A New Dimension of SUCCESS – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 818


I recently started reading a book written about Jack Ma and the creation of Alibaba which is one of the worlds largest online marketplaces. In reading about Jack and his enterprise I came across a couple examples of Ma’s definition of Success that I found to be very grounded, practical, and livable by anyone where he really took that point of success and boiled it down into something tangible, and accessible to everyone.

What I find interesting is that I have been deliberately working with the process of Re-defining and Living Words, and here this man actually did exactly this by coming up with his personal definition of Success that he could live and apply in his world in a way that supported him.

In the book, Ma defined it as follows,

“Success lies not in how much you have accomplished, but in the fact that you have done something, experienced the process, and begun to learn something”

What I like about this definition is it emphasizes not an outcome of good or bad, success or failure, but of THE ACT, the point of taking action and actually doing something – That is the success, the fact that you got off your but and applied yourself.

For me, I have been slowly starting to develop a new body of artwork and so I really relate to this definition of success because for me the most difficult part often is just getting up and DOING SOMETHING, or motivating myself to sit down in front of my canvas and start painting. Where that very action IS the success, not the outcome, but the ACT.

So here I see for myself that to be more successful requires me to take more action. On paper it looks easy, though I do understand that applying and living this definition of success may bring up other dimensions for me to consider and work out.

Okay that’s the point I wanted to Share!


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EQAFE.COM – Find What You’ve Always Been Looking For (Customer Review) – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 813



I have done a lot of research regarding utilizing the internet for business. One area of focus within doing this effectively which you will see championed by many successful internet marketing gurus is that you should always focus on creating quality content.

But what is ‘Quality Content’? What does that actually mean?

I agree it is imperative that you are doing your best to create content that is engaging, interesting, useful, creative, inspiring and basically something that You can be proud of as an individual, something that adds value.

So I am going to do a review here of some ‘Quality Content’ that I have been lucky enough to have made part of my life for some time and have been investing regularly in this content where the impact and value that it has provided me has truly been like nothing else.

The website is Eqafe.com where you can invest in interview series which is primarily audio content interviews around 15 to 20 minutes each.

What I value about the information in the interviews is that it covers EVERYTHING! And I am not joking.

The sheer amount of content available is quite astounding. And if you look at YOUR LIFE, it also covers Everything! And so with Eqafe, every aspect of your life is considered, addressed and supported. And if not, don’t sweat it, you can Request Specialized Interviews pertaining to specific points and challenges you are facing in your own life. Pretty Cool.

Now, this isn’t so much like Netflix where the allure of Netflix is the Entertainment Value. The Allure of Eqafe is not entertainment value, it is LIFE Value. And if you look closely at this world you will find that LIFE VALUE is underrated, underused, and under consumed. Hence the plight of our world at the moment.

As a humanity we have entered into a period where consumerism is at its peak. Just look at your viewing habits. How many of us actually even read a FULL Article anymore, instead of just Consuming the headline then forming an opinion.

How many cat videos have you watched today?

How many strange and interesting videos have you come across on your facebook feed, that although yes, they are intriguing, really don’t bring any real LASTING or Substantial VALUE to you and your life.

We are caught a perpetual cycle of essentially consuming disposable content that only keeps us distracted instead of engaged and educated.

Eqafe is essentially a pristine drink of water when all the other options are soda or some other sugary beverage.

Water is what the Body actually needs.

And Eqafe is what your SOUL actually needs, meaning the content is designed to Support you on a Real and Substantial level. It has absolutely nothing to do with a quick fix, or entertaining, although entertainment is an awesome side affect of these quality interviews which I for one find completely engrossing.

Most content out there doesn’t actually aim for the outcome of supporting you as a life form to reach your utmost potential, because most people creating content haven’t even considered this process in-depth to the degree where its able to provide the support necessary for this endeavor, or for that matter are even aware of this process.

So Eqafe is quite holistic in its range covering every topic imaginable.

I have utilized Eqafe though by listening to inteviews weekly and then applying the practical examples in my day to day living. Eqafe has been a grounding presence in my life, supporting me to get the most out of myself both Internally and Externally.

I wanted to do this brief customer review because Eqafe is actually the kind of ‘Quality Content’ that can change someone’s life. It has become a staple in mine. Like I said, it is like a refreshing  glass of water.

