Opening the Gifts of Everyday Life – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 821


Opening Up A Moment.

What does it mean to open up a moment and get the most out of a moment?

This is the question and process I will be exploring in this blog to assist and support myself to substantiate a recent realization that came through with regards to how I can practice and refine my Living Expression so I can get the most out of myself, my life and what is here.


And this a Key – ‘What is HERE’


I find that I have the tendency to overlook what is right here as my life and to also Judge what is here where I judge my life and how it is, and what I have, my environment, my job, my relationships, my hobbies, my routines, ect. I judge everything seeing and thinking it is just not good enough, that ‘there is nothing there’ that it is boring, that its wrong, or broken, or not enough, and then I go through each day and it becomes a struggle in a way.


When I do this, I start looking ‘out there’ I start looking at and desiring something else, something more, something better.


My question is however…


When I do this, when I judge myself and my life in this way, am I preventing myself from seeing what is really here and so preventing myself from receiving the gifts of everyday normal life.


This has been a shift that I have been practicing of late.


Receiving the Gifts of Everyday Ordinary Life.

Essentially, extracting the fruit of the moment.


Though I have been practicing this process, I’d say at this stage that this entire process or concept is largely a Realization that I have still to actualize and Live and Express for real within my life, though I have began this process and have began settling down more in day to day life.


So lately I have been practicing Focusing on What is HERE in the moment to moment of my life. It makes a lot of sense to do this, and that instead of trying to go out and find a new life or new relationships, to actually FOCUS ON WHAT IS HERE as the Relationships, Points, and Processes that I am already engaged in and look at where I am not getting the most out of the Life that I have already created for myself.


And to dig into the moments more.

I see I can bee more engaged in the relationships that already are here but that I have kind of not tended to or participated in.


That is not to say that I shouldn’t go ahead and open up new relationships or points or processes. Its more a point of embracing what is already here to its Fullest instead of resisting it, judging it, and pushing it away.


So this has to do with realizing the Gifts of Everyday Life, where now I can redirect my focus to HERE and to getting the most out of each moment instead of thinking I need this great grand life or experience to have fulfillment, and to rather Extract from the Ordinary to create the Extraordinary from what is simply here.


For me I have had a tendency to expect the worst and to assume that I am messing everything up and that my life is falling apart because there is something not right or there is something I am doing wrong. So this is another point I see is important for me to adjust within myself and for me to rather Embrace the Successes in my life. This is something else I have been working with. I have been working on Celebrating my life more. And Honoring what I have created as my life at the moment. And practicing letting go of that paranoid anxiety that I sometimes allow to take me over to the point where I end up living in fear that everything is all wrong and will fall apart.


This Is also connected to Slowing Down which is the Words that I am utilizing to support in this process of stepping out of my anxious paranoia that I am somehow fucking everything up, and to rather embrace and acknowledging my Life and what I have created, allowing myself to See the Good also, instead of always just seeing and focusing on the bad.


So moving forward my direction will be to embrace what is here, embrace the moment, embrace the ordinary and to open up the moment, open up the ordinary and see what is here. This way I don’t have to go out and try and find some miraculous moment or over the top experience to experience some sense of fun and fulfillment within myself, but to rather work with what is already here in every moment which is actually quite cool because it takes the pressure off where I can now Look into the Ordinary and uncover the Gifts and Gems of Everyday Life and acknowledge and Explore this Potential that Everyday Life is a Treasure to Behold.


From FIGHTING to EMBRACING our WORLD SYSTEM (A Decade with Desteni)- An Artists Journey To Life: Day 794

Satisfaction and Success

In this blog I am going to share one of the major points that has impacted and shaped my life that has come from and within Walking the Desteni Process.

I first found Desteni 10 years ago when the website first came online, so I have been walking the Desteni Process for 10 years.

One of the most impactful points that walking this process has had on me has to do with EMBRACING THE SYSTEM instead of fighting or rebelling against it.

What does this mean?

