Using Self Forgiveness to See and Understand Me – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 820


Today when I woke up I experienced a resistance to getting out of bed mixed with a depression energy. I decided that I would speak some Self Forgiveness on my drive to work and see if I could open up within me what this experience was all about as it has become something of a familiar experience recently in the mornings, particularly when I work.

Initially when I started speaking Self Forgiveness I wasn’t really seeing anything specific and the Self Forgiveness seemed routine and the same ol’ points. However I decided to continue speaking the self forgiveness and after a few minutes I started hitting on points that were more specific and I began seeing and understanding my experience, or at least understanding the point that I was seeing in that moment about my relationship to my own inner experiences and my relationship to my work.

One of the main dimensions that I was seeing within me in relation to my work was that I was stuck in a kind of perpetual blame cycle towards my job where I had at some point decided that “it was my jobs fault” that “its my job that is causing and creating my experience”, “it was my jobs fault that my life is the way it is”

So within the Self Forgiveness I came to understand that I was making my job “more than” me, blaming my job for my current experience and so me not Standing as THEE point within myself as the Source of who I am and my experiences, rather I was in a point of allowing myself to say that it was my job that was the main thing, that “I” was doing everything right and nothing wrong and  that it was my job that was causing and creating my experience, and if my job would just change or be different, then I could go back to an experience that I would prefer, in other words, I was effectively disempowering myself.

So yes, totally giving my power and my responsibility away to this external point within my reality. So the speaking of Self Forgiveness really supported me to see what I have been accepting and allowing of myself in relation to this aspect of my job and I also saw that, how could I reap the fruits that I desire or want from my job if I am constantly blaming and judging and angry towards my job?

That is like having a child and wanting to have a deep, fun, and enjoyable relationship with the child but then raising that child through blaming it, judging it, criticizing it, being angry at it, ect… eventually you are going to create a resentment within the child towards you so in essence,

How can I create the success I am wanting with my job if I am in direct conflict with the very thing I am wanting to support this end. It’s a contradiction. So this was an interesting dynamic to see in the my relationship with my job and realizing here that It’s up to ME to establish a more effective supportive relationship with this particular part of my job that I was in conflict with, beginning with stopping that relationship where I was giving all my power away through blame, by saying “its your fault” so rather, now accepting, and realizing, I am the ONE, I am the SOURCE of my experience and I am the SOURCE of the relationship I create towards, with, as my job and so I must start working with my experience, like that experience I have of resistance and depression in the mornings that I seem to wake up with where for instance if I see this experience coming up again, I know that its connected to and based on the points of blame and abdication of my Self Responsibility in relation to my job and so can support myself to change this through for example, speaking some self forgiveness  and correct myself in those moments and Direct Myself to Stand as the  SOLE Creator of experience and so 100% responsible for them and my relationships that exist as me within my life.

So now going forwards after seeing this today, I am now going to practice identifying that ‘blame signature’ of this particular experience that has been coming through lately so that I can make sure to ALIGN myself according to Supporting myself and Standing as SELF RESPONSIBLE for Myself and my Experience and my Relationship to my Job so that  I can stop and change this experience and see how I can support myself to change my relationship to/within my job so that it is Supportive!


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Expanding Your Supply of Solutions – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 805


So lately I have been walking this point of ordering more supplies for my business which allows everything to continue to flow normally. But there is a delay on the supplies arriving which isn’t the first time this has happened with some of the suppliers I work with. So when and as this is happening I have been firstly practicing not allowing myself to go into a reaction towards the particular suppliers and essentially start demanding that my supplies arrive in a reasonable time-frame. There are moments where I see these reactions coming up within me, but I continue to support myself to not act out of these reactions.

So one dimension of this that is coming up now as I write, is the questions of “Where do I do the same thing” Where do I procrastinate with certain projects, tasks, and points that not only affect me but affect others as well, because I can see that I still do allow procrastination in my own life, and so this is a cool Starting Point for me to create a Solution for these outflows that I am walking now where my supplies seems to be arriving late which has been a pattern now for about a year.

