Where Did My FLOW Go – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 763



A few days ago I wrote a blog post about the word “Flow”

A primary experience or point that has been coming up a lot in my life at the moment is feeling like things are just stuck and not moving or flowing. This point has been showing in different ways, but perhaps the most prominent area of my life where I was seeing/noticing it is in relation to money.

I can see that within my life I have formed an interesting relationship with money where in many ways it became a facilitator of my experience in a way where I was actually placing it as God of my experience because I had given it power and authority to determine my experience and well-being where I haven’t really been the Source of my own experience and expression but had rather made myself here very conditional to money.

I have been aware of this for some time, but what’s interesting is that I haven’t yet actually changed the relationship. I have only insisted that I change it, but what my Reality is showing me recently is that I haven’t in fact changed this relationship and re-created it…recreated myself in a way that is more aligned with being SELF Directive, SELF Empowered and SELF Creating. Where SELF is the starting point.

Over the last 3 years I have observed myself and my experience and how it existed as a buoy rising and sinking on the tide of money flowing in and out. So as the tide of money swells, so would my experience and I would have a very specific experience, feeling good with everything, empowered, strong, confident, I would feel like I have flexibility, and things are good, and I could breathe, and relax, and enjoy myself. Though if that tide was out, and money was low, I would feel, restricted, stressed, angry, grumpy, depressed, lost, trapped, desperate, inferior, weak.

And I have been telling myself that I must change this relationship. That I must take back my power in relation to who I am and how I experience and express myself in my life and that this should not be dependent on how much money I have. But I justified why I remained chained to this relationship. I justified why It would affect me. One reason being that “money is just one of this things” “Money is a ‘BIG’ point” so its not like you can just change that relationship overnight. This may be true, but I am noticing that it has been many nights, many weeks, months and even years, and I am still existing in this relationship of dependency with money where I have given it permission to affect and influence not only my experience but also my behavior.

Now bringing the point back to FLOW.

Like I said, I have been experiencing a lack of FLOW in my life. And I have been experiencing this in many ways in relation to money. And then recently I had another unexpected expense come up and man its like I was hit with a tonne of bricks, thus indicating just how much I am still joined at the hip to money, giving it total authority and power to control, direct, and influence me.

So I am here writing this blog as a Step in taking back my power here, and so thus no more continuing to accept and allow this toxic relationship that I have formed with money, where I have basically given it the keys to me, to direct and control me at every level where I am just a slave, and have no directive principle over my experience and behavior but that this is always ultimately determined by how much money I have.

So lets look at FLOW.

I have been noticing that as my money goes out, my self movement starts to slow down. I am less expressive, and also at times get to points where I start closing up, feeling restricted, and depressed, heavy, stressed, and waiting for money to flow back in so that I can feel empowered again and start expressing and moving myself.

So essentially as the money flows out, I stop moving myself. I stop moving and flowing in my own life.

The SOLUTION Here is to, as I have mentioned, to disconnect this relationship I have formed with money and so thus Take Back my SELF RESPONSIBILITY for myself and my experience and Behavior where this does not change according how little or how much money I have and this is definitely an important aspect as well; That its not just about changing your experience when money is low. It’s also about making sure that if for example you have a lot of money coming in, that again here, nothing changes about your experience and behavior.

So the Solution will consist of a few different points.

-Writing about the point to develop more awareness around it and the dimensions within it

-Writing and or Speaking Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Statements.

-Self Change in a moment, where I move myself into the new behavior and out of the old

-Re-Defining and so then Exploring and Practicing the Living of the word FLOW in a context of where I can Live this daily where it is NOT dependent on Money but rather an expression of Myself.

Okay so what is Practical FLOW.

I was looking at this point again today as I was stuck in this experience of…..well, being stuck. And I was seeing this aspect of the word FLOW how I can LIVE this word FLOW practically, and that it isn’t determined by for instance how much money I have, which I have accepted and allowed to determine the flow of my life and my experience and behavior.