You see, when you strip away all the packaging and advertising on a glass of water. What you are left with is still a glass of water, which fundamentally is supportive. With most other products and content out there, when you strip away the advertising and packaging, and entertainment value, there is nothing left. Nothing Substantial, Nothing Nourishing. Nothing!

So if you are looking for SOMETHING

If you are Looking for Answers

If you are looking for something that truly will be good and supportive for you

Then Id suggest checking out Eqafe.Com


Such topics covered are:



Money and Finances

Physical Health

Mental Health

Spiritual Understanding

Self Purification

How to get the most out of your day

Depression Support

Work Relationships



Self Forgiveness


How to navigate this hectic corrupt world in an Honest and Effective way



Animal Care


Developing Your Self Expression

Understanding the Complexities of your Mind

Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious



Finding A Job


Loving Yourself



The Afterlife


Truth about Conspiracy



Business Leadership and Management

Family Issues

Becoming the Directive Principle of Yourself and Life


Anger Issues





Truth about Love


Tools to Support you to live to your Utmost Potential


The Principle of “Best for ALL”

As within so without

The World System


And sooooooooo many more topics.


Like I said, it covers everything.


There is a lot of FREE Interviews also which is a great place to start.


Okay so I will end my mini-review here.


Main Point – Find What You Have Always Been Looking For With EQAFE.COM – YOURSELF!



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Musings On EXPANSION – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 789


I have recently been walking a process of Living and Becoming the word “Expand”

Or at least that has been my intention, within learning the process of Self Creation through learning how to “Live Words”


So for the past while I have been investigating how to live the word ‘Expand’ or ‘Expansion’


A lot of the time I noticed that when it comes to doing this I draw a blank. And I don’t know exactly how to do it.


Though throughout the past couple weeks I have been looking at this point of how to Live this word Expansion and what that means and how to integrate this expression within me of Living “Expansion”


What has evolved in doing this is that throughout my day I will have moments where I ask myself “What does it mean to Live the word Expansion in this moment” I might be doing the dishes, or going to sleep, or driving, or creating art, or looking for something to do. So periodically I have been asking myself this question and have noticed this question of “what does it mean to live the word expansion” coming up more in this later phase. Usually when I ask myself this, the answer that comes up within is related to my awareness where I see that “in this moment I can expand my Self Awareness” through simply being more aware of myself and what is going on in my body where often throughout my day its like I am not so aware of each body movement I am making and what is happening within me. So one way I have Lived this word Expansion is through by Expanding my awareness of myself in moments where I previously would have just carried on with more automated behavior.


Another way I have been exploring the Living of the word Expansion is through by allowing myself to do things differently when it comes to my daily living from the perspective of breaking out of my routine or mold. This is essentially, not only giving myself permission to, but also deliberately doing things differently in moments, and thus allowing myself to Expand my behaviors and how I am going about my days. So there is more of an Embracing of doing things out of my routine instead of resisting them.


I have also noticed how in my life that I have been stuck to certain degrees in some particular behaviors that I see have no benefit to me at all. And some of those behaviors are rather quite limiting, like for instance ‘entertainment’ (enter-containment) or (enterTAME-MENt) where I enter this form of trance like state and just allow the hours too fly by without me doing anything really practical or beneficial for myself. So this is another area where I see Id like to more fully Live the word Expansion through where I in these such moments to rather than just Subduing myself in front of the internet, to rather Direct myself to Live something more Substantial and Developmental for myself. I could even Expand on what I watch on the internet where I could even for example watch shows that I normally would not consider.

So there have been a few moments where I noticed myself going into this pattern where I kind of Sink into a subdued state within myself in front of the computer, which I have identified as specific instances where I can LIVE this word Expansion through by actually ENGAGING Myself into something, instead of Disengaging which is happening when I go into this subdued state and so throughout the last 2 weeks I have had a few moments where I noticed myself slipping into this state, and then so asked myself. How can I rather LIVE the WORD Expansion right now, because ultimately doing anything other than  basically shutting down into this trance like state in front of the computer would be an Expansion of myself and so then I would Deliberately move/direct myself out of this behavior/state.


I have also been developing more of a consistency in my application with Art the past 2 weeks. For quite some time (years) I have been wanting to develop my paintings more but have struggled to get anywhere with this and would always just end up stopping and giving up only to come back to it weeks or months later. So One aspect of my life where I have deliberately been exploring what it means to LIVE the word Expansion is with my paintings.


