Chasing Relationships – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 407

Desire For Relationship Character, Pencil and Pencil Crayon on Paper, 2005

This is an expansion from the previous blog – Chasing Money – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 406

I am going to continue on with the point I started opening up yesterday with regards to “Chasing Money”.


So today I got up and went to work. I was more stable within myself and also assisting and supporting myself to slow down and ‘smell the roses’ so to speak. What I mean here is that I was moving myself to just “look at what is here” and how I can practically stabilize what is here using the resources I currently have instead of looking at what is here and then going into the point of thinking “I need money to fix this” and then from there comes the anxiety and then I’m off to the races – lol.

Also another point that was coming through this morning was ‘patience’. This point was also mentioned in the interview I listened to last night in terms of patience being required within this world and also particularly in relation to money because “it takes time” to establish oneself in points where money is generated simply due to the way this physical reality functions/move and so thus the also our current money system.

I noticed how I was not being patient and just wanting things to happen quickly so today was like a re-focusing point, and so I was more just looking at putting in effective days at work and focusing on becoming more effective and stable in my job, instead of constantly thinking about or looking for “something better” , “there has to be a better way” –  and so here I more today just stopped this point and supported myself to be here in my job and realizing that really I have just started this job so it is important to not only be patient but to also Align myself to be focused on the job itself instead of accepting and allowing my mind to wander into “looking for something better”, “something more”.


Another facet of this point of “chasing money” that also came through as I have been looking at this point was seeing how I do the exact same thing  with money as I do with relationships. Where by I will go chasing relationships as that ultimate point of “making my life better” where “things will be better with a relationship” meanwhile ‘ignoring what is here’ and becoming stable within and as what is already here, and then from this stability as a foundation – moving into the point of relationship/agreement – the now doing it from a starting point of stability and not essentially resistance as the resistance I have created/projected unto myself/my life.

So the point is the same from the perspective that I will go chasing money or chasing a relationship due the resistance I experience towards myself / my life which is ultimately resistance that I have created in relation to “what is currently here” and so within the context of relationship/agreement – what is ‘currently here’ is ME! Is my Self Relationship which I realize I haven’t in fact stabilized yet, and that instead of seeing this, and directing and supporting myself to Stabilize and become effective with what is here as the relationship with myself, I will ignore this and look outside myself. I will then go searching and seeking and wanting and chasing relationships as a kind of compensation to “make my life better” to “fix my experience” instead of going to the SOURCE of this “experience” that I am wanting to fix, to escape, to hide from. And so here I see that a point I must support myself within is, STABILIZING myself within What is HERE already which within the context of relationships and agreements is ME, is My relationship and agreement with Self.


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