I see that Flow can be lived practically like for instance making sure the normal tasks of your life are flowing nicely. For me I noticed that in having connected my experience to money, and so also my expression of ‘flow’ to money,  that I wasn’t LIVING Flow naturally breath by breath, directing myself and my reality as a Self Expression, consistent and the same no matter what. I see It can be as simple as doing the dishes. That is a point of Practical FLOW in my reality, instead of allowing a build-up to take place because for instance being too depressed to want to do the dishes.

Or even with my artwork. I can see here I can support myself Practically to FLOW here simply by continuing to direct and move this point as well. So today I was seeing this dimension of PRACTICAL FLOW as the flow and movement of my physical reality where I can assist and support myself to focus on this practical flow as I support myself to correct my relationship to money, no more accepting and allowing this to influence my expression, my experience, my behavior, my FLOW.

In my next blog, I will focus more on this point and open it up further through the process of Self Forgiveness and Self Corrections.


Moving out of Fear and Into Application – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 743


So recently I had a look at a Fear I have that has been existing within me for sometime. This fear, is in relation to my current profession where I work as an artist, which has always been a passion of mine. Art has always been something that I have wanted to do in my life and I have spent a lot of time developing this point for myself. Now, the fear I have, is that for some reason I won’t be able to do this, and “It just won’t work out” So in taking a closer look at this point and actually writing it out on paper and also applying Self Forgiveness on it, something I noticed about this particular fear is that its not so much that I fear not doing art, but that I fear sabotaging my opportunity that is currently here to do it.

So I have been busy now doing art full-time for the past three years, and often within me this fear experience will come up and in fact I noticed that it actually influences me regularly in where my behavior starts to change where I will tend to be a bit more high strung and stressed out where behind this is this fear that “everything is going to fall apart” and so I better hurry up and make everything work and stable.

So what I noticed is that the fear is actually related to ME, and fearing ME actually messing everything up by not applying myself effectively, but where I personally end up not taking the opportunity that is HERE in my life at the moment, and “Making the Most of It” and then I fear that moment where the opportunity has passed and basically I have missed out because in that moment I can see within me that “I didn’t do everything I could have” that I procrastinated, was lazy, apathetic, or just took the opportunity for granted and let other distractions get in the way instead of really seizing the opportunity and nurturing it to its Full Potential.

I also see that this fear becomes more prominent when I know in Self Honesty that I am not actually Living to My Full Potential, but allowing myself to become side tracked. It is during these times that this fear becomes more prominent. And it is during the times when I see I am moving and directing myself effectively that the fear isn’t so much coming up.

In opening up and investigating this fear and investigating the worst case scenario that I fear happening, I was able to see these interesting dimensions and actually also realized that if my current profession doesn’t work out, but I have given it everything I got, then that’s Okay. The Fear more exist in relation to me squandering an opportunity instead of things just not working out for reasons out of my hands.

So I realize that the best thing I can do to support myself here in relation to this particular fear, is to assist and support myself to really Take Responsibility For Myself and My Life in a way where I can Fully place myself in this endeavor and express, live, and direct, to my Fullest Potential. So what came out of opening this fear up for myself is an actual Realization and also Practical Solution I can apply Daily to support myself in stopping that experience of Living IN Fear, and that practical daily application I can practice, is to practice really getting the most out of my days, and to stop squandering my days, and allowing myself to exist within a lesser version of myself that I know I am never satisfied with.

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Fear of Drawing In Public – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 739

Self Reflection, Pencil on paper, 8x10in.2004

Today, I went out to a coffee shop to do some drawing. I used to do this in the past but is something that I haven’t done much of in recent years. When I arrived I noticed that it was pretty busy, which normally is a good thing because then there is lots of people to draw, but in this case today, I felt a bit claustrophobic because I didn’t want people to look over my shoulder and see what I was drawing.

