Is “Goal Setting” a Bad Word? – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 764


This past week I decided to set myself a goal of creating art each day after I got home from work.

So the commitment I made was a 7 day commitment.

I have been doing this on and off for the past 4 years where I will go through periods where I make more art and then periods where I don’t make any.

Recently…well, actually for a while now, I have been desiring to develop my art into “something more” but I can never seem to get the ball rolling in a substantial way, but have found myself starting and stopping again, then starting again, and then stopping, and so on and so on.


Another aspect that has been coming up recently is the whole idea of goal setting or making commitments and then utilizing that as a point of support.


Now I have worked with this whole point of “goal setting” a decent amount in my life, though over the past 2 years, I had noticed that I really started avoiding this because I was finding it was having the reverse affect on what I was wanting it to have. Or at least that is what I told myself.


I can see actually that I have/had developed a bit of frustration towards goal setting because it has seemed like I more often bail on my goals before the end, before I meet them, or achieve that which I set out to do, then end up feeling shit.


So recently I have started working again more specifically with Goal Setting instead of allowing myself to see this as a “bad word” like I had defined it as. So in a way I am in a process of restoring my relationship  that I had created to goals or goal setting because if I look closely at this point, “goal setting” isn’t good or bad, it is just a tool, and that my “frustration” experience around it was simply due to how I interacted with this point and so I am approaching this point again, and seeing if I can create a different experience around it and see if I can find some practical ways to use goal setting or commitments to support me to become more effective in my life and grow, and achieve things that I would like to, and thus not accepting my previously accepted definition that “goal setting” is a bad word, because obviously that is a self creation and so from a certain perspective here I am correcting my relationship and definition to “goal setting”.


Of course the actual challenge is the ACTUAL CORRECTION PROCESS which must be lived and restored over a period of time by setting goals and honoring those goals instead of what always seemed to happen before where I would set a goal and then I would dishonor it.


Okay that’s it for tonight.


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