“The Physical is God” A Guiding Principle. – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 825


My wife and I recently began walking a ‘Living Words’ process where every couple nights we pick a word from our word web as a word to emphasize, develop, create, and live into our partnership/agreement as well as our lives individually. When we first started our relationship together we create a word web of all the words we wanted to live in our agreement. So we will often refer back to this map of words to chose from.

The other night the word “Principles” came up and at first it was a bit foreign aside from the usual understanding I have of the word. And so I sat with the word for a few days and brought it up in discussion and there really wasn’t much coming up.

However the other night I was talking to Kristina and I saw an interesting dimension of how I actually live this word ‘Principle’ in my life, even though I didn’t necessarily initially see this, that my entire life and living is actually governed by ‘Principles’ and now as I write this I can see that I either give myself a ‘Principle’ to walk and live by or I just follow the already pre-programmed principles that I have adopted from family structure, societal structure, ext.

So here are some of the Principles that I actually see I am Living in my day to day life that is having an impact on who I am and how I live. Some principles I have I see I haven’t substantiated to much with my living where others are more determining myself and my life a lot more.

One of my primary Principles is the principle of

“The Physical is God”

Its actually funny because I didn’t realize or consider that this phrase within me of “The Physical is God” was/is actually a principle I live by. The statement “The Physical is God” is kind of a placeholder statement or prompt I give myself in moments where I go about living this principle. So let me explain how this statement within me is actually a principle that I have been utilizing for years and live by virtually daily as a guiding force in who I am and how live.

“The Physical is God” refers to my understanding of what ‘The Physical’ is and how I can utilize this to support me in my life in particular where I make the distinction between ‘My Mind’ and the chaos that sometimes ensues in there, and the grounded, solid, stable construction and nature of ‘The Physical’

For me “The Physical” is my saving grace, it is that extended hand that is always there if I take it, that I can utilize as a point of support to stabilize and ground myself when things get rough, because when things get rough, when the seas are stormy within me, the physical is always constant, grounded, stable, and here, and so in situations like this when “things are rough” or I am in some kind of emotional state, whether it be depression, anger, frustration, despair, wanting to be right, even heightened excitement, I know within myself that I can, and often do utilize “The Physical” as a way to ground myself, to pull myself out of the the stormy waters, out of my ego, out of my possession, out of my subjective opinion, or veiled views, or judgements,  and onto some solid ground so I can get my footing, stand back up, breath, and continue on. For me, the physical is a kind of simplicity, it is what it is, the mind complicates things, the physical is an opportunity to just drop everything and start from simplicity.  I do this by going for a walk, or playing with the dog, or even for me I find when I go to work and carve my stone sculptures, it is a very physical process as I am working with my hands, it really supports me to get grounded and into my body and out of my head. I will also utilize the tool of breathing and as I inhale I bring my awareness to my physical body and focus on my body, and my breathing. And just drop everything else! Everything mental.

And this process of grounding myself in the physical is happening frequently and also where generally I have that orientation towards the physical as a point I understand within myself as “where I want to be”

So I do not dwell in the mind too long.

So in a way the physical is my saving grace. The Physical is God, where for me, when in doubt, even when things just seem chaotic and out of hand, I can always rely on that baseline of supporting myself to ‘get into the physical’

So I was for many years now living this principle of “The Physical is God” but didn’t necessarily realize I was or realized how much this principle has become a part of my life and living and is determining what my life and self look like right now.


Other principles with which I live by, act, make decisions are,

The Principle of Doing What is Best for ALL

The Principle of Standing in the shoes of another

The Principle of Self Forgiveness

The Principle of Taking Self Responsibility

The Principle of Equality (All life/plant/animal/human/bacteria/molecule ect. Are equal)

The Principle of Utmost Potential

I realize there are just statements and as statements may be a bit abstract though behind each one of these principles/statements there is actually a larger context and application that I express within myself and life on a regular basis as a means to navigate myself and this reality. I am sure I could do a blog on each one. But for now there is a bit of an overview of the insight I had into how I exist as and live by Principles in my life.



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