For instance, I could actually just order my supplies doubly early. If I have identified a pattern of the movement of certain supplies, then I could make sure that I am keenly on top of it, and essentially doing what is within my power to Ensure that I am always stocked on supplies.

I also noticed that I can also branch out and reach out to other suppliers who could provide a supplemental support for when I need certain supplies within a specific time-frame. This is something that I haven’t yet done.

Because if a few months down the road I am in the same boat, it is obvious that it has nothing to do with the suppliers but rather my lack of action to find solutions to the point.

So here is a good example of how its so easy to blame others for our experiences and problems where we do this without getting to the point of doing everything in our power to Take Responsibility for Our Own lives to the best of our ability.

So this is has definitely been a Key for me in the Process that I have walked with Desteni over the years where I have been supported to and have since began to bring points back to myself and look at where and how I can support me to find Solutions and Take Responsibility for my life instead of just going into blaming someone else. This has actually had quite a massive impact on my life because here even in this situation with my suppliers, this could have easily in the past ended up with me just going into blame and so not bringing the point back to myself which is a missed opportunity for self expansion because in bringing the points back to myself I am actually EXPANDING myself through looking at WHAT I CAN DO for myself and for others in terms of Living Solutions and trying out new things or changing my own tendencies and patterns to be overall more supportive.

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Life Doesn’t Move in a Perfectly Straight Line – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 802



Today at the end of the day at work today, I decided that I was far enough along in my stone sculpture that I wanted to get a good look at the coloration of the stone and what it would look like when it was finished.

So I retrieved some water and poured it over the stone which for a moment enhances the color of the stone until it drys again. Right away I noticed a marking that ran along the sculpture in a certain way and I started to react.

The reaction was strong.

I was frustrated, angry, and enraged at this marking on the sculpture. This is not the first time I have actually had this experience in relation to a piece that I am working on where I start noticing that the natural markings and colorations of the stone are aligning, from my perspective, in an undesirable way.

I was so frustrated.

So I got home and a couple hours later I was chatting about it with my partner and my starting point within the discussion was still based on this reaction that I was having where I was quite disgruntled and telling my partner how “now my sculpture is ruined” and I was just so angry and frustrated. And basically everything within me and coming out of me as my words where infused with an energy of resentment, blame, frustration, angry, hopelessness, irritation, ect.

Now obviously the sculpture isn’t ruined, I was actually just stuck in this reaction. And so for a moment as I was speaking with my partner, I stopped and asked myself what this reaction was showing me about Who I am and where I am from the perspective of how and why would I be having such a reaction. And so I looked at what it was showing me, and essentially that is what I am here doing with this blog. I am opening up this reaction and looking at why I would accept and allow such a reaction within me and what it is showing me about myself.

One point I notice here straight away is that one reason I would have such a strong reaction in relation to this piece is because its like “I have everything riding on it” where I can see that I have kind of tunnel visioned onto this piece and in this made this one single project into A MAJOR POINT.

So here I can acknowledge for myself that my life isn’t built on ‘one single point’ but is constructed of multiple aspects and points and so things don’t often really ride on ‘one single point’. So this is a cool point to take with me moving forwards as the realization that there is always many elements that go into my life.

As I mentioned, this is not the first time I have had such a reaction towards one of the sculptures I am working on.

However, this is something that I see I can change and would like to change. Meaning I can see that I have ‘placed everything into this sculpture’ and basically made this one piece a “make or break” situation where “if this doesn’t work out I am doomed”

Self Forgiveness

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel and experience myself walking such a thin line within myself and my life in relation to success or failure where I feel like things are always so fragile and teetering on the edge in every moment, here not acknowledging the actually Stability of My life which I insist doesn’t exist.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be angry when one of my sculptures doesn’t go exactly as planned and work out perfectly, because in my mind, I have equated this to a set-back, where then I go into a reaction within me and think “why does this always happen to me” and essentially go into a point of victimization and disempowerment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel like my life is always hanging in the balance, and that If one thing is out of place, then everything will fall down and collapse where this experience was reflected to me in my sculpture where the natural flow of the stone was not what I wanted, and I reacted in thinking “everything is ruined” and that this one apparent misalignment will now be my doom.

