Punctuality Test – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 544


Today I had an interview for job and during the interview process, I received a question that revealed a point within myself that I see is something that I would like to work on.

So the question that was asked was…

“Are you punctual”……and immediately I felt good about myself because being punctual is one of those things that I have always been effective within in relation to getting to locations and places on time….but then the interviewer finished the question….(Are you punctual)  “in relation to finishing assignments and getting projects and tasks done on time?”

I answered the question but I could see that I could not immediately answer YES to the question with confidence. And so what was revealed is that, I am actually not yet standing within a point of being punctual in terms of getting tasks in on time within specific time frames where that this is something that I have established within myself within a point of absolute certainty.

And so I also saw that this is a point that I can actually support myself with within my life so to become more effective within my life because I see that to actually walk and live this point of being punctual within completing projects and tasks on time within allotted time frames will actually be a cool support within my daily living in terms of living to my utmost potential, particularly within a system that lives and dies

One of the primary frames of reference that I see I accessed when looking at this question and thus was the reason why I could not answer this question with a ‘Stable Yes’ was my participation with Desteni during this last year or 2 with the various tasks and assignments that I have taken on myself to do, particularly with my DIP assignments where what I see is that I have in fact allowed myself to procrastinate where I stopped adhering to the deadlines that was suggested in terms of completing such tasks and assignments which ended up with me moving more into a point of accepted procrastination and so therefore when this question was asked to me today of “are you punctual in getting tasks /projects completed by deadlines?” I hesitated and could not actually say Yes.

So this is a point I see I am able to support myself with within my life to develop this as a stable point within myself as I see that this is an important skill in terms of functioning within a system that is designed within the context of deadlines and duedates.

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