Creating Stability in Myself and My Own Life First – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 810


Today an unexpected guest stopped by the carving studio as I was working. It was a fellow artist who used to carve with us a couple years ago. He was driving through the area on his way to do some travelling.

Seeing him caused me to reflect upon my life and my life style and how I have approached my life and situation the past four years where since getting the opportunity to create sculptures for a gallery here where I live and to sell my work, that has been my primary focus for the past four years, with very little deviation in terms of my direction and pursuit of creating and building this point up into something stable and substantial.

For me, this opportunity to create art is significant and I have been really quite single minded in developing it into its full potential which I do not see I have reached by any means as of yet.

For me, early on in my life I was a bit more transient where now my focus is more on getting grounded, stable, and establishing some roots.

I suppose this ‘mentality’ or direction with my life was birthed out of my participation with walking the Desteni Process where I have been introduced to many principles which I have taken to heart and began implementing in my life.

As I have continued to walk this process with Desteni, I have more started viewing my life as an opportunity to take responsibility for myself, my life and others as well.

This approach I can see stems from the principle of “Doing What is Best For ALL” where I have began to align my life to this principle, where to begin Doing What is Best For ALL, I see this point of first being able to Support Myself and to Learn how to create Stability within my own life and so this is what I have been developing and creating and practicing.

So for me, creating myself and my life into a point of Stability is something I see as valuable for myself and others.

This doesn’t mean that I am not able to express and live and explore different aspects and ways of life. But I do see that this approach of Taking Responsibility For Myself and My life and Doing what is best for all,  lead me to focus on creating and establishing the point I am walking now with my art business into something that is stable and can support me to live in this world and be a functioning member of society. Its like, ‘step 1’.

So when my friend showed up today and caused me to reflect on my own life path. These are some of the points that came up in terms of looking at why I decided to stick to this sculpture point where this has been my primary focus for the last four years.

And it really is still a day to day process where I just walk day by day and do what is here and direct what is here and move myself within this Principle of Doing What is Best for ALL, which as I mentioned I see means firstly that I must Direct my own life and create a certain stability within Myself and my own Life.


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