Pillars of Motivation – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 808



Its interesting that as I sit here looking for what topic or point I can write about tonight from this past day, I am drawing a blank. Its interesting because a single day is actually long with hundreds of moments. So the fact that I would be drawing a blank is kind of telling me that perhaps I am dismissing a lot of what happened in my day today, thinking its not worthy to write about.

One of my co-workers today expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards me in relation to my art and the motivation I have lived in relation to my process I have walked the last 4 years as a stone artist. He wondered outloud why the others don’t do the same as me?

There is a few factors that go into my motivation within my art process though one of the main ones is the process I have been walking with desteni the past 10 years which have indispensably supported my process with my art as well.

So these comments from my co-worker did cause me to reflect on my process I have walked with art as well as just my overall process I have been walking with Desteni the past 10 years and the support and guidance I have received through this process which have supported me to Live in a way where I am supporting myself to Live to my Utmost Potential.

So when he expressed is gratitude towards me I immediately thought of how what I am doing now with my art has been created upon the foundation I have developed and established with my personal process with desteni. I also wondered about how exactly this personal process I am walking is translating into my real-time physical living ‘out-there’ in the world.

Essentially SELF is always the foundation and then the other points emerge from this.

So yes, the guidance I have received as well as the tools and applications I have developed through walking the desteni process have been absolutely paramount to what I am doing with my art now.

There are so many nuances to process and so many things I can see that have become some of my ‘pillars’ so to speak that support me within my life.

Some of these ‘pillars’ as principles that I have utilized to support me to Live this word ‘Motivation’ when it comes to my art expression and what specifically I have been walking the past 4 years are

  • Accumulation Affect 1+1+1+1
  • The principle of Whats Best For ALL
  • Self Direction
  • Self Forgiveness
  • Self Honesty
  • Bringing ALL points back to self
  • Self Responsibility (never blame anyone or anything)
  • Breath (one breath at a time)
  • Live In the Physical
  • Don’t Compare
  • Do what you must and within that create what you would like it to be
  • Lead by Example
  • Live to your utmost potential
  • Personal Process First
  • Do unto others what you would like done unto you
  • Be Solution Oriented
  • Consistency

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