My Inner Correction Facility – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 760


The other evening my partner and I watched a documentary about the US prison system. Now one exercise that I often will do when looking at different parts of our world system like in this case the prison system is I will look at what that particular point reflects about myself and how it is that I myself exist in the same or similar ways as this kind of system. And I do this exercise based on the principle of “as within so without” this principle representing how our outer reality is actually a reflection of our inner reality and that our world system is actually an outflow and reflection of our inner natures.

So in watching this documentary what did I notice about the similarities of the prison system and myself?

Well one of the first words that comes up is the word ‘Judgement’. Because in a way this is what prison is all about. It is about judgement, and punishment, although it is called a correction facility, it is not actually acting or standing as an actual CORRECTION point, where for instance people that end up in jail are not better off once they get out but are in many cases worse off because now they are a convicted felon which makes it even more difficult to get a job in some cases.

One statistic I found is that Within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested.

So I was looking at the nature of prisons where you essentially take “Bad” Guys and lock them up as punishment.

That is actually a form of Suppression where instead of dealing with these people, supporting them, educating them, rehabilitating them, we just lock them away.

I though this was interesting because this is in a way how we deal with ourselves and those parts of ourselves that we don’t understand, or those parts of ourselves that we don’t want to look at, that we define as bad, that we judge. Or even if you look at certain emotions, like anger, often times we take these parts of ourselves, and instead of investigating and understanding, and forgiving, and correcting, we just supress them. We take them, and we lock them up inside ourselves, and instead of looking at them and sorting them out, we just lock them away, and then what ends up happening is there is an accumulation affect that takes place and more and more parts of yourself are locked up and essentially abandon and then what ends up happening is you become a mess, you become reactive, or depressed, or stressed because you have a build up of emotions, and you have memories and thoughts, and beliefs and voices in your head that you have no idea where they are coming from or how to make sense of it.

So, what is the Solution.

For me I see the responsibility I have is to stop locking up parts of myself, but rather to face those parts of myself. Just as each and every crime or criminal that exists on this earth is a mirror for us to look at ourselves and see a part of ourselves and that to recognize that its not about judgement, it is about understanding how these crimes or criminals were created, so that we can change the conditions of our world system so that these particular crimes become obsolete or these types of criminal behaviours have no environment that fosters them.

A correction facility should NOT be about judgement and punishment. And so I can begin with myself and those parts of myself that I have judged and deemed as bad or criminal And to work with all my inner criminals as thoughts, judgements, past memories, pressured emotions, so they can become rehabilitated,  truly corrected, and released. To become a contributing member of the society that is me.

I can do this through my process of Writing, Self Forgiveness, Self Introspection and Investigation and then Self Correction as the practicing and Living the new behavior, the new instructions.

And so in this way create within myself an actual REAL Self Correction Facility and thus become the change I want to see in the world.

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