Giving Myself STRUCTURED DIRECTION Within Social Media – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 832


IMG_2230 (2).jpg

“Personality Park” Oil on Canvas, Andrew Gable

It feels like every time I look into my phone the logos of the social media apps I most participate with become more deeply ingrained into my mind and body.

Over the last 6 to 8 months I have been taking more deliberate actions to set my phone down and move myself away from social media and the internet and engage more in my physical reality. It has definitely been worth it however It is still something I am actively re-aligning myself in relation to. The phrase that came up within me today is “embrace it and run with it”.

Recently my wife and I decided to do a social media re-structuring where we set up some new direction for ourselves around our screen time. Since that day I have been experiencing some resistance to it and what I noticed is that I hadn’t yet embraced the point, and not only that, but ‘ran with it’ which means to embrace it and to then become active in LIVING other SOLUTIONS and activities as the implementation of new lifestyle expressions instead of spending time thinking about the old ways and all the comments and likes I am missing out on or ‘what if someone is asking me something on social media and I must respond’.

For me this initiative is to slow myself down and create a bit more stability within myself while at the same time reducing time wasting behavior that depending on the day can reach extremes in the sense that ones screen becomes a place to not only escape reality but to suppress ones own creative expression.

I forgive myself as my being, my innocence, for accepting and allowing myself to spend any time at all thinking about what is being said on social media or if someone is commenting and liking my posts. I see that this only creates an alternative reality in my head that is fueling my desire to be on social media and so I forgive myself as my being, my innocence, for not embracing my new life and the exploring and focusing on the new ways I can express and live in my moment to moment life where my phone is no longer a tool I use to escape and suppress myself.

And so here, when and as I see myself beginning to think about or ponder ‘what is happening on my social media accounts’ I in that moment stop and take a breath and completely let it go, and move my attention back to me, back to here and onto embracing and running with my new life. Embracing meaning to stand within that understanding of why I have committed to change my habits around social media so that I can actually LIVE a more Fulfilling and Creative Life, and “running with it” in the sense that I then just MOVE ON and rather than focus on what I can’t do, rather focus on what I can do and how I can express myself right now in this moment in new expressions that I wasn’t doing before as doing as much of before, instead of participating with thoughts and energy around what is happening on my social media accounts.

I also realize that when I give attention and energy to what is happening on my social media accounts, when I am not actually participating physically with that account in a directive way,  I am essentially creating an inner reality which now I end up fighting with because I have set-up certain parameters around my social media use yet I am still feeding a contrary reality within myself of how I use to participate with social media with much less direction and in ways that were wasteful.

I commit myself to switch my attention onto where and how I can express and direct myself in my moment to moment living whenever I notice or see my mind wonder into wanting to check my social media feeds. I see that one reason my mind will go there is because that is how I conditioned myself and so now I just must be vigilant and diligent in reprogramming myself into more supportive habits.

I commit myself to feed myself in a way that nourishes me by also utilizing my freed up presence and attention to focus more on my diet which is an important physical aspect of my life that I see is something I can develop more distinctiveness and specificity around instead of it being something I leave to the last minute.

Okay, going to leave it here for now. Interesting how I began with looking at my daily internet habits and ended with looking at what I feed myself and my body physically.

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