The CORE of my Process – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 765


Core Foundation  (498x800)

After walking a process of Self Development, Self Change and now getting into Self Creation with myself, over the last 8 years or so, an interesting aspect came through last night after receiving some good news.

Throughout the past year, there have been times when things were really challenging and I have had to just find a way to keep going and keep pushing, and then there were also times where things were a bit easy and things were more working out.

But one thing that I have found coming through for myself in this process of Self Change, is that the CORE of my process does not actually change according to if things are going easy or if they are more challenging. The Core stays the same, and that Core is the process of “working on self”.

Last night I received some “good news” after quite a while where things were challenging and then finally there was a bit of a breakthrough of sorts in my outside reality for a moment.

I was relieved, and excited, but at the same time there was an awareness and stance within me around the understanding that “nothing really changes” in terms of what is actually important to me.

What I have come to realize for myself is that my attention, and my focus must always be on that real part of me that is really determining the outflow in my life. Its almost like the external reality fluctuates quite a bit and goes into highs and lows. But what I have found about Self Change, is that that process is very slow moving and it doesn’t really fluctuate. It moves like a snail moves. When I look at a snail moving, it doesn’t really seem to fluctuate. It is more just slow and steady, and that is what I am finding happens with Self Change. For me it hasn’t happened quickly and it doesn’t happen in an instant. Although it does happen in a moment, where you decide to change, where you decide to act and direct yourself in a different and new way when faced with particular moments and people ect. But in order to really change, you have to keep re-enforcing that new behavior over and over over a period of time and I have found that takes a while.

It can sometimes be easy to get swept away by good news or overwhelmed by tough times. But for me what I am realizing about this process and “where I want to be” is that I want to be Here, and want to be here making sure that I am still focusing on changing those reaction patterns of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors no matter what is going on in my life. This core application is where I want to continue to focus on daily to really create myself into who I want to be.

I can take responsibility for myself. Its kind of like I am the steering wheel of life. I have to continue to focus on working on that core part of myself and make sure I am aligned and going in the right way in my life. Its so easy to just get lost in your mind, and swept away by your thoughts, or emotions, and so it is important to continue working on understanding how the mind works, and how one has created and programmed oneself throughout their life and then so how to correct those parts of yourself that do not actually support you to live to your utmost potential.


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