An Equal Currency to Honor LIFE – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 691


What is the purpose of having numerous economic currencies? From what I can see, the real reason for this particular design of having numerous currencies with each one varying in its purchasing ability is to ensure the powers at be, remain the powers at be.

Our system was never designed in the image and likeness of love thy neighbor. Not at all, it was designed in the principle of ‘leverage thy neighbor’ and that is exactly what our current currency model allows for.

Imagine if the globe was actually just one big city. Now if you look at what our current currency model is suggesting, it is suggesting that the dollar you hold in your hand is worth more depending on where you lived. So obviously those that live in those areas of the city/world where their dollar was worth the most would have the advantage over those that lived in an area where that same dollar was worth much less. Because remember, an hour of labor is an hour of labor. If I dig a trench either here or on the other side of the planet, that physical effort is equal, yet with our current global currency model, compensation is NOT equal.

And that is simply not HONORING LIFE as it should be Honored, or loving thy neighbor as you would love yourself.

There is no reason why we as a global community of earthlings, that means all of us, Americans, Canadians, Chinese, Swedish , Russians, British, Afghans, Mexicans, Dutch, Italians, Kenyans, Japanese, Venezuelans, Germans,…Everybody on the Planet, There is no reason why we couldn’t come together and implement a system that is an example of LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, and one way we can begin to do this is to implement a GLOBAL CURRENCY MODEL where ALL MONEY IS VALUED EQUALY. This also could simply be more practical logistically speaking to keep track of everything.

From my perspective the only reason why such a movement to a currency model that is established around the premise of EQUALITY would be rejected is GREED. Well, actually, that’s not completely accurate because people might outright reject it initially because they do not understand it and as we all know, anytime we as human beings are introduced to something NEW, its like we have a default setting to immediately reject it, so that might come into play also, though ultimately, once the scenario is understood, how could there actually be any reason to NOT DO WHAT IS IN FACT BEST FOR LIFE.

And as I write this, I wonder if GREED is in fact the real problem in this world? Or is it the fact that we as individuals, as humanity, and most specifically as LIFE, have Lost ourselves and have become completely conditioned and accustom to a life of abuse, lies, and deceit that we no more believe that ACTUAL GOOD is even possible.

Ok so ultimately here I am suggesting a new currency model is required as simply one dimension of re-structuring our entire system piece by piece into a system that reflects a benevolent mankind.

To guarantee our basic living rights of all

Living Income Guaranteed Proposal

Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights


How The Living Income Guaranteed Will Reduce the Inherent Self Doubt of the Human- An Artists Journey To Life: Day 657


I am grateful to have a job working as an artist. Not allot of people have this privilege. I went to art school and did allot of art up to about the age of 26. Then I started moving away from doing art and doing other things. I am 33 now and a year and half ago I got a job working for an art gallery making stone sculptures of wildlife. I mainly stick to a 9 to 5 type schedule. And on the weekends or if I decide to do a shorter day at work, I will go out and make landscape oil paintings. I sell both paintings and sculptures. What is interesting is that there doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by where I don’t experience doubt within myself in relation to what I am doing. “Will my pieces sell?”, “Will buyers keep buying?” This doubt is interesting because its not necessary from the perspective that all that we as humanity require to do is change the structure of our current system and we could create an environment where this doubt that I live with daily, that I imagine millions, billions live with daily, would be no more, would simply not have the conditions present to feed its existence. This experience of doubt that I have is related to a fear of not having enough resources to live on. That suddenly I will not have access to such resources, because we have structured our current world system in a way that actually cultivates this doubt though making  an individuals access to resources subject to money only money is not guaranteed.

There is no guarantees that my art pieces will sell, and buyers will keep buying. Though my experience of myself throughout my day would be entirely different if we had a Living Income Guarantee in place within our world system. LIG guarantees an income to all individuals on earth to live a life of dignity and that this ensures that an individual ALWAYS has access to ones basic needs. Imagine that! If one could always trust that they will have food to eat, a roof over their head. Imagine what kind of affects this would have on one’s physical and mental health and well being no more existing in constant state of fear and stress at the prospect of them suddenly having no money and thus no more access to resources.

