Forgetting To SEE MYSELF in my Passions – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 819


I thought I would take a moment and sit down here to do some writing and share what I have been up to lately. I have recently started putting more time towards developing some acrylic paintings. Most or much of my focus these days goes towards developing my art business. So a big point for me that I have been walking for some time is the relationship between Art and Money. But this could also be understood as the relationship between ones passions and making money with ones passions. I am not sure how rare my situation is but I decided that I would pursue creating and selling art, essentially my passion, as how I would make my primary income and it has been an interesting journey. For the first 10 years after I graduated art school and begun pursuing my passion of creating art and turning that into my career, I never really sold much art and just found other ways to make money. My approach back then was simply to create art and frankly I never made art to sell. In fact I believed that if I was making art to sell then I would be a Sell Out and so I steered clear of that and went for a kind of purity (or so I believed) of just expressing myself and not bothering to worry about if it sold or not, though, I actually did want it to sell and I did want to make money off of it. Although during that time, even though I wasn’t really creating art with the mindset of making it to sell, I did still have external influences from the perspective of I did want other people to like what I was doing, they didn’t have to buy it, they just had to like it. But that is whole other point for a different blog.

After a time away from doing art as my primary focus I got back into it about 4 or 5 years ago and this time I ended up in a situation where I was making it and selling it and surviving off of it. Though the art I was making you could say was more geared towards a particular market or aesthetic preference that wasn’t necessarily my personal preference. And this has been quite a challenge for me to essentially take a subject or style that is not necessarily ‘my preference’ and then to find myself in it, to, Make it My Own so to speak.

I will also add here that “My Preference” is definitely something I am still getting to know and so am willing to do things that I believe are not my preference to actually investigate them deeply and see if I can connect to it on some level because honestly “my preference” I realize has been greatly influenced, directed, impulsed by my culture, parents, peers, society, ect, so I have am definitely willing to challenge “my preference” and to make actually walk that process of really understanding what it means to get to know Myself on a deep level and understand what I do really personally like and enjoy and make sure this  is not just something that someone told me I like or I thought I was supposed to like it because everyone else did. Okay back to my point…

Over time and more so lately I have begun putting more time into painting and developing this more marketable line of work. And the question I have been walking and attempting to find the balance within is, that line between creating art to sell, that is marketable, and creating art for me where I can add my personal touch and take the art in directions that is more about my personal self expression and making sure that in the end the artwork contains depth and substance, than just making something to sell.

Okay going to add some Self Forgiveness Here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear what other people will think about me if I create art that is marketable.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not consider that one can make marketable art that still has depth, substance, and quality.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be distracted or dissuaded by my fears in a way where I don’t give myself the opportunity to test the theory of creating art that is marketable but also still has ME and My personal touch on it where I can create the depth, quality, and substance that I would like to.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to develop a style that is both marketable as well as having substance, quality, and depth to it so I can be proud and happy with the work I create.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define myself as a sell-out if I create art that is marketable.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to allow my fears to get the best of me where I will stop before even giving myself the chance to explore various ways of creating the Depth that I would like into my art while at the same time having it be something marketable and sellable.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to go into EGO within thinking “I am too good” to make art that sells, meaning where I essentially believe and have also judged others as “Just making art to sell” and believing that this compromises the artistic integrity within the art.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want my art to be good and fear diluting it through its relationship with money, but then not take this point BACK TO SELF and consider how HOW I LIVE and WHO I AM in my daily life within and without is for instance compromised by money or ultimately where I am actually compromising Myself and my own Quality and Substance by allowing myself to live in ways that is not best for me, but then divert my attention off of myself and just obsess about my art when the Real point here Should be about WHO I AM for real in real life because Who I am is what really matters.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear other people knowing that I am making art that is marketable because I fear they will lose respect for me and they will stop respecting the art I make.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that people think I am selling out.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear what other people think about me when what other people think about me is Not who I actually am, and who I actually am is what really matters and that is something that I Live and Walk and Express day by day and I am essentially the Gatekeeper of Who I am and am Responsible for who I am and must answer to myself with regards to what I accept and allow of and as myself and so I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget that Who I am and How I live moment to moment is really What Matters in this world

