Chasing Money – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 406


Money Fears

So I just listened to the following interview – “Stuck – the Soul of Money” on Eqafe and I could really relate to some of the points being expalined so here I am going to write out some of the points I realized/could relate to that came up in the interview.

One of the points mentioned in the interview was how one often create a relationship of ‘desire’ and ‘resistance’ in relation to money within themselves/their lives. And in doing this one will end up desiring more money because they resist their current life where instead of actually focusing ones attention on practically becoming stable with what one have already, one rather ‘leave’ the resistance towards one’s life just how it is and go into a ‘desire for more money’ as the believed ‘solution’ to ‘fix one’s life’ or ‘make one’s life better’, and thus will end up going into a point of chasing money instead of realizing that the very starting point of this is in fact ‘resistance’ (towards ones current life). Now an interesting point mentioned in the interview is in relation to how when one finally get ‘more money’, that their experience is in fact the same because one did not learn to develop and cultivate a point of Stability within ones reality in relation to what is already practically here and so they end up in the same experience when what should have been done is that one should have been practically preparing oneself within ones relationship with money to ‘sort out’ the resistance(s) one accepted to and towards one life in where one learn to be practical and stable with what is here in terms of the money/lifestyle they DO have so that when/if more money comes they know how to live in that point of practicality and stability instead of only knowing that experience of “chasing money” due to the resistance existent within themselves towards their lives because then what one end up doing when they get more money is still existing in that same relationship they have accepted and allowed within themselves towards their life which is essentially ‘resistance’ and ‘instability’ – Ok for the FULL Explanation please see the interview on Eqafe.

Ok so that is brief overview.

I see/realize that I am doing this extensively in my life, meaning where Its like I am ALWAYS Chasing money but if I in fact stop and look within myself and my life, there is a prevailing dissatisfaction and resistance towards my life that I have not stopped and sorted out and corrected/aligned to a point of Stability, Satisfaction, and Contentness, but instead of doing this,  just went ahead and focused my attention on getting money accepting and allowing myself to believe that “when I get money my life will be better”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to spend each day chasing money, where I believe that when I get money, things will be better and things will be easier, where I have done this from the starting point of resisting my current life and so

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that I am in fact existing within a point of resistance towards my life which I realize cannot be solved or dissolved just by ‘getting more money’ but that I must in fact work on developing my Self Stability and Satisfaction and Contentness within my life within the money/budget/physical points I do have currently.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to direct myself according to RESISTANCE from the perspective of where I will align and manage my day by day living based on ‘trying to get money’ as the believed Solution to the resistance I experience towards life, not realizing or considering the point of actually Stabilizing myself within my life and life style in a practical effective way so that I am calm and directed in my day to day living because I am no more in resistance to and towards my life which thus then I am trying to escape or get away from which I try and do by acquiring money which end up as a ‘chasing money’ which generate actually allot of stress within myself where I just get burnt out chasing money in trying to escape from the resistance I created towards my life and here I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to stop and actually address and Resistance I created towards my current ‘money situation’ and life.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to assist and support myself to walk in Self Contentness towards my own life and focus on being more practical within my current money situation as a point of practically stabilizing myself in where I assist and support myself to let go/diffuse the resistance I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as/participate with towards my life/ all facets of my life which instead of looking at practically I just wanted to solve with money, by getting more money.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within resistance towards my life, not realizing that I am able to actually assist and support myself to change this experience of myself towards my life by through assisting and supporting myself to become practical and stable and content with what I do have within my life at the moment, and thus here stopping the point of accepting and allowing myself to go into and participate with and fuel DESIRES of a future life that will be apparently “so much better” a future life where “I have more money”.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to essentially do my best each day to Change my life but not seeing/realizing that I am doing this from the starting point of Resistance where its like I am trying to ‘get away from’ my life each day, like I am literally running and hiding from the life that I am currently living where I just place my attention and focus on ‘making money’ as the apparent point that will rescue me from my apparently terrible, difficult life that I resist, and so Here I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to miss the point of actually just stopping and working what is here and practicing creating Stability, Contentness and Satisfaction with what I do have in my life.

I realize that there is ALLOT more I can do within my current life to make it more practical in relation to money and to within this actually assist and support myself to establish a point of Stability within the budget I am on so that from here I am able to look at points of ‘making more money’ from a standing stone of clarity, stability and calmness, instead of where I do this from the starting point of allowing me to exist within my resistance towards the life that I have accepted and allowed myself to create where I have not yet practically established that point of Stability within my life in relation to my current money/life situation.

I realize MONEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM. I realize that I DO have enough money to produce a point of Stability in my life, through simply becoming more practical in terms of how I budget my life.

The other Key Point that the Interview when into is the point of PRACTICAL REALITY when it comes to how money really moves and what one must take into consideration when endeavoring in new projects to potentially generate more money.

So here the point illuminated was that “things do not happen overnight” but that to money takes time to accumulate and so that it is important to consider this when one is starting a new endeavor.

So here again I noticed how I was NOT taking this into practical consideration. I see that I was NOT taking this into consideration because I was too busy ‘Chasing Money’ which is also a “running from my current life/resistance towards my life” and so I was trying to force the point to just happen fast/right away instead of realizing the amount of Space and Time that must be in fact dedicated to a point before it become effective and established in this world/system. I see also that if I in fact worked with my resistances towards my life from the starting point of practically establishing Stability and Contentness with ‘what I do have’ then I actually would no more need to RUN from my life thus causing me to rush and in this rushing not practically seeing how things are really working in terms of what is actually required to for instance generate money within this physical reality in an effective, realistic manner, so in otherwords, I’d be much more patient and able to really take my time and in this creating conditions that would facilitate for instance more specificity and attention to detail.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to STOP! To Stop Chasing money in my reality. I see how this really actually makes me ineffective in the projects that I am doing because I am Rushing everything, where its like I am ‘just wanting the money here now fast right away’ I also see that I become exhausted and tired because I am running around like a maniac chasing money, which is in fact essentially the point of ‘trying to get away from the resistance that I created towards my own life’ And So I commit myself to assist and support myself to Establish a Practical Functionality as Stability within my life in relation to the Budget I now have along with the job I now have, the place I now live, the people I now interact with, the car I now drive, the opportunities I now have, the tools/resources I now have at my disposal, so that here I can create for myself an effective relationship with my money/my reality, to be an effective stable platform from which to move from in my endeavors in my life so that these endeavors are done within and as stability instead of where I will rush them trying to just get everything done like yesterday, which I see, realize, and understand is not at all practical and in fact just create more stress and resistance in the life that I have already created resistance towards.

And so I commit myself to assist and support myself to Align myself HERE in and as my Living to the starting point of establishing a practical Stability within my life utilizing what is Currently here and what I have at the moment and thus establishing stability within this so that I can here assist and support myself to develop a practical stable relationship within and as myself and my life in relation to money, so that no matter how much money I have or do not have I am able to exist within a point of Stability and Practicality within my Life.


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