If money had no power to purchase anything, it would just be paper, it would be useless. It would not have the same value to human beings as it does now. Money is not what people want or what people love. It is the Resources that Money buys that people want and love. Freedom essentially is a form of simply having unlimited access to resources so that one do not have to worry that suddenly they will be denied this access to their basic human needs and necessities that is necessary for nurturing the full potential of the individual.  food, clothing, water, shelter, hygiene, transportation, education, ect.

Right now companies use the current set-up of our system to coerce individuals to do things that they otherwise would not do. No one wants to work 10 hours a day in a factory repeating the same motions over and over. But they do it, because that is what gives them money and thus resources. And so in this way evil is allowed to exist because our current system cultivates it. Fascinating really how human lives are being leveraged by those in positions of power. Because even those in positions of power face the daunting prospect of them losing everything and ending up with nothing and no money and so no resources and so ultimately I can see how those in positions of power are also being driven by a fear of potentially losing everything because they can see that this system, How our current system is set up, does not protect anyone. It is like, no one is exempt to a certain degree. Yet this fear that is in part perpetuating the aspects of Evil in Human Nature could cease to exist through changing the rules and relationships of our current world system.

This is why I am in support of transitioning our current system of pure capitalism into a Living Income Guarantee System that will ensure that each and every Human Being born to earth will be Guaranteed access to resources from Birth to Death. Obviously there are conditions that are unavoidable that may occur like natural disasters and such that may inhibit the perfect flow of any system , though the important point here to consider is that where currently we as Human Beings are the ones creating the conditions where access to resources is never a guarantee.  And this is what a Living Income Guarantee system is all about. It is about actually Aligning the human intention and action in a way where we as a Race, as a Species is in fact Benevolent though making sure that ALL Always has access to dignified living and that this Human Right to Live, to have access to that which one require to develop to their utmost potential is available to all equally.

Practically Speaking a Living Income Guarantee is viable. And it would also indicate an actual ‘evolution of sorts of Mankind and of Human Nature. A Shift of Human Nature from Greed and Self Interest to actually considering the Whole and what is best for ALL.

Join the Living Income Guarantee Movement Today –

Why I First Resisted The Relationship of Happiness to Money – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 653


Yesterday I was in a discussion exploring the nature of ‘Happiness’ where we were looking at all the various dimensions of this word and how it is currently existing on this planet.

The aspect of Happiness that I want to open up here in this blog is the relationship of Happiness to Money.

Initially for me connecting money to happiness was a kind of faux pax. Throughout my life I was introduced to and developed more of a ‘zen’ style or naturalistic way of looking at the world. Where happiness was not related to money or material things but was an ‘inner dimension’ so to speak. And I can see how this understanding of what happiness is is very common where most everyone has herd of this definition of happiness not being about material things or money and even the rich can be herd speaking versions of this idea as well and so there seems to be in this world a general awareness of this point that Happiness as not connected to money or material things. However what I see happened for me within accepting this definition of happiness is that I was not looking at happiness in a practical way. I ended up more forging a part of my EGO with this idea that happiness is not related to money or material things and then thus was not considering anything outside of this idea that I accepted and so when I was introduced to the concept that Happiness IS in fact in a direct relationship with money I kind of short circuited, I was unable to actually embrace such a concept. I resisted it, and what I also did is I went into ASSUMPTION! I assumed somewhere that this concept was flawed, was incorrect, or even so was OPPOSED to my more zen-like, naturalistic approach to life and living. So this is one dimension that Id like to bring some awareness to. The way in which we will react or resist new or alternative concepts that we are introduced to or hear about that oppose our own, though a crucial reason we do resist such differing concepts is because our approach to considering them is very very very very very short sighted and actually more aligned with NOT considering them at all but more just holding on to ASSUMPTIONS that immediately arise within our minds when introduced to them, about how they are flawed or wrong as they do not match our own versions that we have accepted.

