It’s Easier to Judge Others Than Take Action Yourself – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 762


Today as I was standing in line at the local coffee shop to get myself a cappuccino, I saw a friend of mine; a fellow artist sitting at a table working on his computer. He has had some success as an artist in his career so when ever I see him, I like to chat a bit and just share what’s going on with my own art and see whats up with him. As it turns out we both had actually been facing a similar point recently and also both came to a similar solution on what to do.


For me when I moved here where I live and started creating and selling sculptures at a local gallery, I had basically branched out into the ‘wildlife genre’ of art, something I had never really done before.


I had for the past couple years and considered taking this subject matter into my paintings as well but have held off thus far.


I live in a ‘Resort Town’ and so a lot of the town, including its art scene very much caters to that clientele, and as a result there is a tendency to have artwork that is very commercialized and focused on selling to tourists.


I noticed this right a way and noticed very specific themes and styles of art in the city that I saw as quite commercial and in fact I had all sorts of various judgements and opinions about it. Though I had never ventured to create any of my own variation on these themes which I was essentially using as a benchmark from which to form my own opinions around what they are doing.


So this is really the point I was referring to earlier in this blog about what my artist friend and I had realized about points we both were facing.


We were both looking at beginning a new series of work and there was a common realization that both him and myself shared about why were doing this.




Its easy to judge something, especially if you have never done it yourself.


Yes we perhaps could see ways to improve on what we were seeing, but ultimately, we hadn’t actually physically moved to do it and explore for ourselves these improvements in real physical creations


For me I had so many opinions about what everyone else was doing and one reason I did is because I saw from my own vantage point how “you could do so much more” with it, yet, ‘the problem’ if you want to call it that, was that I was not directing or moving myself to LIVE BY EXAMPLE through by creating and expressing that example for myself as a self expression but had rather just remained more in judgement, and opinion to the point where it was really getting to me that I was spending so much time on these judgements and opinions every time I was seeing this art around me, and yet, had still not moved myself to create my own and to ultimately SHOW MYSELF first and foremost this “so much more” that I saw was possible when looking at these other examples of art I was seeing all around me.


I mean, I could even be deluding myself, and that I may find that once I begin this new series of work, that what I was seeing as different potentials is actually more difficult than I think. But I will never know for sure unless I try it out for myself.


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