Before Desteni I very much saw money as the root of all evil and I hated everything to do with Responsibility when it came to functioning and living in the world system. I believed that this was all just a waste of my time and I told myself that I don’t want to spend my life filling out paper work. I never paid my taxes on time, my student loans were overdue with numerous late payments, I had never had a 9 to 5 type job, only seasonal work and odd jobs. I just didn’t care about ‘that stuff’ I overall resisted the system and how it functioned and I essentially was trying to escape, run and hide from it. I wanted to be an Artist and I wanted to be free from what I perceived to be the restrictions of our corporate world that in my eyes was sucking the life and creativity out of the human being.

As a result of my approach and beliefs, I was living on the fringes of this world, making just enough money to get by.

Then I began walking my process with Desteni and Everything Changed.

I was introduced to a new way of looking at the world and through the years I have continued to expand my understanding of how things work and how to approach this world in a way that is more Practical and Supportive. Not just for me, but for ALL!

And so now instead of rebelling against, ignoring and fighting against the world system, I rather EMBRACE it! Get to know it, understand it, become effective within it and from this vantage point, I can have a VOICE, and I can work to change it. This also becomes more possible when ones life is STABLE and FUNCTIONAL within this world, instead of where one is totally on the fringes struggling for survival in which case it makes it much more difficult to have any kind of voice what so ever.

What I have come to understand through walking the Desteni Process these last 10 years is that This World, THIS SYSTEM, IS ME! Everything that is HERE is LIFE, and so it makes no sense to JUDGE any part of it.  The outer world System is simply a reflection of the inner world system, and so to judge it is to judge a part of myself, and so rather my approach is to embrace it, get to know it, understand it, correct it where it requires correction. Working WITH the System is the Same as working WITH Myself.

I have come to realize that when I face personal challenges in my life, that I make things more difficult when I react, when I fight, when I JUDGE Myself instead of moving into a point of SELF FORGIVENESS and rather than fighting against myself through judging myself, I rather EMBRACE myself, Embrace the parts of myself that are not yet what I would like them to be. Don’t fight with them, Embrace them, practice understanding them in detail so that I can learn how to change. And so the same goes for the world system. Yes it may not be ideal, but if we shun it, and dismiss it, its like we are counting ourselves out of it and so have absolutely no power what so ever.

And so a shift occurred within me and within my life.

I made a decision within myself which was to EMBRACE this world system Completely and Absolutely. Embrace the laws, rules, regulations, codes ect and work WITH them in a way to support me in my life so that I am as a starting point, EMPOWERED within this system of codes and rules.

Embracing the system does not mean accepting it how it is and just ‘making due’ Nope. It means Embracing it so that I can function effectively within it and then from within this starting point work to change it. If I completely disengage, then I have no power to do anything about all the injustices that are cause through it. Not to mention I completely disempower Myself in my practical daily life to live to support myself and those around me which is also necessary and valuable.

For the past 4 years I have been creating a Fine Art Business. I have had to learn how to file and pay all the different levels of taxes. I have a business number. I pay all my bills on time, I am in essence, getting to know and understand this whole process of what it means to integrate into this system as an individual and as a business. It has been quite a process because I never considered this my strong suit and still to this day it is something that I still have to push myself to develop and learn to do.

I just finished filing my taxes recently and learning about a completely new layer of taxes – Sounds exciting doesn’t it! Lol.

To me, learning to EMBRACE the System through the process that I have walked with Desteni has had a massive impact on my life.

It has been a complete shift for me from Fighting This World to Embracing This World and how it is currently functioning and then to become Effective within this.

I am definitely still learning and developing this point for myself but I am on my way. And if I had not been introduced to this way of looking at and living in this world through walking the Desteni Process, who knows where I’d be right now. I was so determined to tell this world to Fuck Off. I was in total conflict with it, Not realizing how it was and is essentially just an extension or externalization of Myself and so really nothing to judge or fight with at all.

This process of realizing that everything that is HERE is ME, including the world system, has also supported me in embracing the differences of others as well which has in turn allowed me to develop relationships in my personal and business life that perhaps would have been very difficult to forge if I was thinking that I didn’t want to work with someone because they had different beliefs as me.

Now I am much more willing to engage with People of ALL different beliefs and simply work to find common ground and support each other from here.