I grew up very close to nature, and so to accept the idea that Happiness was linked to Money to me was like the antithesis of who I was. I just could not accept such a truth. What I have found though is that I was stubborn. I never in fact allowed myself to investigate or research and understand what is actually meant by this idea that Money is linked to Happiness and what I found in actually allowing myself to investigate this idea for real is that it in fact was a more zen-like, naturalistic view than I was holding onto within myself.

I think my initial reactions to such a point that Money and Happiness are joined at the hip was that it did somehow seem very unnatural and that my version of happiness I defined as more natural and more pure and more holistic, and more correct, and more aligned with LIFE. And that MONEY was evil, money was systematic, money was NOT natural and all these things.

And so I resisted this idea that money and happiness could be related because in a way I did not want to dirty myself, I did not want to toxify myself, corrupt myself, stain myself which is what I assumed would be the case by allowing MONEY to be a part of my definition of what happiness is. So Again I must bring up the point of Assuming and Assumptions here because this was what I was doing. I had not in fact really heard or allowed myself to investigate this new idea that was being presented to me that Money and Happiness is in fact related. I jumped to conclusions and so did not actually see or hear what is actually meant by money and happiness being related.

What I found in allowing myself to really consider and investigate this relationship of Money and Happiness is that I did not lose my initial definition that I had, but that rather I expanded it. I added to it, refined it, and in fact I was able to achieve an understanding of what Happiness means that is much more zen-like and naturalistic than my apparently already zen-like, naturalistic model of what I had defined and believed happiness to be.

So I would suggest that if you have any reactions to the idea that Money and Happiness are in fact related to each other. Id suggest to take a breath, and not jump to conclusions about what this in fact entail.

In my next blog I will go into more detail on what I have come to understand about the relationship between Money and Happiness and how I have come to see that this relationship is as natural as say watering a plant.

Living Income Guarantee –

My Line Up At The Bank Story – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 645


Today I was at the bank standing in line waiting for a bank teller to be open. When I walked into the line-up, I noticed someone with a thick book of cheques standing in front of me in the line and he looked to be filling out one of the cheques.

What I have observed about myself is that I will very quickly judge people where its like automatically the first thing that comes up within my mind in relation to others, particularly towards men – these judgments from the perspective of who I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as within myself in relation to men and that is – existing in competition to and towards them, instead of a point of Equality.

So today when I first saw this man writing in his cheque book, I thought to myself that “he is responsible with money”

I thought this because his cheque book was pretty big and I also noted how a friend of mine records all of the money she spends into a ledger which I have also defined as ‘responsible with money’ and so in seeing this man manually filling out a cheque I went into that idea that ‘he is responsible with money’ and also thinking “he is better than me with money’

It is interesting how fast thoughts actually move in terms of what actually goes on within us in seconds that we often do not even see is moving inside ourselves, or just perceive as ‘normal thinking’

At the same time of assessing this man writing in his cheque book, I looked at his clothing and discerned that he was not particularly well dressed, which I thought then…since he is good with money, means that “he must work hard” – So here I am already creating this entire network of ideas about this man whom I have never met or never spoken to, yet here I am forming an opinion about him based on these judgements about him that I am participating with in my mind.

So eventually he goes to the teller and I hear the teller explaining that they are going to have to hold his money for 1 week and can only release a portion of it. The man begins to explain his situation and how ‘he cannot do that’ that he requires the money now.

In hearing this I started to experience my chest area restrict and tighten up and it was like I could not stop myself from hearing or listening to the conversation they were having.

It was interesting how I was like unable to break my attention away from what they were saying, and yet meanwhile, I was going into a kind of fear and anxiety reaction within myself in relation to the conversation they were having which in my eyes was somewhat of a confrontation.

So I pulled my eyes away from them and took a couple deep breaths and kind of stretched out my neck and just did my best to relax back into my body into a point of Self Comfortability and Stability.

