How I Practice Living the Word “GROUNDED” – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 785


For the past few days I have practicing Living the word ‘Grounded’ to assist and support myself overall, but to also assist and support myself in changing a pattern of mine where I was indulging in ‘Distraction’. What is interesting is that if you look at the word “Distraction” it can be seen as “Dis-Traction” which translates into where you don’t have TRACTION and for me I noticed this dis-traction was also like a ‘slipping’ where I just so easily slip into a pattern of distraction and then being wasteful of my time and self and not really Supporting myself to LIVE they way that I know I am capable of doing. And so for the last few days I have been Living this word Grounded and will share here a few examples of how I have began doing/testing/implementing this into My Self Application.

A few days ago, I was challenged to come up with words that Describe my Physical Body. And here I am not really talking about the physical appearance of the body but more how I have experienced myself as my physical body over the years.  So within slowing myself down and looking throughout my life how I have experienced myself in and as my Body or how I would describe it I came up with a list of words, with the First word on this list being GROUNDED.

For me this experience of myself being Grounded is where I find I am very Stable within myself. I am also very calm and there is very little happening within me. I am Calm, Stable, Quiet, and I find there is a clarity within myself. Like an ability to SEE what is going on around/within me. A Clearness.

Its actually quite a comforting feeling/experience.

There is also this aspect of things moving very slowly or where everything just comes to a halt and I am HERE within myself Grounded and Clear and Clam.

So as part of the Challenge of coming up with words I would describe my physical body experience as, was also to use these words to SUPPORT SELF within ones life and living. And so for me I took on bringing this experience/word more into the Front and Center of my Day to Day living and Awareness and Exploring how I could Support myself by and through Living this word that I Sourced from looking into how I would describe myself as my Human Physical Body.

So firstly what I started doing is “connecting” with this Grounded Experience more often, meaning where I would in moments during my day, just slow things down, breath and see if I can bring through that Grounded Experience within myself that I have over the years in moments accessed, lived and experienced within myself.

I also started doing this to support myself to move out of what I was mentioning earlier about my “Pattern of Distraction” and so I started looking at and exploring how I could use this Word GROUNDED and use that to support me in correcting this pattern of distraction that has become quite prevalent within myself and my life where I just become so easily distracted by things especially the internet and then I would  end up going Deeper into the Distraction and then wasting so much time instead of really creating and developing my Best Self and my Best Life.

So I have begun accessing if you will, this experience of Grounded so for example where I face a moment of where Id normally slip into distraction. Rather, in that moment, I would bring forth this Grounded Experience as this Clam, Stable, Present and Quietness, and I would just calm things down, and Slow things down to a Halt and just be HERE in that Self Physical Groundedness and from there I would not only stop myself from slipping into the distraction because now I HAD TRACTION,  but then I would from that Grounded Stance, Move myself in a Different Direction.

But I would say a Key here was just really slowing down and stopping myself in those moments where id want to just slip away into Distraction. And you know, often times my want and desire for Distraction was based on a Hectic Internal Experience, so within bringing forth a Calm, Slowing Down, Stable experience within myself, it was a point of me Facing that “busy mind experience” slowing myself down, Grounding Myself and then Saying “Okay I am HERE, I am Present, and I am Grounded, so now its like there is Nothing to Run From, No Hectic Experience to Run From because “I am HERE and Grounded” and so this point of Creating this Grounded Stability within me has also been a process over the last few days of Supporting myself to Ground myself in relation my mental/mind experience as a point of just supporting myself to be more HERE and Calm and then within that I Rather Direct myself into something more productive or supportive for me. And so it has supported me to Gain Traction to then Direct Myself instead of existing in Dis-Traction.

For me to LIVE this word also meant where I am actually being MORE PHYSICAL in my Living where often time my points of distraction where more mentally stimulating like watching series/movies and other internet stuff. So for me Living this word Grounded also meant to Live MORE IN my Physical environment, which even means for example taking a moment to tidy up my physical surroundings, or pet the cats, or just sit with myself and breath, or take the time to cook a meal.

So when I began this process I asked myself “How Can I Live this Word Grounded as this Experience that I initially described as this calm, quiet and clear stability within myself, into my physical and mental life and living?”

And from there I looked at how I had so many things always going on in my mind in relation to “all the things I had to do” and this would at times become quite overwhelming, and so another Dimension I have been exploring as a way to Physical Practically LIVE and Create this word ‘Grounded’ is through by Creating a Daily To-Do list for myself where instead of just having all these tasks and things I want and have to do swirling around in my head, I can write them down and practice giving them more Structure and Anchoring them HERE in the Physical on a Piece of Paper that I can use to GROUND all these swirling ideas and my plan here is to within doing things, clear the air a bit as in clearing my mind and have a more Practical Way to walk and plan tasks in my day. This has been something that I have thought about every now and then and saw this as a cool opportunity to implement creating and structuring to-do lists to just Support Myself in keeping more organized and structured in an area of my life that in essence wasn’t really becoming very much grounded using my usual method of just getting to things when and as they popped up in my mind. So I have been working with and developing this utilizing a to-do list structure the past few days which has been enjoyable so far and has supported me to just be more organized within myself and my physical environment.

Okay folks, that’s all for now. A few examples how I have been utilizing and Living this word ‘Grounded’ as a Support for me to correct this pattern of distraction that I had become prone to and to Support myself to Create myself and my Life into something more effective.


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