The Choice To Postpone The Inevitable – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 543

mind experience , dream, physical, breath, andrew gable art , desteni artist

Last night I had a dream where I had discovered what was a hidden world inside planet earth. It was basically an entire world or extension of planet earth that nobody knew was there or had discovered and so was untouched and yet to be inhabited. In the dream this planet was behind some doors underneath some building in the city.

In the dream I was quite enticed by this whole new world that was found because it was like now everything would be ‘ok’ because there was this entire resource or areas where we could go or where I could go and be safe from the dangers that were currently expanding and taking over in our current world.

When I woke up and looked at this point in the dream I actually experienced a point of relief that it wasn’t real and I can see that within this point of relief, that what I am implying is that I am accepting and allowing myself to exist within the condition that “I will only change through suffering and consequence”

So let me explain.
The new world in my dream represented a “do over” in a way, Like a safety zone where one could take refuge, from the catastrophe that we as humanity have created of our reality. And so it was like a place one could go to get away from what we have created. But within this also exist the point of where one would simply avoid taking responsibility for what we have created and instead of taking responsibility and facing the mess that we have created on earth and sorting it out, that one would rather just step into this new found ‘extension’ of reality and essentially doing nothing to stand and face our current reality which in a way has literally left absolutely no space for an individual to hide, to step away from the havoc of daily living.

In the dream which I see as an accurate reflection of our current reality, the destruction and suffering of earth had reached a critical saturation and it was relentless with no where to go, however when I discovered this door way to this untapped world it was like now I had somewhere to go, to get away from this mess. But within myself I saw that if I were to take that path, that doorway, that I would essentially be making the choice to just prolong the inevitable of actually standing and facing and sorting out the mess that we have created on earth, with ‘this mess’ also being reflection of who I am and the mess I have actually created within my own inner world as well.

Quite fascinating really. From a certain perspective this ‘mess’ that I have created within and as myself in terms of who I have accepted and allowed myself to become and thus also this mess that we as humanity have accepted and allowed ourselves to create as the mess that currently exist can actually act as a support to within facing it, and sorting it out, really learn about ourselves and learn how we have created such a mess to thus learn how to not do this again. To simply ‘excuse’ ourselves from the mess is in a way missing an opportunity to stand and so that is the point I saw in my dream last night. In the dream this ‘untapped newly discovered world’ was enticing yet at the same time I could see how if I were to go that route of going through that doorway into this new world instead of standing and remaining here to face what I had created, that I would in essence be postponing the inevitable where I would in a way be missing an opportunity to actually learn from my mistakes and thus then would have to go off into this new world, and simply create the same mess again so to thus inevitably learn and understand how to take responsibility for myself.
So when I woke up and I experienced that relief, I noticed an interesting implication. I was glad the doorway to this new world, this escape route, was no longer an option because now I had no choice but to face this mess that I have created. Though what this ‘relief’ was actually implying within me was that I would have actually taken that “escape route” and so indicating that I have not yet made a decision within myself to Stand and face myself and my reality no matter what because in this particular case the only thing stopping me from taking the escape route was the fact that I woke up and it wasn’t real. And so there was this awareness within me that I actually wanted to run and hide and not stand and face this reality. Yet at the same time I understand that this is not the way and so this entire dream brings up the point of who am I within my decision to stand and Take Responsibility for myself and this world when I am enticed to do otherwise.

What I realize is that one does not need to get to a point where there is no other option in order to finally stand up and take responsibility for themselves in their life which is what normally happens and is why so many hit ‘rock bottom’ before they decide to change. But that this change is something one can do at anytime and does not need to wait until there is no other option before one will change ones ways
I realize That my decision to stand cannot be contingent on the opportunities I have to indulge in my desires, wants, needs. Sure it might be easier to Stand and Take Responsibility for oneself if there is nothing else left in ones life that would entice them to do otherwise. But why must we wait for that.

This is particularly problematic for the elite who still have many luxuries at their disposal so why give this up to actually change ones Life to actually stand up and take responsibility for our creation that is well out of hand at this stage.

So thus within this, I see that this is a point I must work on for myself where I simply align myself and stand to be Stable and Firm and to not compromise this for opportunities to indulge in desire that might come up. I realize that the dedication to life and the bringing forth of a world that is best for all is far more substantial than temporary desires.


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