I can see that throughout my life I have established quite a reactive relationship with money and banks. I mean I remember exactly standing in the shoes of that man, as so many times in my life Id go to the bank teller and my heart would be pounding because of fear that they would hold my funds for a week – funds which I needed Today! And I felt so powerless in such situations. And I see how I judged myself about this and experienced a drop within myself when ever this would happen. Like a “I am so inadequate” experience, like ‘everyone is looking at me’ and I am so ‘less than’ in judgments formed in relation to money and the position money holds at the moment within our existence as humanity.

What I see is that I Must forgive myself for my past. I see to stop fighting – to stop fighting the system as I realize that its more of a practical point of Aligning myself effectively with the system in a way where I can function effectively within it.

So this man I saw today was in that position that I was in and has been in so many times of ‘reacting’ and thus ‘going into a fighting with’ instead of breathing in such moments, letting go of the reactions that come up and simply realizing that there is still alignments to be sorted out so that one becomes effectively aligned with the operations of the system. And so thus I see that rather than going into a ‘fighting with’ to instead go into a working WITH, and to find out what steps require to be taken to sort the point out so it does not happen again. 


So there a few points Id like to pull out within what I wrote.

  1. To realize and be aware of HOW MUCH we actually judge other people so quickly, and thus that the nature of these judgements can be quite vicious. And so thus then to within being aware and seeing these judgements , I can see I can support myself to Stop such judgements that come up so ‘automatically’ towards others. So yes here, I see that I have been more letting these first impressions judgements get a bit out of hand of late instead of Directing myself to stop these judgements immediately and so approaching others from a Starting point of Equality and Support instead of Competition which I see is a breeding ground for judgments.
  2. When I noticed that I was getting caught up in my own reactions and anxiety that was emerging within me as I was listening to this man trying to explain himself to the bank teller, I in that moment Supported myself to bring myself back HERE into and as my human physical body, where I actually applied a point that I herd recently in one of the eqafe interviews of how to initially stabilize oneself in ones physical when one see that they are indeed in a reaction, and so I applied this today while in line where I support myself through breathing and moving myself back into a comfortablness within and as my human physical body to stabilize myself and that it actually worked, I was able to bring myself back HERE and ‘release myself’ from the grip that I noticed the conversation I was witnessing was having on me.
  3. When things don’t ‘go my way’ with regards to “the system” to instead of going into reaction and into fighting within myself and with the system. Rather Breathe, remain Here in and as my human physical body in a point of Stability and simply realize that PRACTICALLY there is still points to align and so to approach the point from a Working With (Solution) instead of a Fighting with (Reaction)


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Living Words: Flimsy and Strength – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 610

In writing about the word ‘Flimsy’ yesterday and now again reviewing it here today, as I was reading the points back to myself another dimension of the word ‘flimsy’ revealed itself in terms of how I see that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as this point of and as ‘flimsy’ within myself within my living and so end up having the consequences of such a ‘living’ manifest into the various aspects of my life.

The dimension I see here in terms of how I accept and allow myself to live-out this word flimsy within myself and within my reality is related to the point of when I say I am going to do something but then I don’t stick to it and in many cases I will quite quickly thereafter just go ahead and ‘brush off’ the commitment or decision I had made to myself and I will in this just go back on what I said.

I see that this has to do with the point of indulging myself in my wants, and desires, instead of maintaining a Stable Directive Stance of assistance and support towards/within myself within my process of supporting myself to live to my full potential and correcting and abusive living patterns/habits I have into patterns/habits of Self Support and Self Care

Here are some areas of my life that I will briefly outline where I see this ‘Flimsy’ making its mark.

Work : One area of my life where I see I do this is with my job where I will for instance practically look at what I require to do to be as effective as I can within my job and then I will decide “ok that is what I will do” but then sooner or later and often sooner, I will give up in applying myself in the way that I identified as being effective and supportive.

Sleeping Habbits: I also see this in other aspects and areas of my life as well. For instance in my sleeping habbits or patterns where I will know within myself that I am meandering into a questionable sleeping pattern but I will justify this to myself and simply allow myself to exist within such a pattern instead of taking a Stand within and as myself in really asserting myself as a point of Self Strength to not accept and allow myself to participate and exist within such questionable sleeping habbits.

