Introducing More Structure Into My Life – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 831

After a year and a half of focusing primarily on art creation I have recently began a new venture where I am dividing my time between creating art and selling art. I have worked out an agreement with my gallery to spend a few days a week on the gallery floor assisting with the day to day operations of the gallery including the selling of artwork. This is something that I have had the opportunity to do throughout the years as a point of learning the in’s and out’s of not only how to create art but also the entire industry in itself.

The biggest change is the introduction of this new system and structure into my life which for the last long while has been more free-wheeling where I was more just focused on creating art and setting my own hours and comings and goings.

I had also experienced myself becoming a bit disconnected from the world and from people and so by making this adjustment to my life and art career I have been able to reconnect with people and more deeply into a system that in itself is very much integrated with the larger world system.

Ultimately I could see that I needed more structure in my life, and that I wasn’t creating that structure on my own. And so since becoming more engaged in the day to day operations of the gallery I have began noticing the impact learning this new structure is having on myself and my life. It is still early on in the process but I have been enjoying interacting and learning from more people as well as learning the inner structure of the gallery and how it operates and functions where then I must develop a similar structure within myself and within my communication to be able to accommodate, participate within, and support the expression and development of this structure.

Communication is integral and paramount within this structure which has really emphasized the importance of developing effective communication and language skills within ones foundation of self to be able to function in our world system.

I wonder if I would have even been able to handle the position I am now standing within if I had not challenged myself to write all these blogs over the years

So I decided to write this blog as a point of seeing where I am at with my blogs which I haven’t really been doing much the past couple years, as well a point of supporting me again with developing my language and communication skills and then of course simply as a point of sharing myself.

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