Common sensically, the way I see to Live the word Expansion with my paintings is to in fact put in the physical hours/time working on that part of my artwork. That is the only way it will ever expand and I will ever expand and develop that point into something more than just dabbling here and there. So with this point, Living the word Expansion is more a physically practical point where I have to physically spend more time applying myself in my paintings. Within this also I have been working on practicing “Allowing myself to Expand” meaning where I allow myself to explore what it is that I am painting instead of just being fixated on one way to paint or do things in my paintings, I allow myself to try out new ways of painting, new subjects ect. So this point is more based on a Starting Point where the word “Expansion” is part of that Starting Point where I give myself permission to try new things out and just allow myself to Explore without judgement. It has only been short while with all this also, so I do see that I can still practice all this a lot more in understanding and learning what it means to and how to LIVE the word Expansion in my life.


How I Practice Living the Word “GROUNDED” – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 785


For the past few days I have practicing Living the word ‘Grounded’ to assist and support myself overall, but to also assist and support myself in changing a pattern of mine where I was indulging in ‘Distraction’. What is interesting is that if you look at the word “Distraction” it can be seen as “Dis-Traction” which translates into where you don’t have TRACTION and for me I noticed this dis-traction was also like a ‘slipping’ where I just so easily slip into a pattern of distraction and then being wasteful of my time and self and not really Supporting myself to LIVE they way that I know I am capable of doing. And so for the last few days I have been Living this word Grounded and will share here a few examples of how I have began doing/testing/implementing this into My Self Application.

A few days ago, I was challenged to come up with words that Describe my Physical Body. And here I am not really talking about the physical appearance of the body but more how I have experienced myself as my physical body over the years.  So within slowing myself down and looking throughout my life how I have experienced myself in and as my Body or how I would describe it I came up with a list of words, with the First word on this list being GROUNDED.

For me this experience of myself being Grounded is where I find I am very Stable within myself. I am also very calm and there is very little happening within me. I am Calm, Stable, Quiet, and I find there is a clarity within myself. Like an ability to SEE what is going on around/within me. A Clearness.

Its actually quite a comforting feeling/experience.

There is also this aspect of things moving very slowly or where everything just comes to a halt and I am HERE within myself Grounded and Clear and Clam.

So as part of the Challenge of coming up with words I would describe my physical body experience as, was also to use these words to SUPPORT SELF within ones life and living. And so for me I took on bringing this experience/word more into the Front and Center of my Day to Day living and Awareness and Exploring how I could Support myself by and through Living this word that I Sourced from looking into how I would describe myself as my Human Physical Body.

So firstly what I started doing is “connecting” with this Grounded Experience more often, meaning where I would in moments during my day, just slow things down, breath and see if I can bring through that Grounded Experience within myself that I have over the years in moments accessed, lived and experienced within myself.

I also started doing this to support myself to move out of what I was mentioning earlier about my “Pattern of Distraction” and so I started looking at and exploring how I could use this Word GROUNDED and use that to support me in correcting this pattern of distraction that has become quite prevalent within myself and my life where I just become so easily distracted by things especially the internet and then I would  end up going Deeper into the Distraction and then wasting so much time instead of really creating and developing my Best Self and my Best Life.

So I have begun accessing if you will, this experience of Grounded so for example where I face a moment of where Id normally slip into distraction. Rather, in that moment, I would bring forth this Grounded Experience as this Clam, Stable, Present and Quietness, and I would just calm things down, and Slow things down to a Halt and just be HERE in that Self Physical Groundedness and from there I would not only stop myself from slipping into the distraction because now I HAD TRACTION,  but then I would from that Grounded Stance, Move myself in a Different Direction.

But I would say a Key here was just really slowing down and stopping myself in those moments where id want to just slip away into Distraction. And you know, often times my want and desire for Distraction was based on a Hectic Internal Experience, so within bringing forth a Calm, Slowing Down, Stable experience within myself, it was a point of me Facing that “busy mind experience” slowing myself down, Grounding Myself and then Saying “Okay I am HERE, I am Present, and I am Grounded, so now its like there is Nothing to Run From, No Hectic Experience to Run From because “I am HERE and Grounded” and so this point of Creating this Grounded Stability within me has also been a process over the last few days of Supporting myself to Ground myself in relation my mental/mind experience as a point of just supporting myself to be more HERE and Calm and then within that I Rather Direct myself into something more productive or supportive for me. And so it has supported me to Gain Traction to then Direct Myself instead of existing in Dis-Traction.

