Psychological Transitions required for a Living Income Guaranteed Money System – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 696


Today I was reading a news article about 2 mayors in Canada who seem to be supporters of some form of a Guaranteed Basic Income for their cities and simply for a potential direction to eliminate poverty.

Now what I would like to discuss is a very critical component of making such a policy like a Guaranteed Income a reality. That component is the human psyche.

You see, I am an advocate of such reforms and have been investigating the point of a Guaranteed Living Income for some time to really understand what it’s going to take to implement something like this in a way where it actually stands as a practically functional solution.

One of the mayors cited as a supporter of this such economic and political reform is the mayor of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

I just so happened to have lived in Calgary for 10 years of my life but now I live in a different Canadian city. When I heard he was a supporter of such a proposal, my reaction was jealousy! I started thinking about and envisioning my old city having something like a living income implemented and I experienced jealousy because I looked as how someone like me would benefit from such a platform of support.

I see this as being a very important factor to consider within this entire process implementing something like a basic income. And so thus I see here how important it is to also re-educate ourselves around something like a basic income so that we understand why we would do such a thing and the benefits that would come from it so that with the proper education and understanding we can let go of our reactions like for instance the reaction I experienced such as jealousy so in letting these go, prevent them from hindering or blocking our direction as humanity from really creating a world system that is the best that it can be.

This is one reason why I support the Living Income Guarantee proposal put forward by the Equal Life Foundation. Because not only are they simply looking at such a systematic transformation from an outside view – meaning looking at the practical physical system only. But they also consider the ‘inner view’ looking at the point of the human condition or human psyche realizing that both the inner and the outer must change simultaneously in order for such a change like transitioning into a Living Income Guarantee system to work and remain stable and standing in the long run.

This reaction I had of jealousy could also be a point to re-emphasise why such policies such as a Basic Income would be beneficial to look at in terms of implementation within a global or national context, This may be necessary to alleviate any hardwired reactions such as jealousy that human beings might go into if they see their neighbors get basic income but they don’t. Thus the question here is – Is there a way to implement a system like a basic income on a global scale or even a national scale where entire countries adopt this kind of platform to enhance the lives and nurture the potential of its citizens. Or what other measures can be taken to support this transition and stabilize any psychological resistances or reactions that human beings might end up going into within implementing a basic income system. I mean have you ever noticed how people normally don’t like other people around them to be successful? Have you ever had that experience where you really wanted to be happy for someone, and in a way you were, but also within your there was reactions and jealousy. So this ‘inner dimension’ must also be addressed and there must be an re-education process taking place as well for us human as we as a group evolve towards NEW Systems that we have never created, expressed or existed within before.

My reaction of jealousy initially was because I can see how awesome something like a basic income would be to ligstart small businesses where one would have a more stable foundation in the early stages of building a business where they could focus on getting their project moving without running out of rent money.

There are endless befits of a system such as a Living Income Guarantee. That is not really the debate. The debate…or rather, the conversation is HOW will such a system be integrated and implemented into the already existing system so we can transition over to something like a Basic Income System.

For more information please visit the Living Income Website or listen to the video discussions on the Living Income youtube channel.

And don’t forget to like the Equal Life Foundation Page to Join the cause! We will need as many heads as possible discovering solutions to create a system that will truly nurture the potential of Life.


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