Here I can also consider how this experience I was having in relation to my life, exists also in the “inner self” so this can be a mental note for myself to see if I can pin-point this “things hanging in the balance, state” existing in my inner reality and how I deal with or direct my inner world, where one wrong move can throw everything off.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be grossly impatient with the growth of my business venture/ art business which was indicated by my reaction today where I reacted to my sculpture not looking exactly perfect because to me this represented a ‘SET-BACK’ which I just couldn’t handle and went into a reaction of frustration and anger.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire things to be different in my life to the degree where I react whenever I perceive I have a set-back that slows me down from reaching my goals and creating my life the way I want it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not accept the fact that Life isn’t perfect, meaning that the process of creating a business or creating my life the way I want, or creating myself,  isn’t just going to go from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ seamlessly without anything in between. In fact, life presents many obstacles, and so I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to be more patient with myself within creating my business and life where I see, realize, and understand that things don’t always move in a straight line.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that I was too focused on where I was going, that I forgot about LIFE HERE, in the moment. And how life actually functions.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to subtly not want to be in my life, and so desire things to be different to the degree where the desire becomes dominant and then I react when outcomes don’t materialize as fast as possible or along the shortest route, here essentially I am judging where I am at in my life as not good enough and that “things will be better once I achieve this or that”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that I was focused too much “in the future” which was shown to me by how I reacted to a perceived set-back where it was like “I couldn’t handle it” I couldn’t handle having to re-walk a point or take longer in my pursuit of a goal, and so I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to find a better way to creating goals and outcomes than to ‘pursue’ them where when I am in pursuit of such points, I forget about my reality right here, and I forget to LIVE HERE walking breath by breath and moment by moment.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to embrace Set-Backs

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create set-backs in my life through by approaching things the way that I do where I perceive a mistake or an unexpected turn of direction as a set-back instead of simply a natural process of life.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to account for the mistakes, and unexpected turns which are natural within life expression and so I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to go into CONTROL in relation to my life and creating my life and business.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to write about being more Patient, but then ‘lose it’ when something goes wrong because I am actually not being Patient in the grand scheme of things, meaning where creating self and life takes time and takes a process and isn’t always going to be a straight line.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel stressed about money, and so when I experience a ‘set-back’ in my mind that is an obstacle or “more time” now until I am satisfied with my life and business instead of practicing this point of being Satisfied with my Process of Self Creation in every moment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become invested in a “Future Projection” instead of just taking things day by day and moment by moment, and EMBRACING and LIVING ‘IN’ My Days instead of just using my days to get somewhere else in the future, but within this forgetting to be and live HERE.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to give more attention to my Day, and stop seeing it as ‘just another day’ to be used to get somewhere else, and so ultimately am missing the day where I am just seeing it as resource to get to some future point, but within this kind of judging where I am at, and judging the elements of my life instead of Embracing them, and Embracing all the parts of my life that comprise it.

I commit myself  to STOP, to Breathe, to BE HERE, to Embrace what is here as the moment, and as each day and stop being so hell bent on getting somewhere else, but rather practice Honoring Each Day.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself reacting to one of my sculptures as if there is something about it that is “going to set me back” to stop in such moments, Breathe, and realize that if I am having that experience than this is showing me that I am not Honoring and Truly EMBRACING where I am at in my life/process of Creation,  And so I commit myself practice Embracing MY Day, and VALUING my Day more than I Value a future Projection in my mind that is not even real.

