An Equal Currency to Honor LIFE – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 691


What is the purpose of having numerous economic currencies? From what I can see, the real reason for this particular design of having numerous currencies with each one varying in its purchasing ability is to ensure the powers at be, remain the powers at be.

Our system was never designed in the image and likeness of love thy neighbor. Not at all, it was designed in the principle of ‘leverage thy neighbor’ and that is exactly what our current currency model allows for.

Imagine if the globe was actually just one big city. Now if you look at what our current currency model is suggesting, it is suggesting that the dollar you hold in your hand is worth more depending on where you lived. So obviously those that live in those areas of the city/world where their dollar was worth the most would have the advantage over those that lived in an area where that same dollar was worth much less. Because remember, an hour of labor is an hour of labor. If I dig a trench either here or on the other side of the planet, that physical effort is equal, yet with our current global currency model, compensation is NOT equal.

And that is simply not HONORING LIFE as it should be Honored, or loving thy neighbor as you would love yourself.

There is no reason why we as a global community of earthlings, that means all of us, Americans, Canadians, Chinese, Swedish , Russians, British, Afghans, Mexicans, Dutch, Italians, Kenyans, Japanese, Venezuelans, Germans,…Everybody on the Planet, There is no reason why we couldn’t come together and implement a system that is an example of LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, and one way we can begin to do this is to implement a GLOBAL CURRENCY MODEL where ALL MONEY IS VALUED EQUALY. This also could simply be more practical logistically speaking to keep track of everything.

From my perspective the only reason why such a movement to a currency model that is established around the premise of EQUALITY would be rejected is GREED. Well, actually, that’s not completely accurate because people might outright reject it initially because they do not understand it and as we all know, anytime we as human beings are introduced to something NEW, its like we have a default setting to immediately reject it, so that might come into play also, though ultimately, once the scenario is understood, how could there actually be any reason to NOT DO WHAT IS IN FACT BEST FOR LIFE.

And as I write this, I wonder if GREED is in fact the real problem in this world? Or is it the fact that we as individuals, as humanity, and most specifically as LIFE, have Lost ourselves and have become completely conditioned and accustom to a life of abuse, lies, and deceit that we no more believe that ACTUAL GOOD is even possible.

Ok so ultimately here I am suggesting a new currency model is required as simply one dimension of re-structuring our entire system piece by piece into a system that reflects a benevolent mankind.

To guarantee our basic living rights of all

Living Income Guaranteed Proposal

Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights


How to End Terrorism – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 667


Illustration by Loïc Sécheresse,

Terrorism comes in many many forms.

Dictionary definition of Terrorism:
‘the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes’

Today if you have been following the latest news feeds, you will have noticed the breaking story about the Charlie Hebdo attack where you had gunmen storming into the building and killing 12 individuals in a mass shooting.

What seems to take center stage when such atrocities take place is the whole point of ‘who did it’ and ‘how to bring justice’ upon those responsible. It immediately becomes about retribution. It immediately becomes about pointing the finger.

‘They’ will pay!

But who is ‘They’ ?

Are we not ALL Here on planet earth existing as one race as mankind?

So how is it that we as a species have become so disjointed and disconnected from this principle that we are ONE GROUP, that we will kill our own kind, or that we will perpetuate such acts of violence through demanding that those responsible must be brought to ‘justice’ again missing the point that we are ALL one Group. The Group that is Earth.

Boarders have seemed to really confused things. Because its like what we are doing is segregating ourselves and isolating ourselves from one another where then we become enemies instead of standing in the recognition that we are all flesh and bone and blood equal and one.

So who is responsible for the shootings that took place today in France. Well, we ALL are. The Race that is the Human Race.

If you can’t see this then you just might be brainwashed.

When is the last time YOU committed an act of Terrorism?

When is the last time you had a nasty thought towards someone that you know?

When the last time you reacted in anger towards a co-worker?

When is the last time you had a conversation with someone in your mind where you were arguing with them?

When is the last time you said something nasty to your partner because they said something to you first and so they deserved it.

These are all forms of Terrorism from the Inner Terrorist inside us ALL.

I would say a first step we ALL can take to end Terrorism is to STOP ALL Terrorism that is present within ourselves as thought, word, and deed.

Id suggest investigate the Principle and Tool of Self Forgiveness as being Shown in the Journey To Life Blogs written by those individuals who have taken on the challenge of Taking Responsibility for themselves and all that is here on planet earth.

A First Step you can take to ending Terrorism in this world is to stop ALL terrorism inside yourself first.