Addiction: Another area where I see this word ‘flimsy’ existing as how I have accepted and allowed myself to move myself within it is the point of addictions where I will come up with justifications to facilitate moving into the point of not assisting and supporting myself to really Take a Stand on the points I am working with with regards to addictions towards/within certain points within myself/my life but to thus then in being flimsy, allow myself to indulge within such points even though I realize the detriment of doing this.

Daily Chores/Responsibilities: Another area where I see this word of ‘flimsy’ existing as myself is in relation to my daily responsibilities in terms of my writings, readings, study ect. Here I see I am quite flimsy in my approach to assisting and supporting myself to really apply myself effectively within such points where even though I know it is in my best interest to really support myself in this point as well as the other points I mentioned above, my approach to supporting myself is so flimsy where flimsy has ultimately become the overall expression of support towards myself and so thus is not in fact very supportive at all because within being flimsy, I will accept and allow myself to participate within and as justifications where I will talk myself out of actually “taking a firm and strong stand” within myself in relation to effectively supporting myself within my life and so I end up just becoming ineffective or/and creating a lesser version of myself than I know I am capable of being/living.

And so what I see here that is consistent within all these points I mentioned in how I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as the application of ‘flimsy’ in relation to them, is that in each one of these points, I will allow myself to go into justifications and excuses, meaning where I will believe the justifications, or its not even that I will believe them but that I will simply use them to kind of build this logic or reason as to why I in a single moment, decide to not in fact do what is best for me but to just ‘go for the indulgence into the mind, into self interest, into energy experience, into being lazy, into just going for ‘what I want’ even if it actually compromise me in the long run and so yes an overall  point of indulgence and so the ‘flimsiness’ comes within those moments or that moment of exercising my justifications to allow myself to move into the act of indulging instead of Standing, instead of assisting and supporting myself to do what is actually Supportive for me. So it is this moment that I find to be quite fascinating. That moment when/where I finally decide to just say “fuck it”. Because from a certain perspective it does happen in a moment, though the ultimate living out and embodiment of this word of and as flimsy is more realized within the continuous ‘giving in’ in moments. Moment after Moment after Moment and thus these moments of indulgences and ‘giving in’ accumulate until I reduce and diminish myself into a point where I have become this full-on manifestation of ‘flimsy’ instead of having Stood in those such moments and accumulated myself within such moments of Standing into a point of Developing Self Strength where my Process of Self Support is underlined by the Living Word of Strength instead of Flimsiness. And so this is the word that I am assisting and supporting myself to practice within my life at the moment.

The Word of ‘Strength’ which is the Correction point of and as the word ‘Flimsy’ and so I am here committing myself to in such moments of where I see an opportunity to make a decision to either indulge in self interest, in wants, needs, desires, or to Stand and actually support myself to deveop myself into an effective living being that honors life within who I am and how I express and live me, I am committing myself and I do commit myself to Live/Practice and thus develop the Word ‘Strength’ as a living word of and as me, where instead of ‘giving in’, or ‘indulging’ as the living application of being Flimsy in my process of support, I instead stand facing the moment, and facing that point, that experience of wanting to give in and I take a breath and and I put my foot down as the statement of NO! I do not accept and allow myself to any further live out this word “flimsy” within and as myself but here commit myself to re-instruct myself to STAND, to NOT Give in, to NOT Indulge, but to Breath and Stand and to REMAIN Standing Here within and as my Stand of  Developing Self Strength for as long as it takes for the ‘urge’ or ‘want’ to indulge or ‘give in’ to be no more here and within and as this stand I assist and support myself to NOT participate with the back-chat as the voices of justifications that is coming up as temptations to use to justify ‘giving in’ and ‘indulging’ as I see that these ‘inner voices’ these ‘inner temptations’ only purpose is to pull me into the acceptance and allowance of ‘giving in’ of ‘indulging’ and and so I no more accept and allow myself to exist within and as the point of “flimsy” in regards to participating with these ‘inner back-chats’ once I have already see, realized, and understood, and made a decision to Stand, and so rather I commit myself to assist and support myself to Stand as Self Strength and Not Participate, but to remain focusing on my breath and breathing and Following Through on my Commitments I made to myself to Stand and actually Support myself within my process of Self Change from Flimsiness to Strength, from indulgence and giving in to Standing and Supporting myself in doing what in fact Best for Me to support me to live to my utmost potential within the context of equality and oneness and what is best for all.