So I am truly grateful for the process I have walked so far with Desteni and I look forward to continuing to walk this process to see what we can create in this world and see what kind of impact all of us walking the desteni process can have on this world to support ourselves and all here to reach our utmost potentials.

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Losing My Footing through Dis-Traction – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 747


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to experience my life as a Burden, and so constantly am trying to get away for it, hide from it and escape from it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to supress this experience of feeling like my life and all the things I have to do as a Burden through by distracting myself from my life when ever this burdensome experience comes up within me which I see I also experience as a resistance that comes up within me towards my life and the responsibilities of my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create and exist within the behavior of Self Distraction instead of investigating and introspecting on why it is that I feel compelled to distract myself to the degree where I would rather distract myself and exist within a limited expression of myself than Direct myself in and as my life in a way where I am living and expanding  to my utmost potential and purpose.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience my process of Self Change as a burden, as something that “I have to do” as something that has become an obligation where I am in a state of conflict towards it and in a state of wanting to escape from it instead of embracing and living it moment by moment.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to utilize moments of resistance as opportunities to learn more about myself through facing them, investigating them, opening them up, understanding them so that I can be sure that I am Living to my Fullest Potential and not avoiding Self Expansion and Expression because of a point or moment of resistance that comes up.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as ‘hating resistance’ or ‘hating ‘the experience of resistance’ when really I can see here that its not the resistance that I hate, but rather I am reacting to having to face what ever point is on the other side of the resistance which I am seeing at the moment as points of Responsibility, often that I have avoided or don’t want to do, and that I also see that points of Responsibility are just different tasks, movements, activities, and expressions of myself that I have defined as responsibilities but are ultimately just different things I do that can actually potentially support me in my self development, functionality, practical stability in myself, and my life and also become a part of my living to my fullest potential.

So the point here that I see requires my attention is who I have become in relation to Responsibility or in relation to ‘Resistance’ which I see is very much connected to my Responsibilities where who I have become is someone who has developed a particular pattern/behavior of running from my resistance/responsibilities instead of facing them. Instead of addressing them, understanding them, and also working with them in a way where I can release myself from that resistance experience in relation to them. Its like I have become comfortable and well practiced at taking the path of least resistance and what I have noticed is that I end up distracting myself more and more where this behavior of distraction starts to become a more substantial part of my life to the degree where I am actually limiting myself in who I am and how I direct myself. Interesting – The path of least resistance actually leads to creating more resistance experiences. Or at least in this context I am looking at here. I realize that hiding from my experience, from my responsibilities is not a Solution, and I see that it is a kind of self-manipulation actually because in actually learning to embrace my responsibilities I see that I will develop new skills and new response abilities. I will become more. Instead of just remaining idle, and the same which is where the path of distraction gets you. Nobody wants to just remain the same and idle. People want to change, transform, create, become more, become new, become better. At least I do. So the whole idea of avoiding the chance to do this e.g., avoiding my responsibilities, is Self Manipulation.

So I see I must work with this point so that when I face these moments of resistance that instead of distracting myself, I investigate and practice and learn what the resistance is all about, and what points I am facing and how I can face them and embrace them and Direct Myself to Live to my Utmost potential and purpose.  And so this is my commitment for now in facing this point/myself. I commit myself to start facing that resistance experience when it comes up instead of facing the other way and going into distraction. Because look, when I go into dis-traction, I end up with no Traction in my life because I am dis-tracting myself. So here I commit myself to face those Resistance experiences eye to eye so that I can redevelop and recreate myself as my Living Behavior to move from Distraction which is Suppression to Looking and Facing Resistance head on. Not in a fighting way, but in a way where I am willing to face it and walk through it which really means facing and walking the Responsibilities or Points that the Resistance is connected to. This way I support myself to keep my traction, keep my footing, and Keep Grounded so that I moving and living and expressing, something I cannot do if I do not have my feet on the ground and have Traction to move.


