This is also a reminder for myself to start doing this for myself with my own mistakes, or problematic areas, where rather than just focusing on the bad, and fighting with it, to more look for and create Solutions and things I can do to change and give my attention to that process of Self Creation instead of Self annihilation through only focusing on and fighting with the bad parts.

I see that this does not mean I ignore those parts of myself that require support and change, its more means that my approach to this process of change is less of ‘fighting with myself’ and more focusing on Solutions and walking Solutions and stopping myself from becoming tangled up and absorbed into the bad parts where that is all I think about.

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Are you Happy With Your Job? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 716


Its voting time again here in Canada. The time where we as a populous choose the leaders of our country. The leaders that are taking up those primary positions of responsibility within managing the efficacy and functionality of our world system.

In a recent visit back to my home town visiting family and friends I was having a discussion with someone about their recent change of occupation and what it was like in the new position versus the old and what factors contributed to why it is they decided to make the career switch.

One of the points discussed which stood out allot to me with regards to the difference between the new and the old job, was in the degree of freedom and creativity that was now offered in the new position.

I mentioned the voting point in the first paragraph because in a lot of ways, it is the leaders of our country who have been assigned with not only managing, but also creating, or at least playing a significant role in the creation of our world system and so within this the kinds and types of jobs that are available within this system.

It’s not difficult to observe how our world, now existing in the age of consumerism is accelerating in pace and speed with each passing day. And how we have over time, constructed a massive machine that streamlines the manufacturing of consumer goods and services where the individuals role within this has more and more been reduced to performing some simple functions within this machine and within the corporate structure of this machine, essentially passing on instructions from the higher ups where ones own freedom of expression and creativity has been greatly diminished within this system and has ultimately been extracted out, where now one can spend their entire career basically carrying out the instructions of someone else where they themselves have no real valuable relationship to their product or service at all.

This reminds me of a movie I watched last night about the ‘Milgram experiments’.

In 1961 a social psychologist by the name of Stanley Milgram began the famous and controversial ‘Milgrams Experiments’ conducting experiments investigating the role of ‘obedience to authority figures’

“Milgram (1974) explained the behavior of his participants by suggesting that people actually have two states of behavior when they are in a social situation:

 The autonomous state – people direct their own actions, and they take responsibility for the results of those actions.

 The agentic state – people allow others to direct their actions, and then pass off the responsibility for the consequences to the person giving the orders. In other words, they act as agents for another person’s will.”



What I see here is that our current world system and the corporate structure now existing is very much dependent on the majority of individuals existing in this ‘agentic state’ where they are just carrying out someone else’s will where they themselves have no real contribution to the system and product or service they are creating. And what you now have today is both, a conditioned population that no longer even recognizes this part of themselves that actually craves the kind of expression where you as an individual is really contributing in a way where your full capacity as an expression of life is being engaged and utilized, as well has having a world system and corporate structure that not only makes this kind of expression impossible for all, but that due to the omnipresence and prevalence of this corporately structured machine that is our world system, stomps out any spark of hope in those beings with an inclination for, or recollection of what it’s like to have personal freedom and creativity as part of their expressions.

What the individual I was having a discussion with when I visited my hometown expressed is that they felt that even though they were climbing higher and higher in the corporate structure, which is some ways meant more money, their personal creativity was still something that was not at all being engaged. With the new job, the draw, was that they now had a say in how the company will be carrying out their business and that they were able to see direct feedback via results for their own personal ideas,  insights, and actions, or in other words, they were now connected in a substantial and relevant way to the outcome of the product or service they were offering.

Being an Artist myself, this is something I have come to really be grateful for now in my life as I have began making this my full-time occupation. I like the freedom and creativity, and that I am actually responsible for and so Empowered within the successes and failures of the business.

So now here we are – Its Voting time in Canada – And who do we vote for?

What is the purpose of our political structure and where in this structure are steps being taken to create a system where FREEDOM and CREATIVITY of the individual is being nurtured.

Political Leaders often chant about “Good Paying Jobs For the Hardworking Middle Class” This is very misleading because this also means, more robotic jobs that perpetuate what psychologist Milgram defined as the “agentic state” where the individual is really not responsible for the outcome but is simply carrying out the will of someone else which from my perspective has lead to a depressed human race.

So the big question here is how do we re-design our world and our corporate structure so that each participant, a.k.a employee within this structure are functioning at their full potential as human beings, and not just existing as resources to be harvested to produce nice lifestyles for the ‘higher ups’

So what is the Solution? I would suggest to begin with investigating the Equal Life Foundation and their proposed “Living Income Guaranteed” policy. The Equal Life Foundation is operating on a set of principles designed to VALUE Each and every individual in this world no more accepting and allowing ourselves to lead uninspired robotic lives.

Do you value Creativity and Freedom? Do you want this for your own Life? If so, investigate Living Income Guaranteed.

The Power of The Audience to Affect Political Change – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 712


Earlier this week I attended a debate with the four political candidates from the riding I am in who are campaigning for the upcoming election.

I decided to go to this event in part simply as a point of exposing myself to this kind of environment for educational purposes so that I can begin observing, learning and participating here in ways that are available for me to support myself to develop my awareness and understanding of this field.

Now from what I have observed so far in my life with regards to “the political process” is that it isn’t exactly functioning in a way that encourages and nurtures Real Democracy nor does it seem to facilitate finding and creating changes and solutions to our current world system that that from what I can see is existing within a state of self destruction, where the political process seems only to aid in this destruction instead of being a mechanism that actually performs the duty it is supposed to do which is ultimately to manage, organize, and direct solutions that make our world the best that it can be.