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to get caught up in the surface dimension of worrying what other people think about my art and if they think I am selling out when this is like an irrational fear that is actually removed from who I am and what I live in real physical substance day to day and moment to moment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to influenced and directed by fear energy and anxiety energy in relation to what I thought or think people think about my art.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to focus too much on what my art looks like where it becomes a form of obsession where in I forget about ME and Taking Care of Myself and Working on points within myself to assist and support me to become and live to my utmost potential.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to obsess over my art and if other people will like it, and end up neglecting Myself and Working with myself in a process of Self Creation to become a Self that I am Satisfied and Happy with.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ignore working on my inner reality through regular Self Writing and Self Forgiveness as a point of actually supporting myself to Correct, Change, and Transform those parts of myself that I see are not what they could be or are supporting me within my utmost potential. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget to work on these aspects of self, and just focus all of my attention outside of myself into my art, and art business.

I commit myself to LIVE HERE, and to when and as I see myself going into that dimension of obsessing about what others might think about my art, to stop and take and in breath, and within the exhale, I slow myself down and bring myself back to the moment and back to here and realize that what Really Matters is WHO I AM and that when I start worrying about what other people think about my art and how that reflects on me, I realize that here I am actually OFF POINT and so I bring myself back to THEE POINT which is ME and Self and Who I am within myself and How I am LIVING moment to moment and I commit myself to assist and support myself to place my attention HERE onto me and to assist and support myself to work on Myself and What Really Matters which is Who I am in each and every moment, So that I can stand and face myself and look myself in the Eye, and know that I am Living my Best Self and be actually truly Satisfied and Content with myself, and Love Myself.

Okay so the point that is actually coming through here, which I was thinking that this blog would be about anyways, is not so much about the relationship between ones passions and making money with ones passions, but rather when ones Passions become more important than SELF. Because I have been noticing this with myself lately where although I have been investing more time into my art which is cool, though, I have in a slight way have been neglecting the most important point which is ME and just working with myself on that Inner Deep level in a way where I am supporting ME within my Process of Personal Self Creation and Transformation and basically just working on WHO I AM in each and every breath.


Showing Up! – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 809


Winter Tusk Clouds Sunrise Snowy Trees DavidMcColm

In my last blog I began opening up the point of ‘Motivation’ which was prompted when a co-worker of mine expressed his gratitude towards the motivation he saw within me over the past 4 years as I have been developing a body of stone sculptures.

What is interesting is that I feel in a lot of ways that I have actually struggled with motivation at times.

In fact if I look back over the past 4 years I see many times where I really struggled to stay consistent with going to work each day to develop and create my artwork.

But I have stuck with it and continue to develop my consistency within showing up to work to create sculptures because they surely do not carve themselves. I mean, the art and creativity stuff is actually the easy part. The difficult part is SHOWING UP.

In my last blog I listed a few principles that I have utilized to support me in developing my sculptures over the past four years.

  • Accumulation Affect 1+1+1+1
  • The principle of Whats Best For ALL
  • Self Direction
  • Self Forgiveness
  • Self Honesty
  • Bringing ALL points back to self
  • Self Responsibility (never blame anyone or anything)
  • Breath (one breath at a time)
  • Live In the Physical
  • Don’t Compare
  • Do what you must and within that create what you would like it to be
  • Lead by Example
  • Live to your utmost potential
  • Personal Process First
  • Do unto others what you would like done unto you
  • Be Solution Oriented
  • Consistency


Okay so in this blog I am going to expand some on the first principle: “Accumulation Affect 1+1+1+1”

This principle was introduced to me almost a decade ago. It is similar to that saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and I have utilized this principle in many things in my life and also within the development of my art.

For me I see this principle as embodying a simplicity. It literally meant for me to just SHOW UP!

For the last four years I have been developing a collection of stone sculptures which I sell. Now my approach was to keep it simple and just show up to work each work day. There were a lot of days where I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and go and carve, but I did. And there were also a lot of days where I didn’t want to get out of bed to carve, and I didn’t….but then eventually did and got myself to work. There were also days where it was easy to get up and I looked forward to it, and there were also days where I just didn’t go. So perhaps my co-worker observed some form of Motivation in my process that I have been working on of getting up in the mornings and going to work and being consistent with that. Learning to go and work even though I might not feel like it, essentially focusing on the Principle of the matter rather than my experience which often would shift once I got to work where suddenly it really wasn’t so bad as I initially experienced to be

The Accumulation affect is how one creates something where if one does a little bit each day then eventually it accumulates into a bigger point. And so with this AWARENESS I have had of this principle, I have utilized it as a guideline when approaching this whole process I have walked with developing stone sculptures. I just kept it simple and each day I carved, would be time that I would be putting into the creation of these sculptures, and so I just walked one day at a time, one sculptures at a time and continue to utilize this accumulation affect within this point.