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Education Disparity Between the Rich and Poor – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 604

One point that I have been investigating more closely in recent weeks is the relationship between Self Development and Words/Vocabulary.

In this I have been looking at ‘who I am’ in relation to this point and investigating what is the relationship between ‘who I am’ and the words I know and the definitions of those words.

I mean, It is said in the beginning of the bible that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”

If I look around my room, everything I see has a word associated with it.

Its like just me sitting here in my room its like there are thousands of words all around me

And then we go and even give things that are not physical words also

I remember I never really became interested in reading until high school and college.
In my younger years, I don’t remember really having an interest for it.

I also remember reading, spelling, and language was not my strong point and I have had to now later in my life really make a point of working on my reading, writing, and communication.

In some of the most recent studies I have been reading on the relationship of vocabulary and early childhood development, that it is suggested that by the time a child reaches the age where they are ready to enter school, that “its already too late” meaning that the damage could already be done in terms of a childs ability to now develop effectively in their life.

Interesting that this is only coming out Now?

I mean, how long have we been on this planet?
How many generations of children have we raised?

Yet we still are at a point where we really don’t understand how we ourselves function.

Another interesting aspect of the studies I have been reading about is the point of low income vs high income families where they are finding children in higher income families are at an early age learning more words and thus developing at a more rapid pace where those in low income families are actually falling behind and this is being detected already at the age of 18 months.

Here is a link to one of the studies I found on this –

This has to do with obviously the education level of the parent also where children that hear more words due to having more highly educated parents are thus then developing more effectively.

From a certain perspective the Solution is actually quite simple in terms of one of the key components of childhood development being identified as words, so thus then parents can take a more active role in engaging their children in this crucial learning building block of a who a child will eventually become based on their level of vocabulary.

But on the other hand we have quite a problem because of the income disparity that is currently existing in our world where you have a small percentage of the population earning all the income with the majority struggling to get by.

And so we have created a kind of vicious cycle where then those children born into high income families will automatically have a greater opportunity to have a successful life where those born into lower income families are at a disadvantage and so the rich get richer and poor get poorer where at the moment there is absolutely no such thing as equal opportunity.

So what can be done about such an epidemic.

I would suggest to investigate the Living Income Guarantee Proposal. LIG is a proposed amendment of our current system to include a Guaranteed Income For All to end poverty and to provide a dignified Life for all which thus also would include/facilitate proper education because what evidence is suggesting is that millions and millions of individuals are not being properly educated which is having a detrimental impact on their quality of life and that based on the research that I have been investigating of late, one of the primary contributing factors in this is income level with those with lower income levels ending up with more severe learning deficiencies that limit their ability to actually become strong, effective, contributing members of society.

Now based on the ratio of low income to high income families, Id say we have quite a problem on our hands and thus which is why I highly recommend a Solution like the Living Income Guaranteed because this particular Solution is in fact addressing the enormity of the situation we have created for ourselves where if you look at other proposed ‘solutions’ like various other social programs like food stamps or welfare and things like that –they are merely acting as bandages on a fatal wound that requires a much more Global Consideration in terms of implementing a Solution that will actually correct the problem once and for all.