In the past, I used to go out drawing in coffee shops nearly daily as it was a great way to refine and practice my drawing. And during that time I was more accepting of who I was within this, and wasn’t as shy/reactive about people knowing or seeing what I was doing. I would just sit down and start drawing. In the past I see though that I did have a few reactions and resistances to drawing in public where I observed that some of my other artist friends were so much more willing to interact and engage with other people and for instance ask directly if they could draw them.

Today I noticed that I was much more timid within myself and really just wanted to be in the background where no one can see me. A point that I can see is also more ‘all encompassing’ with regards to the particular personality I lived throughout my life in relation to art, where a part of me just wanted to remain out of sight in the background. But ultimately I see, realize, and understand that here I am accepting a limitation where I am supressing my expression because I don’t want people to see what I am doing, and so ultimately I am in fear or reaction of what they might think about me sitting there drawing.

At first I sat there for a little while waiting for a different table to open up that was a little more private so I could do some drawing. I even thought about just leaving and going home. Eventually I went and sat outside and drew but even that was a bit of a compromise.

So the point I could see within this all, is that there is a point/personality within me that I have lived and live that is actually inhibiting me within my art expression. What revealed today, was a dimension of where I did not want to draw because I was afraid of what other people might think about me seeing me sitting there drawing. I also didn’t want someone to come over and ask to see my drawings, because I am was in  judgement of my drawings seeing as how I am just getting started with this application again.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear what others would think about my Drawings if they saw them, where here I became preoccupied and distracted by all the ideas, and fears within my own mind of what I thought and believed others might say about my drawings, or how they would perceive them and me, and that I then allowed this inner reality of projection, judgement and fear influence me to not Live to my Fullest Expression, but instead go into anxiety, fear and suppression, not wanting to ‘put myself out there’ which would have actually been the most supportive for me in developing this particular drawing application and developing my own self movement and self expression as well, where I Direct me for me as a point of Self Support, and stop accepting and allowing myself to supress myself out of ‘fear of what others might think”.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to, when I go out to draw,  fear other peoples reactions towards me and how they will see me and so within this supress my self expression.

I commit myself to work with myself in this point to push myself to overcome this particular suppression personality that I have accepted and allowed myself to program as myself where I will supress and limit myself due to fear of what other people think where I have placed the opinions, ideas, reactions, judgements of others as more important than me Living to my fullest potential and exploring the Potential that exists within and as myself as a Human Being here on earth, and so therefor I commit myself to make sure that this ‘suppression personality’ is something I no more accept and allow to take me over and dictate who I am where I myself just submit to this personality and don’t bother asserting myself within and as Living to my Utmost Potential.

I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to create a personality where I supress myself and within this become comfortable with supressing my expression where now I will prevent myself from living to my utmost potential due to this conditioning of myself as supressing myself out of fear of what others might think of me, in particular here when it comes to drawing in public.

I see, realize, and understand that in by accepting and allowing myself to be influenced and directed by this particular point where I will prevent myself from going out and drawing because I don’t want to face that point of ‘fearing what others will think of me when they see me drawing” that in by accepting and allowing myself to submit to this fear, and this acceptance, that I am not allowing myself to grow and expand within myself and to really Live to My Fullest Potential and so therefor, I commit myself to assist and support myself to break out of this preprogrammed suppression personality when it comes to drawing in public as a point of assisting and supporting myself to Live to My Fullest Potential within my Art Expression, a point which I have allowed myself to supress and limit for some time, through accepting and allowing myself to be influenced by “fear of what others think of me”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the judgements of others as real, where I will exist within a limited expression as a way to validate the opinions of others, instead of walking through any fears, reactions, judgements, other people might have towards me as well as any reactions I have towards their reactions, to Stand Up and Live to My Fullest Expression and so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to FEAR Living to my Fullest Expression because I Feared what others might think about me if I do this.

