Showing Up! – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 809


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In my last blog I began opening up the point of ‘Motivation’ which was prompted when a co-worker of mine expressed his gratitude towards the motivation he saw within me over the past 4 years as I have been developing a body of stone sculptures.

What is interesting is that I feel in a lot of ways that I have actually struggled with motivation at times.

In fact if I look back over the past 4 years I see many times where I really struggled to stay consistent with going to work each day to develop and create my artwork.

But I have stuck with it and continue to develop my consistency within showing up to work to create sculptures because they surely do not carve themselves. I mean, the art and creativity stuff is actually the easy part. The difficult part is SHOWING UP.

In my last blog I listed a few principles that I have utilized to support me in developing my sculptures over the past four years.

  • Accumulation Affect 1+1+1+1
  • The principle of Whats Best For ALL
  • Self Direction
  • Self Forgiveness
  • Self Honesty
  • Bringing ALL points back to self
  • Self Responsibility (never blame anyone or anything)
  • Breath (one breath at a time)
  • Live In the Physical
  • Don’t Compare
  • Do what you must and within that create what you would like it to be
  • Lead by Example
  • Live to your utmost potential
  • Personal Process First
  • Do unto others what you would like done unto you
  • Be Solution Oriented
  • Consistency


Okay so in this blog I am going to expand some on the first principle: “Accumulation Affect 1+1+1+1”

This principle was introduced to me almost a decade ago. It is similar to that saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and I have utilized this principle in many things in my life and also within the development of my art.

For me I see this principle as embodying a simplicity. It literally meant for me to just SHOW UP!

For the last four years I have been developing a collection of stone sculptures which I sell. Now my approach was to keep it simple and just show up to work each work day. There were a lot of days where I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and go and carve, but I did. And there were also a lot of days where I didn’t want to get out of bed to carve, and I didn’t….but then eventually did and got myself to work. There were also days where it was easy to get up and I looked forward to it, and there were also days where I just didn’t go. So perhaps my co-worker observed some form of Motivation in my process that I have been working on of getting up in the mornings and going to work and being consistent with that. Learning to go and work even though I might not feel like it, essentially focusing on the Principle of the matter rather than my experience which often would shift once I got to work where suddenly it really wasn’t so bad as I initially experienced to be

The Accumulation affect is how one creates something where if one does a little bit each day then eventually it accumulates into a bigger point. And so with this AWARENESS I have had of this principle, I have utilized it as a guideline when approaching this whole process I have walked with developing stone sculptures. I just kept it simple and each day I carved, would be time that I would be putting into the creation of these sculptures, and so I just walked one day at a time, one sculptures at a time and continue to utilize this accumulation affect within this point.

This affect also goes hand in hand with CONSISTENCY which I have at times expressed as “The most powerful force of all!” It’s nothing fancy, it’s just Consistency, one day at a time, one breath at a time. Brick by brick.

I began developing this tool of consistency actually within my Journey To Life Blogs. I had actually began before that, but this particular process I have walked with this blog has been a commitment of consistency and learning how to and developing my ability to be consistent. So Consistency is definitely a PILLAR of ‘Motivation’ so to speak.

Now its interesting that my co-worker perceived me as ‘motivated’ I guess my motivation is that within my art I always want to SEE WHATS POSSIBLE and so I move myself to create it and see what Is possible within my creation. And then so the Accumulation Affect and Consistency are more the Practical ‘how-to’ and LIVING of Motivation. But I do see an underlying curiosity within myself of wanting to see what I am capable of and see what my utmost potential is, not just in my art but in MYSELF and My LIFE. I have been fortunate in my life to meet some great examples of human potential that has been a guiding inspiration and motivation for me. And having the Desteni Process has really been an incredible TOOL for me to be able to understand how to and what it means to live to my utmost potential as Life and understanding all the various dimensions of this process of creating myself to be my Utmost Potential.


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