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What’s in a Sigh – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 786

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to sigh and give up, meaning where within my sigh, I accept and allow myself to actually give up in that moment and give into the mind, as all the inner justifications as voices in the head that come up in relation to Walking my Life and Facing the Challenges of my life where I will reach moments where I will, in a single sigh, actually within that sigh be giving into those justifications and the mind and in a way be making the statement of “I give up”, “I can’t handle this” “this is too much”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not notice how many small moments there actually are where I have been giving up on myself, that happens for instance within me making some sound or speaking a single sentence, that has the signature of “me giving up on myself” instead of the signature of “I Stand, and I commit myself to Take Responsibility for Myself and My Life until ALL Life is Equal and Supported into Living and Being our Utmost Potential”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hold my body in such a way where I want to manipulate my partner to “see how difficult my life is” where in essence I am again giving into the mind and into the idea that I have created within myself that is actually a limitation that “my life is so hard” and “my life is so difficult” and so I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to attempt to manipulate my partner to in a way have pity on me and in having pity on me validate my limitation as the idea that “my life is so challenging and difficult” and that “its so tough for me”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have accepted that “my life is too tough for me”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe a though in my head that tells me “my life is too tough for me” and “I can’t do it” instead of seeing realizing and understanding that I have created myself and my life, and so if I created it, I am equal to it and can Change and Re-create it and myself.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to be aware of these small nuances within me such as a sigh, or how I hold my body, so to make sure that I am not within my posture or sighs, be giving in and giving up on myself in relation to Walking My Life and Walking my Process of moving from Consciousness to Awareness.

When and as I see myself sighing, or changing my body posture as a point of giving up on myself, I stop and I breathe. I see, realize, and understand that when I do this, that I am actually accepting and allowing myself to give up on myself and not directing myself to Live to My Utmost Potential, and so I commit myself to be more aware of these moments so that I can Take back my Directive Principle of Myself in a way where I am improving myself and developing myself and practicing Living in a way that Supports me within my utmost potential. I also see that when I allow myself to participate in these subtle moments of Giving up on myself and Giving into the Mind through sighing or holding my body posture in a certain way so others see how challenging my life is, I see that in doing this that I am missing Opportunities as Moments to Practice STANDING UP and Taking Responsibility for Myself and My life and in this Support myself to DIRECT Myself and My Reality much more effectively and so in these moments, I commit myself to Breath and Stand Here in FULL Awareness and not give in and sink into the mind but rather Practice Standing in such moments, Breathing and Directing Myself to Continue on Moving myself Practically in my Physical Reality doing what ever it is that is Here to do and Direct and so in this Develop my Stand and my Effectiveness in Practical Living, something that I have observed diminishes through accumulated moments of giving into the mind through allowing oneself to give up through sighing and also using ones body posture to manipulate others to see “how tough things are for me” I commit myself to FOR MYSELF Meet my Challenges through by Not Sighing, but rather through by Breathing, remaining Stable, and aware within myself realizing that the challenges of my life aren’t just going to go away by some miracle but that I am Responsible for Myself and my LIFE Completely.

The Points I am writing about in this blog came up as I listened to the following interview Series

Giving Up – Atlanteans :

My INNER Standing Rock – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 780



My Standing Rock

The protests in Standing Rock have been making the news a lot lately. I thought it would be interesting to do some Self Reflection on this point and bring the events of Standing Rock “Back to Self”

That is why I called this blog “My Standing Rock” because here I will investigate the nature of what is going on in Standing Rock and then look within myself to see where and how I am existing within myself within the same nature as the events happening in Standing Rock.

What I have noticed about this world is that there is a lot of protests happening all over the place for various things, though I also noticed that one point that is being missed often is that the very thing that is being protested is actually something that the protesters themselves participate within and exist as, yet they go out marching in protest of such things and forget that they also participate in the very same things.

So lets look at Standing Rock.

It’s a Native Reserve and they are protesting because there is a pipeline being built underground very close the river and they are wanting to stop the pipeline to ensure the protection of the water source that could be affected if there were ever to be a leak in the pipeline. I mean that is very basics of what is going on.