I see, realize and understand that a Judgement is a form of Limitation that us humans have accepted to limit ourselves and others and that, What is Best For ALL, is to not accept and allow myself to bow down to these judgements that I have placed onto myself or that others might think about me because that benefits no one, where what would actually support and benefit all best, is to Move myself to Live and Express to my Fullest Potential so that I can then share and support others to do the same because the point of our existence is to Live to our Fullest Potential in All Ways.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit my application and expression in drawing/art through by going into a point of suppression when it comes to drawing in public. Drawing in public is something I used to do a lot to support myself in developing my skill and ability within my expression of art, but even then, and now also I will supress myself within this expression and so compromise myself because of fearing what others will think of me, despite the fact that seeing how this activity supported extensively in developing my skills as an artist. Yet, I will still allow fear of others opinions prevent me from doing this, where Id rather limit myself then face those ideas and judgements I have about myself in relation to fearing what others think.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be directed by Fear when it comes to my art/drawing application.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to walk through this fear and to support myself to physically practice and develop my skill as an artist and to no more accept and allow myself to just give in and essentially give up on myself and allow these fears to direct and influence me and thus prevent me from Exploring what is possible within my art expression and application.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to give into ‘fear of drawing in public’ where in doing this I am actually supressing my expression and so not living to my full potential within my art/drawing application.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify supressing my expression within art and drawing, through speaking the justification within myself that “its okay, its not a big deal” ( to not go out and draw) and within and as this statement justify my own limitation rather than moving myself through a fear of what others might think of me and into an expression that is aligned with me Living and Expressing me to my utmost potential.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have become comfortable in a limited and supressed expression of myself when it comes to my drawing where I essentially conditioned myself into a state of apathy and giving up even trying to live my utmost potential within this expression, but just accepted a much limited version of my potential as being only what I am capable of, not seeing, realizing, and understanding thatmI could do more or expand myself which would require me to step out of my comfort zone.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept myself in a docile and apathetic state of accepting my own limitations where this has just become ‘my normal self’ and that I haven’t lived with passion, direction, or assertiveness in expanding myself and my application within my art expression, but instead just lived apathy and submission.

When and as I see myself accepting myself to limit myself within my drawing and art application where I am unwilling to move through “fears” that I have about what others think of me, and then just existing in a state of apathy and submission to these fears, I stop and I take a breath and then I redirect myself to I in such moments, commit myself to live the word Assertiveness, where I Assert myself to walk through the fear and not allow myself to suppress my POTENTIAL within my art expression, but rather to walk through the Fear and into and as an application aligned with LIVING to my Full Potential within myself and within my application in art, Where here my direction is based on a Decision to Live to my Fullest Potential and not a Decision made in Fear.

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Changing Ones Experiences in Real Time – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 733

Untitled 1

Today while I was at work I decided to apply a technique that was explained in one of the latest interviews on EQAFE.

Part of my Job at the moment is I spend normally 1 day a week working the sales floor at the Art Gallery where I sell my sculptures. This has been great because it gives me an opportunity to talk with clients, potential clients, and just art admirers about the work I do and about their own collections. This has really supported me in gaining more insight into why and how people buy art which is important for me seeing as how I am working as a professional artist.

Now during this time I have tested out various ways to interact with those who walk into the gallery and have looked at how best to do this.

The context within which I am standing is quite specific where I am essentially standing as a Sales Professional in a setting where I am representing myself, other artists, and the galley, where my primary role is to sell the artwork in the gallery.

This now creates a specific dynamic when people walk into the gallery where when I engage with them, I am doing so in a particular way, within the context that I am a salesman.

I have noticed that sometimes when people walk in and it looks like they are potential buyers, I start to get nervous and find it more difficult to communicate and interact with them. Other times, when they seem like ‘just admirers’, I am more comfortable and its easier to speak with them.

So today I noticed a familiar experience of anxiety coming up within me in relation to clients walking into the gallery, and so I applied the technique that was laid out in the Eqafe Interview I listened to last night.