For me to LIVE this word also meant where I am actually being MORE PHYSICAL in my Living where often time my points of distraction where more mentally stimulating like watching series/movies and other internet stuff. So for me Living this word Grounded also meant to Live MORE IN my Physical environment, which even means for example taking a moment to tidy up my physical surroundings, or pet the cats, or just sit with myself and breath, or take the time to cook a meal.

So when I began this process I asked myself “How Can I Live this Word Grounded as this Experience that I initially described as this calm, quiet and clear stability within myself, into my physical and mental life and living?”

And from there I looked at how I had so many things always going on in my mind in relation to “all the things I had to do” and this would at times become quite overwhelming, and so another Dimension I have been exploring as a way to Physical Practically LIVE and Create this word ‘Grounded’ is through by Creating a Daily To-Do list for myself where instead of just having all these tasks and things I want and have to do swirling around in my head, I can write them down and practice giving them more Structure and Anchoring them HERE in the Physical on a Piece of Paper that I can use to GROUND all these swirling ideas and my plan here is to within doing things, clear the air a bit as in clearing my mind and have a more Practical Way to walk and plan tasks in my day. This has been something that I have thought about every now and then and saw this as a cool opportunity to implement creating and structuring to-do lists to just Support Myself in keeping more organized and structured in an area of my life that in essence wasn’t really becoming very much grounded using my usual method of just getting to things when and as they popped up in my mind. So I have been working with and developing this utilizing a to-do list structure the past few days which has been enjoyable so far and has supported me to just be more organized within myself and my physical environment.

Okay folks, that’s all for now. A few examples how I have been utilizing and Living this word ‘Grounded’ as a Support for me to correct this pattern of distraction that I had become prone to and to Support myself to Create myself and my Life into something more effective.


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Driven by a Fear of Failure – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 778


Recently I have started to investigate within myself who I have been throughout my life and what has been driving me all these years to have lived my life the way I have and become who I have become.

In my investigations I was looking at this aspect of myself where I always wanted to become the best that I could be, and really tap into the potential that exists within me as a Life Expression.

I am still very much driven to do this however one thing that I am seeing is that this ‘Drive’ to be and become my utmost potential is actually connected with FEAR.

If I look at who I am now in my life, I see that I often feel like I am not living to my full potential, and so within me there exists both a DESIRE to be this Ultimate Self, while at the same time Absolute FEAR that I will NOT do it, and that something, or more specifically I will get in my own way and prevent myself from realizing my Full Potential in this Life-Time.

When I was younger I also noticed this inner drive within me to realize my utmost potential. But even then there was a dimension of this that was connected with competition and being the best in relation to others, instead of being MY BEST, meaning where I Live in such a way that is Unique to me where I support my individual strengths and abilities specific to ME and who I am and where I am in my life where this could in no way be the exact same as someone else and so there is really no way to compare one selves ultimate potential with another’s but rather where Each ones Ultimate Potential is Specific to them.

So what does it mean to Live MY Ultimate Potential?

So in seeing this connection I have had to FEAR in terms of Driving Myself to be the Best I can be in my life, I am now seeing that I will have to revisit this question of what it means to really live and fulfil myself into my fullest Potential and to revisit this question from a point of Stability and Stillness. I am going to now place here a definition of the word “Freedom” that I see as a cool starting point for re-looking at this question for myself

“Freedom – moments that you have with yourself by taking a breath, slowing down and becoming still. In so doing you give yourself the gift of being able to look, reflect, direct and move with self awareness; ensuring that you have the freedom to make a decision without fear and accept the consequences of your thoughts, words and deeds. Trusting that whatever comes, whatever will be: I am here.” – School of Ultimate Living

So moving forward I am going to assist and support myself to remove FEAR out of the equation of what is motivating and driving me in attempting to become my utmost potential as I see that it doesn’t support in me being able to See Clearly and Direct myself in Awareness of Myself within this endeavor which is probably why after all these years, this Fear and Desire in relation to this point is still existing within me.

Till next time.