This affect also goes hand in hand with CONSISTENCY which I have at times expressed as “The most powerful force of all!” It’s nothing fancy, it’s just Consistency, one day at a time, one breath at a time. Brick by brick.

I began developing this tool of consistency actually within my Journey To Life Blogs. I had actually began before that, but this particular process I have walked with this blog has been a commitment of consistency and learning how to and developing my ability to be consistent. So Consistency is definitely a PILLAR of ‘Motivation’ so to speak.

Now its interesting that my co-worker perceived me as ‘motivated’ I guess my motivation is that within my art I always want to SEE WHATS POSSIBLE and so I move myself to create it and see what Is possible within my creation. And then so the Accumulation Affect and Consistency are more the Practical ‘how-to’ and LIVING of Motivation. But I do see an underlying curiosity within myself of wanting to see what I am capable of and see what my utmost potential is, not just in my art but in MYSELF and My LIFE. I have been fortunate in my life to meet some great examples of human potential that has been a guiding inspiration and motivation for me. And having the Desteni Process has really been an incredible TOOL for me to be able to understand how to and what it means to live to my utmost potential as Life and understanding all the various dimensions of this process of creating myself to be my Utmost Potential.


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Reaching a Boiling Point and Lashing Out – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 804


Today my partner and I had a ‘cleaning  day’ where we spent about 6 hours doing a deep clean of our apartment. It was something that was definitely ready to be done and now after its done I am quite grateful for the clean space, however I  have noticed today  throughout the day that I was easily becoming irritated with my partner, who for the most part seemed her normal self.

I could tell that within myself that there was something going on, meaning where I already felt a bit ‘low’ and kind of already in an experience of frustration that was taking place within me since I got up and so I saw how this presence that I was already in started coming up during the cleaning process with my partner where I began reacting in irritation towards her.

I also noticed this irritation experience coming up yesterday also, and so see this point as entirely Self Created where this experience was already coming out in relation to just the basic tasks and activities I was participating in within my day where I would just get so frustrated and impatient and angry at what ever it was I was doing. So this ‘high-strung’ experience was definitely obvious and prominent within myself.

Despite knowing that I was already experiencing this point within me, I still tended to allow myself to blame my irritation on things my partner would do or say today, even though I had already noticed this experience within me the day before where I was reacting to the smallest of things.

So I see the point for me to practice here is to in fact Stop accepting and allowing myself to take experiences that I have clearly identified and understood as originating within myself and stop allowing myself to blame my partner for this, because this is what I essentially did.

It was like, I saw the experience within me, and already noticed my tendency to react quickly in irritation to whatever it was I was doing, so I knew my partner had nothing to do with it and so also here within me was an awareness to not allow myself to react to my partner and yet, what did I do? I reacted to my partner and  allowed this point of blame to step forth within me and to let out my experience as a reaction unto my partner when what I should have really been allowing to step forth is my point of Self Responsibility, taking Responsibility for myself and supporting myself to release this experience through directive means, instead of allowing those moments where I just went ahead and blamed my partner.

It was  interesting because I felt a bit powerless, and hopeless, and helpless in relation to this experience, like it was so prominent that “I couldn’t help myself” and at times I just allowed the irritation to boil over and come out in my words and tonality instead of finding ways to release it on my own through breathing, and stabilizing myself and NOT allowing myself to VENT my reactions but rather to pause in those moments, Breathe, and release that irritation energy on my own, or even to have addressed it more directly when I noticed it the day before, instead of just allowing it to percolate.

