Gavel of Destruction – Destroying Life With Man Made Laws – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 697


Today I was reading an news article on the debt situation unfolding in Greece and in the article one of the representatives involved in the proceedings was citing as saying that forgiving down the debt that Greece has accumulated as a possible solution would be illegal and that is why they can’t do that.

Now this statement struck me because here we have quite an urgent situation in Greece and yet when taking into consideration potential solutions “legality” is being cited as a reason for why something isn’t able to be done that could potentially be a very effective solution.

From my perspective whether something is legal or not should not be what determines what we do as humanity, particularly when something is best for everyone involved.

I understand that we have created quite a structure of rules, and regulations, and procedures, and legal structures that is ultimately determining our relationship with each other and the planet. However, unfortunately this system was not designed upon the principle of ‘doing what is best for all’.

Our current laws and rules are used to hide behind. They are NOT used to regulate the functioning of humanity in a way that optimizes our utmost potential.

Who makes the laws?

Laws are often cited as if they are inalienable laws of life. But in fact THEY ARE NOT. They have been made up by human beings. So to state something is legal or illegal is to simply imply that we are giving our authority away to some other human beings that at one point in time came up with these laws and rules.

Its like we have come to trust in the law and justice system as if it ‘beyond us’ we reference the law likes it is the ultimate authority that we dare not challenge, and that, it simply ‘IS’, and how can “little ol’ me” challenge the law.

I do not remember giving permission to the men and women who made the laws that now determine everything about my life?

Yet here I am. I was born into the already-made system. I had no say on what the rules were. The laws and rules were already in place. And interestingly these laws and rules that I am obliged and actually forced to adhere to, are, by design, destructive – yet I must live by them.

Unfortunately these laws and rules do not have the interest of life at heart and this is problem. Yet its like we as human beings forget that we are the ones that made the laws and rules and that this implies we can unmake them and come up with new ones that are designed to empower life, not suppress it.

What we have now is we have people hiding behind the laws.

Laws should never stand in the way of DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL LIFE.

For instance, with the situation with Greece right now.

There should be ONE QUESTION ONLY that should be asked.

WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL – Then ALL parties act in this interest.

This question however does not seem to exist at all in the minds of the individuals working on this issue because from what I can see there is mostly friction and fighting.

To Solve the Greece issue, this question of what is best for all must be at the foundation of the discussion. And it is not a question of is it legal is it not legal.

Though realistically we are entwined in our current system of rules and regulations and so we must in a way untangle ourselves from this mess.

The point I wanted to make in this blog is about our current system of laws and regulations and how this seems to have taken a life of its own, independent from the human in a way where we forgot that humans are the ones that actually created this system. It was created by people getting together and agreeing on what the laws are. And so this is what we as humanity must do again! We must re-write the laws and rules and regulations that govern and manage human civilization. Only this time we must write them based on the principle of WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL.


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