Introducing New Words into Art and Self Creation – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 752


The other day I was admiring some artwork by one of my favorite life painters (John Singer Sargent) and I wondered to myself if this artist had ever written anything about his techniques of how to paint as surely I could learn something from this.

I ended up finding an article put together by someone about this artist and the accounts by his pupils that had the opportunity to learn from him. There wasn’t so much direct written words by the artist but rather accounts recalled by these students of what the artist taught them. The article also drew from a few various other references to comprise this commentary about the artists techniques, style, and approach to painting.

In my life right now, I have been practicing and developing my own ability, and understanding of what it means to Live Words as a process of Personal Self Creation. And I was also recently looking at this specifically in relation to how I go about creating and developing my artwork.

Now with my landscape paintings, one word that I have been practicing for the past 3 years is the word ‘value’. The context I am describing the word ‘value’ here is specifically related to color theory where ‘value’ is referring to dark and light.

But the interesting thing I noticed is that everyday I go out to do a painting, this word ‘value’ is at the fore of my attention and is what I am working with and practicing as I construct my painting.

And it has been the primary word for the past 2 or 3 years.

So after reading the abovementioned article, I took away a few words and points that I could now introduce the next time I went painting.

The words were


Thicker paint

Blending lines

Each one of these words/phrases were defined in the article in more detail/description so I had an idea how I would go about implementing them into my painting.

So I went out painting soon after and I began to introduce some of these words into my painting.

The first painting I did after reading the article had some new dimensions emerging in it which I could visibly see, meaning where the painting actually looked different from my previous paintings.

Then earlier today I went out and began another painting and I was surprised with the results of implementing these new words/phrases into my expression.

For me it was eye opening to see how reading a simple article on painting and then taking some of that information and “Living It” within the context of implementing it into the painting could have such a drastic affect.

I cannot recall ever learning that way even though I read quite a lot in art school about various different artists and techniques.

So I just thought this was a cool dimension of the “Living Words” process of Self Creation that I have been developing for myself these past few months.

Now another interesting questions that comes up here is how else can I live these words? Meaning, not where it is applied and Lived only in my painting but also in my life and myself.

With my painting, I had practiced living primarily one single word only over and over and over for nearly 3 years. And my paintings slowly progressed. Then suddenly I introduced more words into the process, and suddenly the paintings became more dynamic and took on new dimensions and had a new kind of life to them.

So perhaps this is the lesson to take away from this with regards to my own process of Self Creation through Living Words.

The lesson that if I never introduce any new words to Live and Become and practice Expressing as myself in my day to day life. That I will just always be the same, and in a way become stagnant. But within introducing new words, suddenly there is more life, more expression, more dynamics.

So here I can take the lesson I learned with my paintings and apply it to myself and my life and remember to introduce new Words into and as my process of Living Words/Self Creation as a point of developing and expanding and not just getting stuck living the same words over and over again.


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Mobility = Movement Ability – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 750



What does it mean to be mobile, to be flexible. I find for myself that I am comfortable in a routine and that I am willing to live that routine everyday without changing it. Within this I have a tendency to isolate myself and also limit myself through not directing myself to expand my expression into different avenues and ways of living, being, interacting, within my life and with others.

Mobility – I can hear the word Ability in the Mobility.










More Ability

More Movement


So in the word Mobility I am seeing/hearing the word MORE. As in expanding oneself.


I see for myself that to become more mobile I actually have to will myself to do that and move Directivity. Its just not going to happen automatically.


I have had a lot of resistance to changing my daily routine because I have become comfortable in it.


However I do see that this is something that will only benefit me.


I think of water that is still, and then in it forms all kinds slim on top and within it and the water gets murky. I equate this to human physical body, where within moving and expressing with the body it keeps it vital and alive instead of stagnant.


So the “Mo” at the beginning of the word Mobility can also refer to Movement or Momentum.

So this Mobility, this Movement Ability is a word I definitely can work on and practice as a Living Expression of myself to support myself to develop a more healthy, natural, being and expression of myself. Instead of existing like a boulder weighing 1000 pounds that just wants to sink down and not move.


So I will work with this word for tomorrow, and especially in relation to my more ingrained habits that I live everyday and don’t really change up ever because it is in those real habitual points that I see I keep myself locked into an immobility that is self-limiting.


SOUL – The School of Ultimate Living is an online community of people interested in
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