So the question for me is, is there a part of myself that I segregate inside myself and essentially trample over in the process of feeding another part of myself.

I see I do this with certain parts of my life, where I cater more to my strengths and sometimes neglect my weaknesses instead of making sure that I develop all essential parts of my self equally to become a well rounded individual.

Interestingly the first thing though that came up for me was “my body”. My Body is the part of me that I actually neglect and ignore while in the process of striving to feed another part of myself – My Mind feeding the indulgences, desires, and interests of what is going on in my mind.

I am certain I have laid many pipelines within myself to streamline the experience of my mind  while in the meantime forgetting about the affects this has on my physical body. For more information about how this works, I suggest to investigate The School of Ultimate Living (SOUL) to understand this mind-body-relationship.

Now the whole point of protesting is interesting. I find for me I go into Protesting instead of taking action. Like Protesting happens only after its already too late. So its like a façade and actually behind the Protesting there is actually Procrastination as the multiple actions in the past NOT taken to change the situation where now when the consequence starts manifesting, one goes into protesting.

I noticed I do this with my art sometimes where I end up in experiences of frustration where it feels like “I don’t have any time to do any art” and I get frustrated because of being busy and not having enough extra time to develop my art which I have been wanting to do, and then I will Protest, like going into emotions and frustrations and blame, though, if I am Self Honest, I see that I could have actually done something earlier,  and directed myself to create art in moments where I did have the time, and that my protests are only covering up the fact that I didn’t direct myself earlier.

That is one aspect at least. So here I see that one Solution for my situation to avoid protesting is to take action now, within the realization that if I do nothing, then I risk ending up in a situation where I did nothing but wish I had done something. Another dimension of this Solution is that when I see myself going into an Inner Protest to realize that this is a Red-Flag and indicating that I must now look back at my life and look at where I didn’t move myself when I could have and then the move myself to correct myself so that I do not allow it happen again.

Protests are in a way a point of Disempowerment actually, and so the point is to move from Disempowerment into Self Responsibility through where instead of going into protesting, one rather take the opportunity to Stand in Self Responsibility, realizing that I am Responsible and look back and see where Self Could Have Done Something Different or acted differently to not have participated in creating the consequences in ones life and then Directing Self to Change so as to not do it again.

So here I am speaking directly about how I experience and see PROTESTING taking place within ME.

I am not really here to say if the Standing Rock Protests are right or wrong, I am more investigating how I can support myself to live more effectively within the context of creating a world that is Best for ALL, and so part of this process is Bringing All points back to SELF and Seeing this world as a Reflection of who we are on the inside and then working to change how we personally function within ourselves like in the case above where I talked about my inner experience of protesting and how to change this to Self Responsibility.

So those are some Self Reflections on the Standing Rock Situation.

Realizing What it Means Live With Purpose and Passion – An Artist Journey To Life: Day 779


For all of my life I have had a Purpose. But what I am starting to realize about myself is that although I have had ‘A’ Purpose, I have not had Purpose, meaning my purpose was always something outside of myself that I could dedicate myself too. When I was young I dedicated myself to athletics, when I got older and still now today I dedicated myself to my art, but what I am realizing is that having ‘a point’ to dedicate oneself too does not mean one has Purpose. Let me explain.

I have been living with my partner now for over and year and we have been together in our relationship/agreement for around 3 years. One topic often comes up between us is the difference between ourselves, particularly related to the point of “Purpose” or “Having a Purpose” or more specifically, how in my life, I have always had “a point” with my art, where she never really had that “one thing” that she did where instead she just kind of did many different things.

From a really young age I began doing art and found I really liked doing art, and so I continued doing this throughout my life. I went to art school, and I decided I wanted to do art as a living. It wasn’t like I ended up in my 30’s or even 20’s not knowing what I wanted to do or not yet having found something I enjoyed doing and was satisfied to make my Purpose in Life so to speak, with me I always had Art for this.