So this is something I can work on moving forwards where I can practice Directing Myself to release my experience without VENTING or Reacting in how I act or speak towards others where the energy experience I experience within me comes out as reactive words or behaviors. So this is something here for me to work on and to Rather than live the word VENTING and Reacting and  essentially giving up on my ability to direct myself, and can practice living such words as Self Direction, Self Responsibility, Stabilizing, and Persistence in where I stand persistent in my application of not allowing myself to vent my experience every time it comes up instead of stopping once or twice and then allowing myself to vent after that, so here I can practice Stepping Up and releasing the experiences that I have created within myself without allowing them to end up in reactions that have consequences not only on my own life but others lives as well. So yes, a Key here I see I can apply for myself is PERSISTENCE as being  Persistent  and Consistent in DIRECTING myself and my experience each and every time it comes up, remembering to in that moment of where I want to react, to stop, and just breath and stabilize myself and not allow a reaction or energy to DIRECT me.

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PROGRESSION: Feedback on Living a Word – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 791


In this blog I thought I would do an update on my progress of Living the word ‘Progression’. So updating my Progress on Progress.

So when I first started opening up this word ‘Progression’ I started with looking at it more externally from the perspective of completing more tasks and projects and just overall being more consistent with moving the projects I have going on.

Then after a day of practicing this, I ended up experiencing some late night anxiety in relation to “not getting everything done” that I wanted to. Although what I see about this is that this experience was also in part to the consequence I created within my own life where I didn’t effectively LIVE this word “Progression” in the past and so all the tasks and projects just started building up. However I did have this late night anxiety experience come up in relation to “not having enough time to do everything, and so I thought “okay I maybe re-defined this word incorrectly” And so from there I more started looking at some internal aspects of how I could go about Living the word ‘Progression’ where I can also include this process of being able to “Let Go” when the evening is over, knowing I did what I could and now time is simply up until the next day.

I have now realized also that my initial Re-Definition of this word “Progression” was valid and still something I can work on which I have been doing.

So I have been practicing Living this word in simply by cutting back on “time wasted” and pushing myself to be more Directive with my Time in actually moving myself to work on the projects and tasks I have to do at the moment instead of allowing myself to linger on the computer in between tasks where that lingering actually turns into an entire event that ends up wasting time.

Another word which came up as I have been walking ‘Progression’ is the word ‘Consistency’ where these 2 make a nice marriage of sorts.

So I have just been focusing on moving myself throughout my day and cutting back on down/linger time. So this initial approach to each day has been a newerish placement for myself where before I began Living this word progression, I didn’t have as much purpose within my day where at the end of the evening I would be more likely to just trail off into the abyss of distraction. So that is one dimension I can note within walking this process of re-defining and living this word progression, that within myself there is a slight-bit-more Purpose within me throughout my day!

I have also been reading and enjoying this book called 10x by entrepreneur Grant Cardone. I came across Grant Cardone a few years back and initially I resisted his approach to things, because he was quite aggressive and ‘over the top’ and I though to myself “this guy is running off of energy and is going to crash” but through the years I would keep checking in on this guy and he is seemingly still functioning on the ‘Level’ of intensity that initially was abrasive to me. And so now as I have followed him through the years, his INTENSITY is actually something that I find intriguing. So I have been enjoying his book and I find reading it makes me want to get off my ass and push myself.

So with reading his book, my aim is to develop my own intensity from the perspective of “Living with Passion” you could say. So yes, reading this book and seeing how another approaches “getting projects done” is another way that I have been assisting myself in developing and Living my own Expression of the word ‘Progression’. Essentially here using the book to ‘learn from others’

Okay so I see that there is still a lot I can explore with this word so that it becomes something that is more A PART OF ME and A Part of WHO I AM.

Going to end tonights blog with a bit of word deconstruction


Pro Gression














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Are You Satisfied With YourSelf? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 783



Today I was looking at the word “Sedation” and how this word is currently existing within my own life in terms of how and when I see myself actually Living-out this word as going into, or participating with/within my reality in a way where I manifest this outcome of “Sedation”. Writing a blog, is Not an activity perpetuating this word “Sedation” within myself/my behavior/my life. Writing a blog is Self Directive and requires attention and self movement. In a way “Sedation” begins first as Distraction, and then you follow the distraction and become pre-occupied, and then snap yourself back to HERE, but then notice another distraction and then follow that, and I have noticed that if I do this enough times, I start to become comfortable in that distraction state, and then from there in going deeper into the distraction ends up as a kind of Sedation.

