Human Potential Income Grant – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 740


Income Inequality and the growing gap between the rich and poor is an issue that is front and center across the globe including the country where I live which is Canada.

The idea of a “Guaranteed Basic Income Grant” is one that has been around for a while and has made a few headlines in the past few years here in Canada.

So I thought I would write a blog about a “Guaranteed Basic Income Grant” and explain why I Support it, and also what I see is necessary in understanding how such a grant would work.

I think its important before one gets to hung up on the details of how exactly such a grant would be implemented is to understand what such an income is necessary in not only the Country of Canada, but necessary globally as an Unconditional Income to every Man Women and Child on Earth, that extends from Birth to Death.

Now initially in the implementation stage, it may be more gradual than to just have this shift happen overnight. In fact, we are still only in the phase of talking about it in blogs and news articles which of course is also important to develop and expand our awareness on this subject so that it eventually becomes a Solution that can be understood by every voter in the country.

So lets start at the beginning. The Foundation.

Why is a Basic Income important?

Well, first of all, lets call it what it really is.

We do NOT need a ‘Basic’ Income Grant

We need a LIVING Income Grant.

The different between a basic income grant versus a Living income grant is similar to the difference between Minimum Wage, and a Living Wage when it comes to employment pay.

So perhaps we should then call our Grant a Fulfilling Human Potential Income Grant because that is really what a Basic Income Grant is about.

Its about redirecting our Ship that is humanity and the world system back into alignment with what we are really doing here on earth. Which is to Live to Our Fullest Potentials, and to create a world and a world system that facilitates this kind of Living Expression for every Man, Women, Child, Animal, Plant, and ultimately the Organism that is Planet Earth as a whole.

So this awareness of why a Basic Income is important as a viable, valid, and worthy policy is necessary in facilitating this kind of Income to one day become an expression of our System.

Because it is BEST for ALL Life.

A World that is Best for ALL Life will Function differently than our current system does.

In moving from our current economic systems into a Living Income System, we are in fact moving away from a profit driven system and shifting into an actual benevolent system designed to maximize human potential not human labor for profit as our current system does.

Now think about that.

Because this is important.

Look at this one single point of how our system is currently functioning.

It functions to leverage human labor to maximize profit, meaning where the expression of the human being is reduced into an equation where profit is the goal, the purpose of the human becomes to function in a way that best creates that profit, despite the fact that in doing this, the potential of that human is squandered, suppressed,  diminished, and never realized so that they become lifeless machines performing menial functions which in no way supports or nurtures their actual Utmost Potential as a Life Form.

So from my perspective it is necessary to understand the eventual goal of moving towards and into a Living Income Guaranteed System, which is to move away from a profit driven system that only squanders human potential, into a system that is designed around nurturing the utmost potential of All Human Beings and All Life Forms.

So its not simply a matter of “maybe a basic income is a way to go” It is much DEEPER than that. It is about LIFE, and why we are HERE on Earth, or why we are HERE Existing and Alive.

Id rather live and exist in a way where my potential as a living expression can be supported and realized.

Because I am very much curious to see what we are capable of as humans.

Obviously we got something wrong here when Killing Each Other (war) is the biggest business on earth. Oooops, try again.

Its Time to realize that there is more at stake than just ‘if’ a Living Income is economically viable or not.

Where there is a WILL there is a Way. So first we must develop our understanding on what a Living Income Guarantee is all about so that we can strengthen our WILL, then we WILL Find a Way to make it happen.


Please Visit the Living Income Guarantee Website to find out more –


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