Our World System and Conditions of Consequence – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 542


The following is an excerpt from an Interview with Richard Wolffe on ‘Capitalism Runs Wild’

“Bankers do what this system goads them to do. If you talk to a banker he or she will explain to you – “these are the things that will advance the interest of my bank. These are the problems I have to overcome and that’s what I try and do”…And my understanding, and I have looked at this in great detail, is that that’s correct. They are following the rules, they do things that advance their interests and they avoid the things that would damage their interests. That’s what their hired to do as executives or as leaders of their institutions. That’s what they do to the best of their ability. So for example I am not enthused about arresting these people or punishing them in this or that way. And the reason is simple. If we get some banker and haul him up in front of a court and we find out that he has done some things that are not good. And so we substitute him for the next one, the next one is subject to the same rewards and punishments, the same inducements, the same conditions. If we don’t change the System, we are not going to change the behavior of the people within it. So in a sense, I do absolve them, even when they are greedy, because they are doing what this System is telling them to do.”

So this is quite a cool insight into the current functionality of our system in terms of illustrating how and why it is that we as individuals continue to make the decisions that is actually harmful to ourselves and others within this world. And how ultimately nothing is actually changing as a move to the betterment of life but in fact things are only getting worse.

Take for instance a thief. Now give that thief a nice paying job in something where they can really express themselves, contribute, and make a nice life for themselves. Now do you think they would remain a thief…or would have become a thief in the first place if they had access to this – No, they wouldn’t, often human beings are forced into circumstances where they are literally impelled into dangerous behaviors like stealing and violence because their very survival depends on it. Obviously there is various dimensions to this problem but I am here merely illustrating the role Money and the current money system plays in creating these conditions of consequence

I was born into this world and I was not really taught about how to have effective relationships with other human beings, or to give as I’d like to receive. Sure, my parents might have wanted to instill these principles within me but man that is difficult when the essence of society and culture is saturated with greed, with competition, with manipulation, with keeping secrets, with looking cool, with the idea that material goods and consumerism is something that will make you happy. Our entire society has a sickeness and this is reflected in how the system actually functions and in particular the money system.

How our current money system functions shows who we really are as HUMANITY – So it is important to take a close look here to see who we really have become.

-Paying for education and not just for 4 years, but for the rest of your life with student loan payments that become unmanageable in an economy with not enough good jobs available for every degree – this is in essence doing the reverse of what education is supposed to do – Thus getting a degree becomes a life long burden that is a weight on your shoulders under which you submit to acceptance of mediocrity instead of education being a system actually there to UPLIFT Individuals like its supposed to do.
-99 percent of the population acting as the engine for the elite who reap the benefits

– Natural Resources privatized with the money going to private interest groups who keep the billions for themselves while the millions of people struggle in poverty and lack of education.

– Working class individuals working grueling 40 to 60 hour work weeks struggling to make ends meet and support a family paying more taxes than billion dollar corporations

So our current System, which is an Economic System must be re-designed to Support ALL individuals on earth. At the moment it only support a tiny fraction. The Economic System has changed and is always changing and so thus it is changeable through a systemic process done within the rules of the law.

So this is process ahead. To create a management system on earth that actually supports ALL Life as ALL individuals and that does not destroy the planet which it is currently doing in the name of profit.

At the Equal Life Foundation we propose a ‘Living Income Guarantee’. A process where by all individuals of a country and so the world is supported from birth to death with an Unconditional Income to provide the basis of a dignified life. To create an environment where “FEAR” does not enter into the equation from the perspective where you have at the moment every individual existing within a point of FEAR of having no money and of essentially dying or suffering because of this. And so thus the Purpose here is to establish a social security system for ALL Life. Not something that merely keep the individual trapped in a state of fear and survival treading water until their next small does of money as a weekly ration like how it exist now. Rather we want to UPLIFT ALL BEINGS and Truly place all life within an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STARTING POINT. That does not exist currently. Currently ones LIFE is based on a stroke of luck in terms of being lucky enough to be born into a position where you have access to money. So, it is time to come together as Humanity and stopGambling with our lives like a casino where “if we are lucky” we might strike it rich and be born into wealth, but as you all know, most lose in the game of gambling and so as such most are losing in the Casino Game of Life. So with the “Living Income Guarantee” Proposal, we propose Stability, we propose Certainty, based on a System that provides equal support to ALL individuals on earth no matter who you are or where you are born – for more information please join the cause and research “Living Income Guarantee” as proposed by the Equal Life Foundation.

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