So Why does one have this tendency to not only want to distract oneself but actually move into this Deeper Sedation Experience.

Okay, now here I am noticing the MIND coming in.

The Judgements, the backchats in relation to how I have existed in this word Sedation in my own life.

One of the Judgements/Reactions is Fear. Fear that I will never get out. And that I will allow behaviors that are not bringing the best out of me and essentially Living a Fulfilling Life.

Because the ultimate question is simply – Am I Satisfied with myself?

And here I am not talking about where you are only satisfied with yourself if you are like the CEO of some multimillionaire company or president or like some super human achiever in this world. I am talking about a more Simple Satisfaction. Like Satisfied with your Day, that you worked on the things you wanted to, that you made your mistakes and forgave them…because I do see that “being satisfied” could still exist within a point of also having made mistakes, or making mistakes. Its a possibility.

So If I ask myself this question and the answer is No, I can look at my reality and look at the parts of my reality that contributed to this answer, because I do see here that this will encompass those parts of yourself that you are kind of on the fence about. Those parts of yourself that you Tell yourself you are okay with or that you can ‘manage’ but ultimately when you ask yourself “Am I Satisfied With Myself” those ‘on the fence’ parts of you or those parts of yourself that you have been tolerating and thinking “you can live with” will come up. At least that is something that I am noticing right now. So this can be a cool marker of what to cut out and what to keep.

So perhaps this would be a cool benchmark question to ask yourself a few times a day. Or once in the middle and then once in the evening to sort of give you some feedback within yourself of what of you really Do want to change about yourself  and no more just want to continue tolerating and allowing and just not finding that deeper reason to see that change through. Because that is something I have struggled with definitely. I will decide to change something about myself, but then after a while I forget my reason of why I wanted to change that point and then I will stop the whole change process – Though I do see this point of Being Satisfied with Self as a Cool Marker for what to leave and what to change where this point of Being Satisfied With Self can be that Deeper Reason, because I do see this as something that would be cool. To be really Truly Deeply Satisfied with Yourself through and through.

My INNER Standing Rock – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 780



My Standing Rock

The protests in Standing Rock have been making the news a lot lately. I thought it would be interesting to do some Self Reflection on this point and bring the events of Standing Rock “Back to Self”

That is why I called this blog “My Standing Rock” because here I will investigate the nature of what is going on in Standing Rock and then look within myself to see where and how I am existing within myself within the same nature as the events happening in Standing Rock.

What I have noticed about this world is that there is a lot of protests happening all over the place for various things, though I also noticed that one point that is being missed often is that the very thing that is being protested is actually something that the protesters themselves participate within and exist as, yet they go out marching in protest of such things and forget that they also participate in the very same things.

So lets look at Standing Rock.

It’s a Native Reserve and they are protesting because there is a pipeline being built underground very close the river and they are wanting to stop the pipeline to ensure the protection of the water source that could be affected if there were ever to be a leak in the pipeline. I mean that is very basics of what is going on.

So the question for me is, is there a part of myself that I segregate inside myself and essentially trample over in the process of feeding another part of myself.

I see I do this with certain parts of my life, where I cater more to my strengths and sometimes neglect my weaknesses instead of making sure that I develop all essential parts of my self equally to become a well rounded individual.

Interestingly the first thing though that came up for me was “my body”. My Body is the part of me that I actually neglect and ignore while in the process of striving to feed another part of myself – My Mind feeding the indulgences, desires, and interests of what is going on in my mind.

I am certain I have laid many pipelines within myself to streamline the experience of my mind  while in the meantime forgetting about the affects this has on my physical body. For more information about how this works, I suggest to investigate The School of Ultimate Living (SOUL) to understand this mind-body-relationship.

Now the whole point of protesting is interesting. I find for me I go into Protesting instead of taking action. Like Protesting happens only after its already too late. So its like a façade and actually behind the Protesting there is actually Procrastination as the multiple actions in the past NOT taken to change the situation where now when the consequence starts manifesting, one goes into protesting.

I noticed I do this with my art sometimes where I end up in experiences of frustration where it feels like “I don’t have any time to do any art” and I get frustrated because of being busy and not having enough extra time to develop my art which I have been wanting to do, and then I will Protest, like going into emotions and frustrations and blame, though, if I am Self Honest, I see that I could have actually done something earlier,  and directed myself to create art in moments where I did have the time, and that my protests are only covering up the fact that I didn’t direct myself earlier.