First I looked at my initial experience that I was having which was a reactive experience triggering and ‘happening to me’ when someone would walk into the gallery. This anxiety that would come up, I found influenced me within moving to talk and interact with the customers.

So firstly, I wrote down the words that was coming up as the reactions

  • Hopeless
  • Helpless
  • Distant
  • Disconnected
  • Desperate
  • Anxiety

And then next I wrote down the words that I would rather like to live and express in those moments when people walk into the gallery

  • Here
  • Open
  • Simplicity
  • Calm
  • Inner Quiet
  • Anchored
  • Grounded
  • Settled

So as customers walked in and the reactive anxiety experience would come up, I would practice focusing on these other words, the words I wanted to be and express, and so then practiced moving out of the reaction words and into these other words.

Overall it was supportive, and throughout the day, I would pull out the piece of paper I had the words written on and re-visit them.

An observation I made was that having the new words written down, and now a part of my awareness in such moments when I faced this anxiety reaction gave me something else to focus on and direct and move myself and my attention into instead of just having the anxiety experience be the only thing in my awareness.

So I will continue to test out this application and I would recommend for anyone interested in hearing about this particular application to invest in the Source where the best description is given which is the interview on Eqafe.

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Fear of Making The Wrong Choice – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 725


Today I faced a challenging decision with regards to money and pertaining to a particular path I should walk in the short term. I was essentially at a crossroads and not entirely sure which decision to make.

So initially I just looked at the point within myself and investigated the different dimensions involved and ultimately decided on ‘outcome A’ instead of ‘B’.

But I was not absolutely stable within myself. There was still some rumblings and some reactions and energies moving within me in relation to the decision and I was not entirely clear why.

So the next step for me was to sit down with myself and my notebook and just write about the point and see what else I can see.

Initially, when I was faced with the decision, there was various factors weighing in on what road I would take. However after writing in my notebook about it, I could see a lot more clearly that actually, my primary reaction and difficulty was happening around the dimension of Money, and so even though initially it seemed like there was a lot of dimensions at play, after my writing, I could see that there was really only one that I wasn’t clear on, and that was the Money part.

So after seeing this, I still wasn’t totally clear, and so I decided to sit down and talk to my partner about it. So I sat down with my partner and just started communicating about what I was seeing and what I wasn’t clear on.

During our conversation a point opened up with regards to how I have faced similar points, one in particular like this in the past and how in the past, after going back and forth for a while, I ended up going with decision ‘B’ even though I didn’t really want to. And that on a few other occasions I also would go with decision B. Ultimately because ‘it was safer’.

The specific ‘driver’ of me having made that decision in the past, and what was affecting my decision making process today, was Fear.

Today after I had looked at all the dimensions, I decided to go with decision ‘A’ but then this point of fear came up within me of “what if I made the wrong choice” and this fear kept nagging at me until I started to re-think my decision.

And in speaking with my partner I was able to communicate to her about this fear that I noticed, and that I had noticed also coming up in past decision as well and how normally I would give into that fear, and how I would actually trust it to be a good marker to base decision making on where if I had formed this methodology where, if I make a decision and then experience fear afterwards, like I made the wrong decision, then I would change my decision, and in fact I haven’t so much trusted myself to walk in the face of this fear and in the face of this statement within myself that “you made the wrong decision”

So after utilizing some of the different tools I have available to me such as writing and communicating with my partner, I decided to stick to my decision to walk decision ‘A’ and not change this decision to alleviate the ‘fear of making a mistake’ that came up within me, and so I will take this an opportunity to walk this decision and to see the validity of this fear. I realize I can’t expect to not have any fear or doubt when making decisions and I realize its not about not having this experience. I was practical in my assessment, and so now it is a point of trusting myself within this and not allow myself to be completely dominated by fear. Fears around money is quite a point for a lot of people, myself included, so was quite a point today. I am satisfied with the decision and now I walk it, and accept the outcome.

