Realizing A New Moment Requires a New Approach – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 803


Today was quite a challenging day at work. I kept having to go back into a particular area of my sculpture I was carving and adjust the proportions to get it aligned correctly. It was challenging because usually I get the proportions where I want them after a few adjustments, but with this one it just wasn’t quite aligning the way I was wanting and had expected based on how things normally have went in the past and so I kept going back and making adjustments and each time it was getting a little better, and a little better, and then Id tell myself “Okay this is the last time, after this it should be good” and I wanted it to be better, and to be done, and I really tried to convince myself that “it was fine” but within myself, there was still this nagging point where I could see that it just wasn’t quite where I want it yet. This adjustment process gone on around 6 or 7 times the past 2 days and as I was walking this point today I was experiencing some disbelief. I couldn’t believe that it just wasn’t aligning, even after all the adjustments I made. Then finally after I was certain I made my final adjustment to get the proportion just where I wanted it, I noticed, that…….yes…….it still needed just a bit more refining…….. so at the end of the day, I made one final adjustment and yes, FINALLY I am satisfied with the proportions…Hopefully, lol.

I will see Monday when I get back to the project and can look at it after a couple days off when I am well rested and can slow things down and make sure it is exactly where I want it.

So it was an interesting process that played out today and a good reminder that no two sculptures I create are the same and that I must be able to adjust my approach each time to do what I need to do to get the structure how I want it to be, because I can also just say “aw its good enough” but then there is a point of compromise there, not taking the necessary time to align the structure and form to the best of my ability and in a way that I see I am able to do,  which is really the point with creating these sculptures, the point for me is to do my best and live to my utmost potential. So overall, I am glad I decided to push this point today and keep going back as many times as I needed to get the sculpture where I wanted it to be.

So yes, a cool reminder here that its important to walk IN THE MOMENT and do what is necessary and what is called for in the moment where you can’t rely on how things went in the past but must be PRESENT and make sure you are assessing things in Real Time and be willing to step outside of a systematic way of operating and simply direct oneself according to each moment being a NEW Moment.

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