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Embracing the Unpredictable and Unplanned : An Artists Journey To Life: Day 654


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react when I have to work on weekends, even if there is really nothing important that I must do, but I react because “I don’t want to work all the time”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to trust and participate with the back-chat statement “I don’t want to work all the time” as if this statement is a valid point which cannot be disputed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become befuddled when I have to work more than usual and that I haven’t assisted and supported myself to actually be able to handle more and be absolutely stable within doing this.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become comfortable with just working my normal routine even if that normal routine is not really empowering me within my Life but more just keeping me existing in the exact same ‘way of life’ which I struggle to find satisfaction within yet, I also do not change me, in terms of how I direct myself in my day to day routine, or I will react whenever that routine is threatened or changed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live out a familiar routine everyday and not want to change that routine but then experience a dissatisfaction that ‘things never change’ meanwhile, not really doing anything to change up my normal routine that I live out daily that is producing my current life-style and experience and Here never really establishing a practical way for me to assist and support myself to nurture permanent change within myself and my life where it in fact becomes a part of who I am that will stand the test of time.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want more out of my life but to simply want this without actually changing anything about how I live and direct myself in my day to day living which has produced the life experience as not as effective as it could be.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see, realize, and understand that if I want to live my life in a way that I see would be as effective as it could be, that means that I will in fact have to change myself. And that as long as I am existing in my current comfort zone, I am not in fact supporting me to enhance and expand myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate with the exact same living patterns every single day and that I haven’t had the courage to change these patterns and form new patterns as a point of assisting and supporting myself to become more effective within who I am within my living.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to stand in situations that I find uncomfortable because when I do this, I know that I am placing myself in a situation where I can change and expand myself because when things are comfortable and easy that is an indication of things simply being the same and predictable because I know everything there is to know about such points but that when things are uncomfortable that this can be a form of ‘growing pain’ because the discomfort is in a way painful, but here indicating a potential opportunity for Self Change and Self Transformation.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to when I find myself facing moments of decision where I must decide to face situations where I Might be uncomfortable and I see that when looking at this I go into resistance and just want to opt out of such situations and stick to what is comfortable and stick to what I know, I stop myself and I breathe and I see, realize, and understand that such moments is a potential opportunity for Self Change which is a point I see I must actually become more directive within moving myself into and as and so I commit myself to in such moments embrace the discomfort within seeing, realizing, and understanding that it is a potential opportunity to change and that in fact Discomfort is like a kind of golden opportunity when ever I am faced with it because it can very often be an opportunity where I can actually assist and support myself to expand and enhance myself and become more.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to let go of “My World” as that which I attempt to hang onto and that I do not want to change, instead of realizing that I am really limiting myself by hanging onto and holding onto “my world” as that where I am most comfortable because within maintaining a position within that where I am most comfortable, I am not ever really moving myself to expand and change me and become more and learn more and so thus I see that I am in fact limiting myself as I am not directing myself to become my utmost potential.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to form a network of things I tell myself within my own mind in each moment an opportunity for change is here where I will simply bring up one of the ‘things I tell myself’ to support me to just remain in my comfort zone, like for instance

“I don’t want to work everyday”


“its no big deal, I will change later”


“this is not how things are supposed to work – its not fair”


“Im too tired, I just am”


“I just don’t have enough time”


“I just don’t have it in me”


Where basically I just want change to happen on my terms and my terms only and so attempt to impose control on change instead of adapting to my reality from a starting point of simply embracing the opportunities that come up that were not anticipated, planned, or expected.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to respond to unpredicted events that open up in m life with resistance and aversion where this has become my automated response and so within this I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to change how I respond to new unexpected points opening up in my life where I embrace this more instead of completely shutting down.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to impose my idea of how I will change onto reality and so try and control my process of change and thus within this have really closed myself off from engaging with the many dimensions of reality that is changing and interacting all the time and presenting various different opportunities to me at any given point, where instead of embracing this ‘how reality actually works’ I have attempted to impose my idea of how I think things should go which is not in fact how things actually work.