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Practically Creating Intentions Into Reality – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 718


Tonight I finished the series on “Intentions” that you can find on Eqafe. After listening to this series I experience myself to be a lot more clear and empowered within myself in relation to creating my life in a way that will be beneficial to myself and others.

This morning as I went about some daily tasks I began to become frustrated within myself. During these tasks I wasn’t as much noticing the shift within myself from stability into frustration where it wasn’t until later in the afternoon when I noticed myself angry and clearly possessed by a reaction that I acknowledged within myself that I must now go back in my day to identify the point/moment when the reaction began.

I traced it back to the early morning when I began to become frustrated, and flustered in relation to some art related activities that I was busy with.

At this stage in my life, I have created my Art to be my primary career. As such, there is various aspects of having this be a career that require attention and direction. From a certain perspective there is a lot of potential in terms of the various ways I can expand and enhance this point, and this has been something that I haven’t been satisfied with within my life in terms of my creative efficacy within really growing my Art into what I see is a potential way or ways it could exist.

So this relates back to the series of interviews I listened to on Eqafe on ‘Intentions’ where what I identified within my own life while listening to these interviews is how I have had so many intentions with my Art, and how so many of my intentions never actually go through the creation process and become manifest in this real time 3D world but only ever continue existing in the mental realms of my mind as ‘intentions’ only.

So as I listened to this series of interviews over the last couple weeks, I looked at what it was exactly that caused me to not make my Intentions in relation to Art an actual physical creation. And one dimension that I observed with why this was is because so often I would just simply give up, mostly even before I began where like today, I would have a reaction come up, I would become overwhelmed and instead of supporting myself within clearing the reaction and continuing on, I would just go ahead and give up.

I would also actually doubt my intentions a lot, like when they come up within my mind I go into the thinking patterns of

‘what’s the point’

‘those will just be a waste of time’

‘those are just useless thoughts’

And so with having these thoughts, along with the emotional experience of feeling overwhelmed, I would give in, and just stop moving the points.

And I never actually considered that the problem wasn’t actually the nature of the intentions coming up, but that it was more my relationship to these intentions in terms of how I would normally act or react in relation to them. Like how I judged them and so never bothered to take the physical planning and actions to bring them into reality.

And now as I am writing this out for myself I am seeing this particular potent dimension of why it was that I didn’t ever bring my intentions into creation in relation to my art. It was because I judged them and I didn’t think they were worth my time.

So in identifying this, I can now implement the correction of rather than judging my Intentions that come up within myself, I can investigate them practically, and made a decision on some kind of physical direction I can take to actually start physically manifesting and creating these intentions into physical reality.

This was another supportive aspect of the series of interviews I listened to. They provided a clear practical guideline with how to go about making that shift inside yourself so that you can move yourself from intention into physical creation.

So with myself I identified some personal dimensions, such as the judgments I had towards my own intentions, and how this influenced me within giving up even bothering to walk the necessary physical actions to bring them into existence.

Though, along side this there are other dimensions to consider as well, and this is where the interview series really added a lot of value to my life because yes, I identified my own judgments towards my intentions through listening to the series, but that is only one dimension and the series covers some very practical considerations and dimensions that is necessary to getting the ‘full picture’ so that I can now, in realizing I have judged my intentions, do something about it with having access to the insights I gained through listening to this series,

You can find the full series here on Eqafe – https://eqafe.com/p/intentions-understanding-your-intentions-atlanteans-part-336

Are you Happy With Your Job? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 716


Its voting time again here in Canada. The time where we as a populous choose the leaders of our country. The leaders that are taking up those primary positions of responsibility within managing the efficacy and functionality of our world system.

In a recent visit back to my home town visiting family and friends I was having a discussion with someone about their recent change of occupation and what it was like in the new position versus the old and what factors contributed to why it is they decided to make the career switch.