That is one aspect at least. So here I see that one Solution for my situation to avoid protesting is to take action now, within the realization that if I do nothing, then I risk ending up in a situation where I did nothing but wish I had done something. Another dimension of this Solution is that when I see myself going into an Inner Protest to realize that this is a Red-Flag and indicating that I must now look back at my life and look at where I didn’t move myself when I could have and then the move myself to correct myself so that I do not allow it happen again.

Protests are in a way a point of Disempowerment actually, and so the point is to move from Disempowerment into Self Responsibility through where instead of going into protesting, one rather take the opportunity to Stand in Self Responsibility, realizing that I am Responsible and look back and see where Self Could Have Done Something Different or acted differently to not have participated in creating the consequences in ones life and then Directing Self to Change so as to not do it again.

So here I am speaking directly about how I experience and see PROTESTING taking place within ME.

I am not really here to say if the Standing Rock Protests are right or wrong, I am more investigating how I can support myself to live more effectively within the context of creating a world that is Best for ALL, and so part of this process is Bringing All points back to SELF and Seeing this world as a Reflection of who we are on the inside and then working to change how we personally function within ourselves like in the case above where I talked about my inner experience of protesting and how to change this to Self Responsibility.

So those are some Self Reflections on the Standing Rock Situation.

Introducing New Words into Art and Self Creation – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 752


The other day I was admiring some artwork by one of my favorite life painters (John Singer Sargent) and I wondered to myself if this artist had ever written anything about his techniques of how to paint as surely I could learn something from this.

I ended up finding an article put together by someone about this artist and the accounts by his pupils that had the opportunity to learn from him. There wasn’t so much direct written words by the artist but rather accounts recalled by these students of what the artist taught them. The article also drew from a few various other references to comprise this commentary about the artists techniques, style, and approach to painting.

In my life right now, I have been practicing and developing my own ability, and understanding of what it means to Live Words as a process of Personal Self Creation. And I was also recently looking at this specifically in relation to how I go about creating and developing my artwork.

Now with my landscape paintings, one word that I have been practicing for the past 3 years is the word ‘value’. The context I am describing the word ‘value’ here is specifically related to color theory where ‘value’ is referring to dark and light.

But the interesting thing I noticed is that everyday I go out to do a painting, this word ‘value’ is at the fore of my attention and is what I am working with and practicing as I construct my painting.

And it has been the primary word for the past 2 or 3 years.

So after reading the abovementioned article, I took away a few words and points that I could now introduce the next time I went painting.

The words were


Thicker paint

Blending lines

Each one of these words/phrases were defined in the article in more detail/description so I had an idea how I would go about implementing them into my painting.

So I went out painting soon after and I began to introduce some of these words into my painting.

The first painting I did after reading the article had some new dimensions emerging in it which I could visibly see, meaning where the painting actually looked different from my previous paintings.

Then earlier today I went out and began another painting and I was surprised with the results of implementing these new words/phrases into my expression.

For me it was eye opening to see how reading a simple article on painting and then taking some of that information and “Living It” within the context of implementing it into the painting could have such a drastic affect.

I cannot recall ever learning that way even though I read quite a lot in art school about various different artists and techniques.

So I just thought this was a cool dimension of the “Living Words” process of Self Creation that I have been developing for myself these past few months.

Now another interesting questions that comes up here is how else can I live these words? Meaning, not where it is applied and Lived only in my painting but also in my life and myself.

With my painting, I had practiced living primarily one single word only over and over and over for nearly 3 years. And my paintings slowly progressed. Then suddenly I introduced more words into the process, and suddenly the paintings became more dynamic and took on new dimensions and had a new kind of life to them.

So perhaps this is the lesson to take away from this with regards to my own process of Self Creation through Living Words.

The lesson that if I never introduce any new words to Live and Become and practice Expressing as myself in my day to day life. That I will just always be the same, and in a way become stagnant. But within introducing new words, suddenly there is more life, more expression, more dynamics.

So here I can take the lesson I learned with my paintings and apply it to myself and my life and remember to introduce new Words into and as my process of Living Words/Self Creation as a point of developing and expanding and not just getting stuck living the same words over and over again.


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