Prying into my Priorities – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 792


In this blog I am going to begin opening up the word of ‘Postponement’ as a way to support myself to start seeing how and where I am accepting and allowing myself to Live this word of Postponement in my life and myself.

I do see that this is a word that I do accept and allow myself to participate in and exist as at the moment within my life.

I see this word existing in different areas of my life.

My work, where I put off projects I am working on and think “I don’t have time”

My normal household duties where I allow a resistance towards doing them influence my decision of when I will do them, where I will put them off until after and sometimes to the last minute where then finally I have no choice but to do them. That is a common point with postponement where I will put things off until the last minute where I will experience a resistance or negative energy towards doing things and so then instead of being Self Directive, I will allow myself to be moved and directed by that energy where until I will for instance have piles of laundry that need to get done because I didn’t Direct myself to keep up a flow with doing things regularly. This process of allowing myself to be directed by ENERGY or RESISTANCE towards tasks is what I am seeing as one of the primary reasons for Postponement.

I also find that there is a pattern to my postponement where I will go through ebbs and flows where I will be more directive when things are going well and I am supporting myself and more ‘on top of things’ but then I will start stumbling a bit and kind of getting sucked into energy or emotional experiences where then I allow myself to be directed by my resistance towards doing things and then I start avoiding my daily responsibilities. Ultimately, all this is nothing new. And the Solution is nothing new either. And so then my question is, why then is it existing?

In a way I see that I postpone very important things in my life. Like for instance me pushing through ‘problem patterns’ and changing particular behaviors that I see I am in fact limiting myself through.

So I am seeing here that it is necessary to work with postponement on both an inner as well as outer level. So what does this mean and How can I go about doing this.

Well I am going to do a test run of this where I Deliberately practice stopping my postponement of things in both my inner and outer reality and so here I can utilize Writing and Self Forgiveness to Support in Clearing my INNER SELF so that I am not postponing any inner points that I see are bothering me or occupying me on the within.

And actually this is where I am going to focus initially with Living the correction in relation to the Word Postponement where I actually end up Postponing my SELF SUPPORT. So I can begin with changing this through taking the time each day or each week to really be with myself and work through points in Writing and Self Forgiveness that is HERE and coming up within me. Like for instance establishing a routine where I do some daily writing or more active self support and this even means identifying and working with those RESISTANCES that I see existing in relation to outer tasks and responsibilities as well.

So the Correction Word to Live here I see is the word PRIORITIZING! Because man that is something I really don’t like doing because if I really do that, I can not longer shift those really important things that I am totally resisting down to the bottom of my list. So to LIVE the word PRIORITIZING is to actually WORK on those High Priority Points instead of allowing myself to shift them down the list.  And so I can actually LIVE this word PRIORITIZING by directing myself to begin PRYING open those tasks that I resist doing by making sure to keep them at the TOP of my List if they are a Priority and directing myself to even do a some work on them instead of avoiding them all together whcih I see I have done with many things where I will just resist them completely and not even give myself a chance to Get in there.

Okay so will test this and see how it goes. PRYING into my Priorities.


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