But with my Partner, and also so many others in this world, they are the opposite side of the coin, with my partner she never had that, I always wondered what that would be like if I didn’t have my art to focus on and dedicate myself to, as something to develop and refine. I always thought my life would be boring with out it, I thought that my partner must get bored “not having a point”

But over the past couple months an interesting realization has emerged within me in observing myself in my life and observing my partner in her life.

With myself, what I have noticed is that yes, even though I had or have A Purpose as that point of Art to dedicate myself to, I found that I was really struggling to find Passion within it. It more just became something I did, and within myself there was no real passion or drive or Purpose within me in relation to how I was walking this point of Art in my life.

I would come home from work and just go sit on the couch. I didn’t want to get off the couch, it was comfortable. I became more enthralled in watching hockey and analyzing hockey statistics, than I could be enthralled with my own Purpose in doing art. I was more excited about the lives of people I watched on tv series and didn’t really have excitement about my own life. Doing art became such a labor, and man I tried, I tried to get myself enthused to do it. Enthused to get up each morning and live this purpose that I have been dedicated to as a child, and A part of me really wanted to be enthralled, excited, motivated, inspired, but I just couldn’t develop it within myself. I ended up in an experience of not wanting to get out of bed in the morning and this was going on for a while, where I noticed I dreaded getting up in the mornings, and I couldn’t wait for weekends when I could just sleep and not have to worry about getting up. And then when it was time to get up, I would do it and then just lounge around and kind of just entertain and distract myself through the day until it was time for bed again, and I would never really do much art or really do anything outside of the basic expression I have developed to sustain me financially. I was quite conflicted because here I am, and having this point of Art as a Purpose  and apparent Passion of mine to explore and develop within myself and my life where some people don’t even have a point at all, but I just couldn’t get motived to do it! What I am seeing is that I mis-interpreted the point of purpose, thinking that it had something to do with having this one singular long-time point of art that I have had and done throughout my life, but that I am now seeing is not really what it means to have a purpose or passion for life.

Now for the last few months I couldn’t help but notice my partners expression and I noticed that she started developing this pattern of getting up in the mornings quite early. Even on days off she would be up early. I thought this was quite cool. At the same time she had also started moving herself to develop some discipline and consistency in other areas and parts of her life that she saw she wanted to do to support herself and develop herself. Again I thought this was cool.

After a while of observing her moving herself in these applications, this point came up within me something along the lines like: “ Boy for someone like me who is suppose to “have a point” or “Have a Purpose” compared to someone like my partner who “doesn’t really have a point” She actually seems more like the one who is living her life with Passion and Purpose”

Now this really struck me. Because in observing her I saw a Dimension that I did not really grasp before about what it means to Live with Purpose.

My Realization is that Purpose has nothing to do with ‘What You Do’ and everything to do with YOU and How you LIVE PURPOSE AS YOURSELF where Purpose and Passion is something you Embody and Develop from Within, not matter what you do or where you are in your Life, it simply begins with a decision within yourself to Live and Develop Passion and Purpose as yourself in your Living.

For some time now I have equated finding purpose and passion to my art and how I develop and move myself in that point. But then I also see here how in doing that I am leaving out a large portion of my life when I am not doing art.

So in observing my partner recently I really starting seeing this dimension of what It means to Live Purpose and Passion. Essentially I am realizing that Purpose is NOT conditional. And that it must come from YOU. Meaning for instance if I want to be Motivated to Wake up each morning with Passion and Purpose, than I am going to have to do that for myself by Waking Up each morning and getting my ass out of bed. Why?  Because og Deliberately developing that point FOR MYSELF of Waking up with Purpose and Passion in the morning like I have been wanting.

Also in looking at Purpose and Passion in this way of it being IN and AS Self, I started to then see that if I actually Lived with Purpose and Passion and Direction than this would translate into ALL things and ALL parts of my life. So I have to start Living Purpose and Passion within Myself First in relation to Who I am and how I live in each moment, then naturally it would translate into my art expression also.

