A Complete Understanding of MONEY – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 713


Where does the money in your pocket come from?
Have you ever asked yourself that question.
It’s interesting that the mechanics of our economic system was not taught to us in school considering that this system governs everything about us and is the main platform upon which we operate our day to day lives. Yet it was never taught to us in school and was not part of our basic education.

The majority of the population doesn’t really question where money comes from or expects that they should even know this kind of information.

So I am here to challenge this notion and to put forward that each human being should have clear understanding of how the system that they live in and that provides for them their daily means actually works.

I was not taught to question my reality and to push for complete understanding.

I did develop some ability throughout my life to think for myself, to really investigate points and how they work, but I also accepted incomplete pictures as ‘good enough’ where I stopped short of really delving into the details and interworking of things.

Human beings have become conditioned to not ever really go to far beneath the surface, and the way things are heading, this ability to really understand how things work is becoming increasingly difficult because of the availability of entertainment where one will so easily get swept away by the current of their always updating facebook stream instead staying on point with the task at hand.

So The task at hand today is MONEY, the Money System, and our beliefs and understanding of this. Because what you will find if you start doing a little digging is you will start to see that our money system is not actually working in the way it could and that it is more designed to serve a minority of individuals than actually providing a stable system of exchange that benefits and nurtures all life on earth.

When I think of human evolution, creating a money system that nurtures all life on earth to express to its fullest potential is for me a step that we has humanity must take for ourselves. Right now our money system is intertwined with fear, with greed, with scarcity, with survival, with authority and so many other perceptions where the sum total of this is a money system that only waters 1 plant in every 1000, instead of providing ALL with the water it needs to thrive.

So one of the first steps is to start doing some research on where money comes and how the money system works.

One of the interesting things that I started finding out for myself as I investigated this point is that the money system has changed form numerous times throughout history where I previously thought that it was a kind of ‘set in stone’ thing that is always the same and cannot be challenged, like “it is just the way it is”, when that is not actually the case at all.
This is a great explanation of how our current money system works to get yourself started in the movement towards a money system that actually supports life instead of restricting it.


I will also suggest to visit the Living Income Guarantee website which is a group working together to offer alternatives and solutions for a new money system.


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