In The Name of Donald Trump – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 742


Last week I came across some articles showing protesters blocking the highway so that Donald Trump supporters couldn’t get to a rally set to take place in Arizona.

Now if you have been following politics you will have noticed all the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and his views, and how he is really stirring up a lot of emotions in his supporters as well as his non-supporters. So much so that his non-supporters protested his candidacy through blocking the highway in Arizona in attempt to prevent his supporters from attending his rally.

As I looked at the photo of this protest I noticed an interesting thing.

First lets consider the supporters of Donald Trump. In the photo, I saw maybe 100 going to the rally. 100 people in the name of Donald Trump.

Now lets consider the protestors, again there was about 100, now that’s another 100 people, technically in the name of Donald Trump. Even though they are protesting him, they are still there in the name of Donald Trump.

At the end of the day that’s 200 people actively engaged in the name of Donald Trump.

I considered that if those protesters, instead of spending their time blocking or fighting Donald Trump, which in a way only gives more attention and power to the Candidate.  If these protestors rather, directed their attention to a candidate that they would prefer to see in office, wouldn’t that be more productive than spending your time and energy trying to fight against the point you don’t want to exist.

I considered this in relation to a point I have started to become more aware of in relation to human nature and in relation to myself as well, where we seem to focus quite a lot on our problems, and mistakes and ‘bad’ parts, and don’t really instead use our attention to form and implement Solutions or recognizing those areas and parts of ourselves that is effective.

So my suggestion for the protestors, those who are not going to vote for Donald Trump, to stop spending their energy on ‘fighting’ Donald Trump, because in the end whether you are supporting him or fighting him, you are still giving your attention and energy to him.

This is also a reminder for myself to start doing this for myself with my own mistakes, or problematic areas, where rather than just focusing on the bad, and fighting with it, to more look for and create Solutions and things I can do to change and give my attention to that process of Self Creation instead of Self annihilation through only focusing on and fighting with the bad parts.

I see that this does not mean I ignore those parts of myself that require support and change, its more means that my approach to this process of change is less of ‘fighting with myself’ and more focusing on Solutions and walking Solutions and stopping myself from becoming tangled up and absorbed into the bad parts where that is all I think about.

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