When and as I see myself experiencing a resistance or aversion towards unplanned, unpredicted events that open up within my reality I stop myself and I take a breathe and I here commit myself to re-align myself to such events to stand within and as a point of embracing such moments, opportunities and events as I see, realize, and understand that reality cannot be and should not be predicable and I see that I had aligned myself in a way where I was resisting this unpredictable aspect of reality which I see was quite a limitation as I was not allowing myself to embrace this and utilize these unexpected, unanticipated points that open up as opportunities for me to explore and expand myself and ultimately to direct myself within and as according to what is best for me and what is best for all.

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Maybe I Will Make Mistakes But That’s Ok – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 286

This blog is a continuation from my previous blog where I walked the Self Forgiveness on The Fear Dimension of a reaction I had towards making phone calls for my new job. Here I walk the Self Commitment Statements.

When and as I see myself not wanting to make phone calls that I require to make because of fearing how the being on the other end of the phone will react, I stop and breathe. I realize this fear is exactly why I have avoided making phone calls for much of my life where I would put things like this off as much as possible and thus have shaped my life around the point of not having to make phone calls due to the experience of fear that I had within this/experienced towards doing this. I also see that this is a good example of allowing a fear to direct me within my life where I submitted to such a fear without actually investigated how I developed this fear in the first place but more just accepted fear as valid and normal. I commit myself to assist and support myself to move through this fear of talking on the phone through by assisting and supporting myself within opening this point up within my writings and self forgiveness and exploring exactly how I created/developed and designed this fear as well as practically moving myself to make the necessary phone calls that I require to make during the allotted times that I have set for myself to make them in and to when that time arrive to direct myself to make the necessary calls, not over thinking the point but more just directing myself immediately in the point no more accepting and allowing myself to hesitate and start thinking about doing it which is where the fears start to come in when I start thinking about it, and so rather to keep simple, breathe and Direct myself to make my required phone calls, as this way I can gain some practical experience and insight into calling and talking to various people in various situations and thus in this having an actual practical physical reality feed-back point upon which to determine/base my expression and direction in this point instead of having this based on a fear that comes up that emerge from within me before and without actually making any phone calls.

When and as I see myself fearing making phone calls due to fear of messing up or having awkward silences, I stop and breathe. I realize that an awkward silence is not the end of the world. Maybe I mess up the conversation, but that is ok. That is no reason to not direct myself to correct this point. I commit myself to assist and support myself to walk through as many awkward silences as I need and require to correct myself within this point of speaking on the phone so that I can develop this application of speaking on the phone into an effective skill within which I am comfortable and trust myself and have confidence in myself within my expression within utilizing the phone in communicating with others, and so thus I commit myself to walk through as many necessary awkward silences as I require to realize there is nothing to fear about that as no body is perfect all the time, and that it is ok if as I learn this point I may from time to time mess up words or something like that. I also see that there are moments of “awkward silences” that become awkward due to me judging myself for my ability within speech instead of realizing that there is nothing to judge me for and so then simply remaining calm and stable and unconditional within my expression on the phone, and that it does not at all have to be perfect.

When and as I see myself building up fear within myself due to thinking about and fearing about what other people think about me due to how I am sounding, I stop and I breathe. I realize that this process of developing my skill and comfortability on the phone is not about what other people think about me. It rather about me walking through this process and not judging myself for who I am in my expression and communication with others through the phone. I commit myself to in such moments where I am building up fear to just “get to the point” of actually making the calls I require to make as reacting to the point does nothing, and so I commit myself to just get to the point and realize that I cannot control the judgement of others and who others are but that I can assist and support myself to become effective within this point and practice interacting and communicating with all kinds and types of people.

I commit myself to take this opportunity in my life to get over my fear of speaking on the phone and actually speaking and communicating with other people, and to in this realize that the skill that I will develop in walking this point, particularly as this is something that I would enjoy being able to do – that being, to be comfortable and effective at communicating with beings/people, in this case on the phone, that this skill so greatly outweighs the mistakes I will make during the learning phases of doing something, as that is what learning is about and so HERE I commit myself to not give up and or quit on this point but to continue to push through the resistance and fear that comes up in relation to making the necessary phone calls that I require to make in my life at the moment, particularly in relation to my new job and thus to push though and will myself to develop this point into an effective skill and ability within and as myself.

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