Our World System and Conditions of Consequence – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 542


The following is an excerpt from an Interview with Richard Wolffe on ‘Capitalism Runs Wild’

“Bankers do what this system goads them to do. If you talk to a banker he or she will explain to you – “these are the things that will advance the interest of my bank. These are the problems I have to overcome and that’s what I try and do”…And my understanding, and I have looked at this in great detail, is that that’s correct. They are following the rules, they do things that advance their interests and they avoid the things that would damage their interests. That’s what their hired to do as executives or as leaders of their institutions. That’s what they do to the best of their ability. So for example I am not enthused about arresting these people or punishing them in this or that way. And the reason is simple. If we get some banker and haul him up in front of a court and we find out that he has done some things that are not good. And so we substitute him for the next one, the next one is subject to the same rewards and punishments, the same inducements, the same conditions. If we don’t change the System, we are not going to change the behavior of the people within it. So in a sense, I do absolve them, even when they are greedy, because they are doing what this System is telling them to do.”

So this is quite a cool insight into the current functionality of our system in terms of illustrating how and why it is that we as individuals continue to make the decisions that is actually harmful to ourselves and others within this world. And how ultimately nothing is actually changing as a move to the betterment of life but in fact things are only getting worse.

Take for instance a thief. Now give that thief a nice paying job in something where they can really express themselves, contribute, and make a nice life for themselves. Now do you think they would remain a thief…or would have become a thief in the first place if they had access to this – No, they wouldn’t, often human beings are forced into circumstances where they are literally impelled into dangerous behaviors like stealing and violence because their very survival depends on it. Obviously there is various dimensions to this problem but I am here merely illustrating the role Money and the current money system plays in creating these conditions of consequence

I was born into this world and I was not really taught about how to have effective relationships with other human beings, or to give as I’d like to receive. Sure, my parents might have wanted to instill these principles within me but man that is difficult when the essence of society and culture is saturated with greed, with competition, with manipulation, with keeping secrets, with looking cool, with the idea that material goods and consumerism is something that will make you happy. Our entire society has a sickeness and this is reflected in how the system actually functions and in particular the money system.

How our current money system functions shows who we really are as HUMANITY – So it is important to take a close look here to see who we really have become.

-Paying for education and not just for 4 years, but for the rest of your life with student loan payments that become unmanageable in an economy with not enough good jobs available for every degree – this is in essence doing the reverse of what education is supposed to do – Thus getting a degree becomes a life long burden that is a weight on your shoulders under which you submit to acceptance of mediocrity instead of education being a system actually there to UPLIFT Individuals like its supposed to do.
-99 percent of the population acting as the engine for the elite who reap the benefits

– Natural Resources privatized with the money going to private interest groups who keep the billions for themselves while the millions of people struggle in poverty and lack of education.

– Working class individuals working grueling 40 to 60 hour work weeks struggling to make ends meet and support a family paying more taxes than billion dollar corporations

So our current System, which is an Economic System must be re-designed to Support ALL individuals on earth. At the moment it only support a tiny fraction. The Economic System has changed and is always changing and so thus it is changeable through a systemic process done within the rules of the law.

So this is process ahead. To create a management system on earth that actually supports ALL Life as ALL individuals and that does not destroy the planet which it is currently doing in the name of profit.

At the Equal Life Foundation we propose a ‘Living Income Guarantee’. A process where by all individuals of a country and so the world is supported from birth to death with an Unconditional Income to provide the basis of a dignified life. To create an environment where “FEAR” does not enter into the equation from the perspective where you have at the moment every individual existing within a point of FEAR of having no money and of essentially dying or suffering because of this. And so thus the Purpose here is to establish a social security system for ALL Life. Not something that merely keep the individual trapped in a state of fear and survival treading water until their next small does of money as a weekly ration like how it exist now. Rather we want to UPLIFT ALL BEINGS and Truly place all life within an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STARTING POINT. That does not exist currently. Currently ones LIFE is based on a stroke of luck in terms of being lucky enough to be born into a position where you have access to money. So, it is time to come together as Humanity and stopGambling with our lives like a casino where “if we are lucky” we might strike it rich and be born into wealth, but as you all know, most lose in the game of gambling and so as such most are losing in the Casino Game of Life. So with the “Living Income Guarantee” Proposal, we propose Stability, we propose Certainty, based on a System that provides equal support to ALL individuals on earth no matter who you are or where you are born – for more information please join the cause and research “Living Income Guarantee” as proposed by the Equal Life Foundation.

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