One of the points discussed which stood out allot to me with regards to the difference between the new and the old job, was in the degree of freedom and creativity that was now offered in the new position.

I mentioned the voting point in the first paragraph because in a lot of ways, it is the leaders of our country who have been assigned with not only managing, but also creating, or at least playing a significant role in the creation of our world system and so within this the kinds and types of jobs that are available within this system.

It’s not difficult to observe how our world, now existing in the age of consumerism is accelerating in pace and speed with each passing day. And how we have over time, constructed a massive machine that streamlines the manufacturing of consumer goods and services where the individuals role within this has more and more been reduced to performing some simple functions within this machine and within the corporate structure of this machine, essentially passing on instructions from the higher ups where ones own freedom of expression and creativity has been greatly diminished within this system and has ultimately been extracted out, where now one can spend their entire career basically carrying out the instructions of someone else where they themselves have no real valuable relationship to their product or service at all.

This reminds me of a movie I watched last night about the ‘Milgram experiments’.

In 1961 a social psychologist by the name of Stanley Milgram began the famous and controversial ‘Milgrams Experiments’ conducting experiments investigating the role of ‘obedience to authority figures’

“Milgram (1974) explained the behavior of his participants by suggesting that people actually have two states of behavior when they are in a social situation:

 The autonomous state – people direct their own actions, and they take responsibility for the results of those actions.

 The agentic state – people allow others to direct their actions, and then pass off the responsibility for the consequences to the person giving the orders. In other words, they act as agents for another person’s will.”



What I see here is that our current world system and the corporate structure now existing is very much dependent on the majority of individuals existing in this ‘agentic state’ where they are just carrying out someone else’s will where they themselves have no real contribution to the system and product or service they are creating. And what you now have today is both, a conditioned population that no longer even recognizes this part of themselves that actually craves the kind of expression where you as an individual is really contributing in a way where your full capacity as an expression of life is being engaged and utilized, as well has having a world system and corporate structure that not only makes this kind of expression impossible for all, but that due to the omnipresence and prevalence of this corporately structured machine that is our world system, stomps out any spark of hope in those beings with an inclination for, or recollection of what it’s like to have personal freedom and creativity as part of their expressions.

What the individual I was having a discussion with when I visited my hometown expressed is that they felt that even though they were climbing higher and higher in the corporate structure, which is some ways meant more money, their personal creativity was still something that was not at all being engaged. With the new job, the draw, was that they now had a say in how the company will be carrying out their business and that they were able to see direct feedback via results for their own personal ideas,  insights, and actions, or in other words, they were now connected in a substantial and relevant way to the outcome of the product or service they were offering.

Being an Artist myself, this is something I have come to really be grateful for now in my life as I have began making this my full-time occupation. I like the freedom and creativity, and that I am actually responsible for and so Empowered within the successes and failures of the business.

So now here we are – Its Voting time in Canada – And who do we vote for?

What is the purpose of our political structure and where in this structure are steps being taken to create a system where FREEDOM and CREATIVITY of the individual is being nurtured.

Political Leaders often chant about “Good Paying Jobs For the Hardworking Middle Class” This is very misleading because this also means, more robotic jobs that perpetuate what psychologist Milgram defined as the “agentic state” where the individual is really not responsible for the outcome but is simply carrying out the will of someone else which from my perspective has lead to a depressed human race.

So the big question here is how do we re-design our world and our corporate structure so that each participant, a.k.a employee within this structure are functioning at their full potential as human beings, and not just existing as resources to be harvested to produce nice lifestyles for the ‘higher ups’

So what is the Solution? I would suggest to begin with investigating the Equal Life Foundation and their proposed “Living Income Guaranteed” policy. The Equal Life Foundation is operating on a set of principles designed to VALUE Each and every individual in this world no more accepting and allowing ourselves to lead uninspired robotic lives.

Do you value Creativity and Freedom? Do you want this for your own Life? If so, investigate Living Income Guaranteed.