If I was Prime Minister – An Artists Journey To Life: day 830


The political race to elect the next prime minister of Canada is underway and this got me thinking what policies I would enact if I were prime minister of Canada? What would my parties platform be if I had a party? So in this blog and blogs to come I am going to test and develop my own understanding of what I believe good, solid, and supportive policies would be to put in place to ensure the growth, prosperity, expansion and evolution of our world. After all its not just about me and my country, its about the WORLD as a whole as we are all here together.

Okay so let me start by just naming a few issues at hand here in Canada to account for in the creating of a foundation that would support this country into the future.

Basic Human Rights Guaranteed





Mental Health

Physical Health




Migration/Boarders/ Foreign Policy



Human Rights

Animal Rights

Environmental Stewardship


Racism/Sexism/Classism/Familyism/Friendsism/Heightism (anything to do with creating “the other”)












Food Industry




Telcom Industry

Natural Resources

Renewable Resources

Non-Renewable Resources

Auto Industry


Natural Disaster Relief

Tech Industry

Clothing Industry


Okay I am sure there is tons more but I am just kind of opening up my mind a bit to the entirety of the system and what goes into it here on planet earth to create a functional world.


The first point I would address is the Money System and how this is connected to so many problems today. Of course money is not the root of all evil. In fact, that would us Humans! As we are the only ones here. However moving off of my own understanding of how this world works, I would firstly as Prime Minister of Canada enact a Universal Basic Income which I would rather call a Universal LIVING Income because its about empowering ourselves as individuals to LIVE and express not just survive. So I would enact a Universal Living Income Guaranteed where each individual in Canada would receive a set amount of income every month from birth to death to ensure a life where there would never be any instance of FEAR or STRESS caused from not knowing where your next meal is going to come from or how your going to pay your rent at the end of the month.


All of my policies are constructed around the single principle of “BEST FOR ALL” meaning that each policy considers what would be the best situation for ALL individuals instead of systems and policies that considers one person or class or race or gender over another. So to create policies within the context of BEST FOR ALL is done to ensure a Dignified Life For ALL. To create a dignified Life for all individuals on earth would be an example of REAL EVOLUTION. Right now we have a technological evolution when what we actually require is a HUMAN EVOLUTION where the Self Awareness, Compassion, and Understanding of Life and Ourselves is that which expands and evolves, not just the technology around us. No amount of technological advancement will stop climate change if for instance the TRUE WILL of the Human is not to this end as well.


At this point in time I would say a $3000.00 Per month guaranteed income would be sufficient to provide all people in Canada with a Stable financial platform to begin Living a Dignified Life on an individual level, this would also immediately end homelessness and reduce crime and money stress related issues. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


One question might be, “But how do we pay for it”

My answer is….No Idea – LETS FIGURE IT OUT!


Where there is a WILL there is a WAY.


I am an Artist, I carve wildlife sculptures out of stone. I get a piece of stone and I envision the animal I would like to carve, then instead of saying….but I can’t do that, it’s a solid rock!” I instead work backwards from my vision, and go and figure out ways and methods to do it… Where there is a will there is a way.


So how to pay for a $3000.00 per month Living Income to every Canadian citizen from birth to death?


From my perspective this may actually take a complete and total restructuring of our current system so that our lives as we have come to know them will no longer be how they are today.


But of course I am starting with where we are in and as our current system and in particular for me, I am in CANADA.


So the question is – Is it possible to give every Canadian Citizen a $3000.00 income from birth to death no strings attached?


Lets figure out how to do this. Its not about the money. Its about the PRINCIPLE of giving/providing/creating a Dignified LIFE for every citizen of Canada (and the world) That is what’s important! Using Money as a frame of reference in this endeavor is a way for us to begin understanding what that looks like, and how to bring about a dignified life for all.


People are NOT motivated by Money. They are motivated by survival and the things that money can buy. If money could not buy you a home, or food, or drugs, or travel, or entertainment, or relationships (yes, right now money buys relationships) If money could not buy any of these things then people would not be motived by money!


We have the $3000.00 per month guaranteed income. But this will have to be supplemented by for starters an upgraded and FREE education system including College/University.


Education is KEY in developing ourselves as Human Beings. But the curriculum will have to be transformed to produce a fully and highly functional individual and not just train them to do mindless jobs in the system.


So another policy I will have to address is LABOR because honestly there is so many fucking useless jobs in this world right now It’s mind boggling. Jobs which for instance only exist to fill some CEO’s pocket with money. That is NOT a real job. Any job that exploits HUMAN LIFE/LABOR will simply have to go, as it is not aligned with Living a Dignified LIFE and I am not talking about Working Hard. Working Hard can be FUN in fact and exhilarating and supportive in the development of mind and body and soul.


Okay so I will leave it here for today.

I have began to introduce a few policy concepts of what I would do if I were Prime Minister of Canada and I will continue in blogs to come in exploring this whole process of creating a system and world that is truly BEST for ALL including nature and the animal kingdom.



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