Musings On EXPANSION – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 789


I have recently been walking a process of Living and Becoming the word “Expand”

Or at least that has been my intention, within learning the process of Self Creation through learning how to “Live Words”


So for the past while I have been investigating how to live the word ‘Expand’ or ‘Expansion’


A lot of the time I noticed that when it comes to doing this I draw a blank. And I don’t know exactly how to do it.


Though throughout the past couple weeks I have been looking at this point of how to Live this word Expansion and what that means and how to integrate this expression within me of Living “Expansion”


What has evolved in doing this is that throughout my day I will have moments where I ask myself “What does it mean to Live the word Expansion in this moment” I might be doing the dishes, or going to sleep, or driving, or creating art, or looking for something to do. So periodically I have been asking myself this question and have noticed this question of “what does it mean to live the word expansion” coming up more in this later phase. Usually when I ask myself this, the answer that comes up within is related to my awareness where I see that “in this moment I can expand my Self Awareness” through simply being more aware of myself and what is going on in my body where often throughout my day its like I am not so aware of each body movement I am making and what is happening within me. So one way I have Lived this word Expansion is through by Expanding my awareness of myself in moments where I previously would have just carried on with more automated behavior.


Another way I have been exploring the Living of the word Expansion is through by allowing myself to do things differently when it comes to my daily living from the perspective of breaking out of my routine or mold. This is essentially, not only giving myself permission to, but also deliberately doing things differently in moments, and thus allowing myself to Expand my behaviors and how I am going about my days. So there is more of an Embracing of doing things out of my routine instead of resisting them.


I have also noticed how in my life that I have been stuck to certain degrees in some particular behaviors that I see have no benefit to me at all. And some of those behaviors are rather quite limiting, like for instance ‘entertainment’ (enter-containment) or (enterTAME-MENt) where I enter this form of trance like state and just allow the hours too fly by without me doing anything really practical or beneficial for myself. So this is another area where I see Id like to more fully Live the word Expansion through where I in these such moments to rather than just Subduing myself in front of the internet, to rather Direct myself to Live something more Substantial and Developmental for myself. I could even Expand on what I watch on the internet where I could even for example watch shows that I normally would not consider.

So there have been a few moments where I noticed myself going into this pattern where I kind of Sink into a subdued state within myself in front of the computer, which I have identified as specific instances where I can LIVE this word Expansion through by actually ENGAGING Myself into something, instead of Disengaging which is happening when I go into this subdued state and so throughout the last 2 weeks I have had a few moments where I noticed myself slipping into this state, and then so asked myself. How can I rather LIVE the WORD Expansion right now, because ultimately doing anything other than  basically shutting down into this trance like state in front of the computer would be an Expansion of myself and so then I would Deliberately move/direct myself out of this behavior/state.


I have also been developing more of a consistency in my application with Art the past 2 weeks. For quite some time (years) I have been wanting to develop my paintings more but have struggled to get anywhere with this and would always just end up stopping and giving up only to come back to it weeks or months later. So One aspect of my life where I have deliberately been exploring what it means to LIVE the word Expansion is with my paintings.


Common sensically, the way I see to Live the word Expansion with my paintings is to in fact put in the physical hours/time working on that part of my artwork. That is the only way it will ever expand and I will ever expand and develop that point into something more than just dabbling here and there. So with this point, Living the word Expansion is more a physically practical point where I have to physically spend more time applying myself in my paintings. Within this also I have been working on practicing “Allowing myself to Expand” meaning where I allow myself to explore what it is that I am painting instead of just being fixated on one way to paint or do things in my paintings, I allow myself to try out new ways of painting, new subjects ect. So this point is more based on a Starting Point where the word “Expansion” is part of that Starting Point where I give myself permission to try new things out and just allow myself to Explore without judgement. It has only been short while with all this also, so I do see that I can still practice all this a lot more in understanding and learning what it means to and how to LIVE the word Expansion in my life.



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