As I sat there in my chair watching the candidates making their case for why their party and themselves is the ‘right one to elect’ I observed and also realized something interesting about this whole political process that I hadn’t noticed before. This point I observed will definitely be a KEY in actually transforming our political process into an integral function within what hopefully eventually becomes a highly evolved and refined society.

Each candidate, with all eyes on them, said their part, and their words were met with applause, with cheers, shouting, booing, sighs, silence, laughter and the whole compendium of human to human engagement. Listening to this, I realized that those 4 candidates weren’t standing there alone representing our dysfunctional political process all by themselves. There were hundreds of us there that evening and at the end of the day it takes 2 to tango as they say, meaning,

I found the responses and reactions from the 500 plus audience members was just as representative of the problems of our political process today as was the ‘usual tone’ of the debate by the four candidates.

So what I noticed is that for me, I usually tend to focus on those more integrated into the political system as being where and what must change, and within this missed an important component of this political process, which are, those on the other side of the SAME COIN, the audience, us, the voters, and that we are just as responsible as those speakers we have tended to narrow our focus in on.

Its not so much that there is a problem with the ‘political process’ actually, rather, there is a problem with human beings, and how we have conditioned and accepted ourselves to interact and engage with ourselves and each other, and the political process is just an extension of this.

So if we want to change the our political process in so that it becomes a process that truly functions in a way that facilitates the creation of our highest potential as a society and as individuals, then we are going to have to change how we as human beings interact with ourselves and those around us. One could even argue that the audience at the event that evening is more responsible than the candidates for being able to have an impact on how our political process evolves because there was over 500 of us and only 4 of them.

So this was something that I had never really saw as clearly as I did the other evening. Mostly we all just focus on the individual standing on the podium giving their speech and we don’t consider the thousands, millions, billions of people actually reacting to what is being said, egging them on, or shouting in revolt, where each word spoken by our leaders garners some kind of response or reaction from the audience that binds us into a singularity that keeps our political process ‘locked into’ its current form. So as the audience, as voters, it is our responsibility as individuals to ‘change the game’ when it comes to the political process and one way we can do this is we can look at our own reactions and outrages that come up in relation to the political events taking place, and we can start supporting ourselves to stop just reacting how we always do,  how people have always acted and reacted to the words of our political leaders and so we can do our part in breaking the mold and breaking out of how the usual conversation (and reaction) goes and so support the transformation or our world, our political process, and our person to person engagement, so that is starts to in fact become a relationship of support, growth, equality, and mutual respect and care for one another.

Psychological Transitions required for a Living Income Guaranteed Money System – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 696


Today I was reading a news article about 2 mayors in Canada who seem to be supporters of some form of a Guaranteed Basic Income for their cities and simply for a potential direction to eliminate poverty.

Now what I would like to discuss is a very critical component of making such a policy like a Guaranteed Income a reality. That component is the human psyche.

You see, I am an advocate of such reforms and have been investigating the point of a Guaranteed Living Income for some time to really understand what it’s going to take to implement something like this in a way where it actually stands as a practically functional solution.

One of the mayors cited as a supporter of this such economic and political reform is the mayor of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

I just so happened to have lived in Calgary for 10 years of my life but now I live in a different Canadian city. When I heard he was a supporter of such a proposal, my reaction was jealousy! I started thinking about and envisioning my old city having something like a living income implemented and I experienced jealousy because I looked as how someone like me would benefit from such a platform of support.

I see this as being a very important factor to consider within this entire process implementing something like a basic income. And so thus I see here how important it is to also re-educate ourselves around something like a basic income so that we understand why we would do such a thing and the benefits that would come from it so that with the proper education and understanding we can let go of our reactions like for instance the reaction I experienced such as jealousy so in letting these go, prevent them from hindering or blocking our direction as humanity from really creating a world system that is the best that it can be.

This is one reason why I support the Living Income Guarantee proposal put forward by the Equal Life Foundation. Because not only are they simply looking at such a systematic transformation from an outside view – meaning looking at the practical physical system only. But they also consider the ‘inner view’ looking at the point of the human condition or human psyche realizing that both the inner and the outer must change simultaneously in order for such a change like transitioning into a Living Income Guarantee system to work and remain stable and standing in the long run.

This reaction I had of jealousy could also be a point to re-emphasise why such policies such as a Basic Income would be beneficial to look at in terms of implementation within a global or national context, This may be necessary to alleviate any hardwired reactions such as jealousy that human beings might go into if they see their neighbors get basic income but they don’t. Thus the question here is – Is there a way to implement a system like a basic income on a global scale or even a national scale where entire countries adopt this kind of platform to enhance the lives and nurture the potential of its citizens. Or what other measures can be taken to support this transition and stabilize any psychological resistances or reactions that human beings might end up going into within implementing a basic income system. I mean have you ever noticed how people normally don’t like other people around them to be successful? Have you ever had that experience where you really wanted to be happy for someone, and in a way you were, but also within your there was reactions and jealousy. So this ‘inner dimension’ must also be addressed and there must be an re-education process taking place as well for us human as we as a group evolve towards NEW Systems that we have never created, expressed or existed within before.

My reaction of jealousy initially was because I can see how awesome something like a basic income would be to ligstart small businesses where one would have a more stable foundation in the early stages of building a business where they could focus on getting their project moving without running out of rent money.

There are endless befits of a system such as a Living Income Guarantee. That is not really the debate. The debate…or rather, the conversation is HOW will such a system be integrated and implemented into the already existing system so we can transition over to something like a Basic Income System.

For more information please visit the Living Income Website or listen to the video discussions on the Living Income youtube channel.

And don’t forget to like the Equal Life Foundation Page to Join the cause! We will need as many heads as possible discovering solutions to create a system that will truly nurture the potential of Life.