Are you Happy With Your Job? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 716


Its voting time again here in Canada. The time where we as a populous choose the leaders of our country. The leaders that are taking up those primary positions of responsibility within managing the efficacy and functionality of our world system.

In a recent visit back to my home town visiting family and friends I was having a discussion with someone about their recent change of occupation and what it was like in the new position versus the old and what factors contributed to why it is they decided to make the career switch.

One of the points discussed which stood out allot to me with regards to the difference between the new and the old job, was in the degree of freedom and creativity that was now offered in the new position.

I mentioned the voting point in the first paragraph because in a lot of ways, it is the leaders of our country who have been assigned with not only managing, but also creating, or at least playing a significant role in the creation of our world system and so within this the kinds and types of jobs that are available within this system.

It’s not difficult to observe how our world, now existing in the age of consumerism is accelerating in pace and speed with each passing day. And how we have over time, constructed a massive machine that streamlines the manufacturing of consumer goods and services where the individuals role within this has more and more been reduced to performing some simple functions within this machine and within the corporate structure of this machine, essentially passing on instructions from the higher ups where ones own freedom of expression and creativity has been greatly diminished within this system and has ultimately been extracted out, where now one can spend their entire career basically carrying out the instructions of someone else where they themselves have no real valuable relationship to their product or service at all.

This reminds me of a movie I watched last night about the ‘Milgram experiments’.

In 1961 a social psychologist by the name of Stanley Milgram began the famous and controversial ‘Milgrams Experiments’ conducting experiments investigating the role of ‘obedience to authority figures’

“Milgram (1974) explained the behavior of his participants by suggesting that people actually have two states of behavior when they are in a social situation:

 The autonomous state – people direct their own actions, and they take responsibility for the results of those actions.

 The agentic state – people allow others to direct their actions, and then pass off the responsibility for the consequences to the person giving the orders. In other words, they act as agents for another person’s will.”



What I see here is that our current world system and the corporate structure now existing is very much dependent on the majority of individuals existing in this ‘agentic state’ where they are just carrying out someone else’s will where they themselves have no real contribution to the system and product or service they are creating. And what you now have today is both, a conditioned population that no longer even recognizes this part of themselves that actually craves the kind of expression where you as an individual is really contributing in a way where your full capacity as an expression of life is being engaged and utilized, as well has having a world system and corporate structure that not only makes this kind of expression impossible for all, but that due to the omnipresence and prevalence of this corporately structured machine that is our world system, stomps out any spark of hope in those beings with an inclination for, or recollection of what it’s like to have personal freedom and creativity as part of their expressions.

What the individual I was having a discussion with when I visited my hometown expressed is that they felt that even though they were climbing higher and higher in the corporate structure, which is some ways meant more money, their personal creativity was still something that was not at all being engaged. With the new job, the draw, was that they now had a say in how the company will be carrying out their business and that they were able to see direct feedback via results for their own personal ideas,  insights, and actions, or in other words, they were now connected in a substantial and relevant way to the outcome of the product or service they were offering.

Being an Artist myself, this is something I have come to really be grateful for now in my life as I have began making this my full-time occupation. I like the freedom and creativity, and that I am actually responsible for and so Empowered within the successes and failures of the business.

So now here we are – Its Voting time in Canada – And who do we vote for?

What is the purpose of our political structure and where in this structure are steps being taken to create a system where FREEDOM and CREATIVITY of the individual is being nurtured.

Political Leaders often chant about “Good Paying Jobs For the Hardworking Middle Class” This is very misleading because this also means, more robotic jobs that perpetuate what psychologist Milgram defined as the “agentic state” where the individual is really not responsible for the outcome but is simply carrying out the will of someone else which from my perspective has lead to a depressed human race.

So the big question here is how do we re-design our world and our corporate structure so that each participant, a.k.a employee within this structure are functioning at their full potential as human beings, and not just existing as resources to be harvested to produce nice lifestyles for the ‘higher ups’

So what is the Solution? I would suggest to begin with investigating the Equal Life Foundation and their proposed “Living Income Guaranteed” policy. The Equal Life Foundation is operating on a set of principles designed to VALUE Each and every individual in this world no more accepting and allowing ourselves to lead uninspired robotic lives.

Do you value Creativity and Freedom? Do you want this for your own Life? If so, investigate Living Income Guaranteed.


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