The Pace of Nature – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 768


Today, I went for a walk into the forest next to where I live. I am visiting my hometown where I grew up and its always interesting to come back here and spend time out where I was raised. Its quite a ways outside the city with lots of tress, and wilderness, and animals. One of the things that I noticed about it, is that its Still. There is a stillness to it.

I have also considered if this stillness is actually coming from inside me and if it is something that is a point I developed within myself in growing up in such an environment where there really isn’t much activity going on like you have in cities.

In a way, its like as you move closer to money, and closer to the channels that money moves and flows, things become busy and more fast paced and what I have noticed for myself is that there is a kind of anxiety that comes through within me.

Now, I am on a bit of a break from my normal routine so basically I am able to take a break from that process of generating money which does require certain actions and movements to be taken and schedules to be kept which also might contribute to that inner anxiety experience.

In any case, It has been nice to step out of that money making process for a moment and just slow down a bit. And I find being out close to nature is a supportive environment to do that because its just the trees and the air and the plants surrounding you and it can be quite peaceful.

Tonight I accompanied my dad out hunting. For me it was more of a nature walk. At one point you could here the coyotes yipping and barking and howling and yapping all around us. We couldn’t see them because of the thick forest but they were close enough that we could here them growling and playing about 30 yards in front of us.

It was a cool moment in nature.

I will have to do my best to bring with me the “pace of nature” which I find comes through a lot when ever I visit home and things are just slower and quieter and more still like I mentioned earlier.

I think sometimes I allow that natural slower more stable and calm pace of life to get lost and I end up getting caught in anxieties, and reactions and over thinking and things like that, so yes, a nice reminder of Slooooooowwwwwingggg Doooooowwwwwnnnnnn.


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