So now I am in the process and will walk this process for myself of realizing that Having Purpose and Passion begins within ME and is to be Developed within and as myself in each moment And in a way It has nothing to do with my art, though I see I can extend it into my art application but fundamentally the essence of it must start with and exist within ME and how I am Living in Each Moment and Each Breath.

Human Potential Income Grant – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 740


Income Inequality and the growing gap between the rich and poor is an issue that is front and center across the globe including the country where I live which is Canada.

The idea of a “Guaranteed Basic Income Grant” is one that has been around for a while and has made a few headlines in the past few years here in Canada.

So I thought I would write a blog about a “Guaranteed Basic Income Grant” and explain why I Support it, and also what I see is necessary in understanding how such a grant would work.

I think its important before one gets to hung up on the details of how exactly such a grant would be implemented is to understand what such an income is necessary in not only the Country of Canada, but necessary globally as an Unconditional Income to every Man Women and Child on Earth, that extends from Birth to Death.

Now initially in the implementation stage, it may be more gradual than to just have this shift happen overnight. In fact, we are still only in the phase of talking about it in blogs and news articles which of course is also important to develop and expand our awareness on this subject so that it eventually becomes a Solution that can be understood by every voter in the country.

So lets start at the beginning. The Foundation.

Why is a Basic Income important?

Well, first of all, lets call it what it really is.

We do NOT need a ‘Basic’ Income Grant

We need a LIVING Income Grant.

The different between a basic income grant versus a Living income grant is similar to the difference between Minimum Wage, and a Living Wage when it comes to employment pay.

So perhaps we should then call our Grant a Fulfilling Human Potential Income Grant because that is really what a Basic Income Grant is about.

Its about redirecting our Ship that is humanity and the world system back into alignment with what we are really doing here on earth. Which is to Live to Our Fullest Potentials, and to create a world and a world system that facilitates this kind of Living Expression for every Man, Women, Child, Animal, Plant, and ultimately the Organism that is Planet Earth as a whole.

So this awareness of why a Basic Income is important as a viable, valid, and worthy policy is necessary in facilitating this kind of Income to one day become an expression of our System.

Because it is BEST for ALL Life.

A World that is Best for ALL Life will Function differently than our current system does.

In moving from our current economic systems into a Living Income System, we are in fact moving away from a profit driven system and shifting into an actual benevolent system designed to maximize human potential not human labor for profit as our current system does.

Now think about that.

Because this is important.

Look at this one single point of how our system is currently functioning.

It functions to leverage human labor to maximize profit, meaning where the expression of the human being is reduced into an equation where profit is the goal, the purpose of the human becomes to function in a way that best creates that profit, despite the fact that in doing this, the potential of that human is squandered, suppressed,  diminished, and never realized so that they become lifeless machines performing menial functions which in no way supports or nurtures their actual Utmost Potential as a Life Form.

So from my perspective it is necessary to understand the eventual goal of moving towards and into a Living Income Guaranteed System, which is to move away from a profit driven system that only squanders human potential, into a system that is designed around nurturing the utmost potential of All Human Beings and All Life Forms.

So its not simply a matter of “maybe a basic income is a way to go” It is much DEEPER than that. It is about LIFE, and why we are HERE on Earth, or why we are HERE Existing and Alive.

Id rather live and exist in a way where my potential as a living expression can be supported and realized.

Because I am very much curious to see what we are capable of as humans.

Obviously we got something wrong here when Killing Each Other (war) is the biggest business on earth. Oooops, try again.

Its Time to realize that there is more at stake than just ‘if’ a Living Income is economically viable or not.

Where there is a WILL there is a Way. So first we must develop our understanding on what a Living Income Guarantee is all about so that we can strengthen our WILL, then we WILL Find a Way to make it happen.


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