$$$ How Much is Enough $$$ – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 695


I recently read an article published by the CBC news about a homeless man in his 60’s who returned a briefcase he found that had 2000.00 dollars in it. After the event a fundraiser was started for him which raised 5000.00 to which the homeless man insisted on donating it as well as insisting to the police that all he wants is a job.

I could actually relate to this whole situation on a personal level. And it makes complete sense why the man would insist on having a job because $2000.00, even $5000.00 does not get you far in this world. A Job would actually be more of a permanent solution, where in all likelihood the 2 or 5 thousand dollars would be spent and gone and the man would still be in the same situation.

I sometimes forget about the importance of walking a process to understand something so that once you have walked that process you in fact understand every dimension of the thing you just walked and within that you are empowered in relation to that.

I will sometimes forget about this and just want some magic solution. Some big event to just “change everything” forgetting that REAL Change never just happens overnight but is the result of a consistent effort within a particular direction to where the results and the change is created step by step by step in awareness.

Sometimes I will catch myself thinking about some event taking place in my life where I suddenly get allot of money, and then, I think… “ but is that actually solution?” because I see the value in for instance really understanding how to generate money for instance so that if something were to happen to that magical paycheque that appeared in your bank account one day, that you would always be able to support yourself where its like that old saying, feed a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

Now even though this new article reminded me of this point within me, the dimensions at play with this homeless guy are a bit different. Essentially we are looking at a similar point in terms of the difference between a temporary and permanent solution where in this case the homeless man insists on having a job versus keeping the 5000.00$ raised for him where the Job would be more of a permanent solution.

This raises another interesting question about society at large and some of the new alternative economic reforms such as a Living Income Guaranteed or Basic Income Guaranteed which address this homeless mans predicament directly. With these new sustainable solutions a certain amount of money would be given out each year to every citizen on earth simply as a birth right and a human right to ensure that ALL human beings on earth have access to a dignified life starting with making sure their basic needs are met so that they for instance would never be left homeless without a job.

So the question is – How much money would be enough?

This homeless man obviously saw that 2000.00 would not be enough. And he also turned down 5000.00 insisting on a job instead. So how much is enough money per year to ensure a human beings basic needs are met. I would suggest this not be measured according to finding the least possible amount so that we could implement something like this and still keep it ‘affordable’. But rather to consider and implement a system like this based on finding an amount that would EMPOWER the individual. I mean that should be our goal as humanity and that should be the goal and purpose of governments….well, wait….maybe the role of governments is to simply execute the suggestions expressed by the many citizens to empower our civilization. After all governments should simply be an extension of the people, not some higher force that attempts to control the people while thinking they know what is best which seems like how governments work in todays day and age.

And so how much money would you say is enough to stand as a permanent solution with something like a Living Income Guarantee or a Basic Income Guaranteed?

And obviously with something like this we can also look at the other necessary components to empowering the human being, like for instance where education is made a human right as well and provided free.

Id suggest for more information regarding the comprehensive solutions such as LIG please visit their website here as well as you can listen to insightful interviews done on the LIG youtube page.


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