Creating Flow – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 761


As I was writing yesterday an interesting word kept coming up that was a newer word I hadn’t noticed as one normally coming through in my writing. The word was “Stalled”. Part of my regular writing practice consists of describing myself, my experience, and my life and then within this description I will identify key words that jump out and then take those words and open them up further.

So the word that came through yesterday was the word “Stalled”

From here, I looked at a word that I could Live that would be the correction of the word “Stalled” or that will simply support me in creating myself in a way that I see is more satisfying and fulfilling than how things currently are within existing within and as the word “Stalled”

So the new word I came up with as something to begin exploring, expressing, and Living in my life as a point of Self Correction to the word “Stalled” is the word “FLOW”



One aspect I can see where I can support myself to live this word Flow is through by not allowing myself to become stalled in by where I allow myself to give in to resistance and then my movements become hampered by this resistance instead of me simply moving and directing myself in my life in what needs to be done. I can see that one way I do not live the word flow is basically through by now flowing from one activity to the next within my day but rather that I “Stall” instead of taking on things more continuously. I wonder where else in my life I am stalling.

So basically here its important to look at all dimensions of my life and see where and how I am existing within this word “stalled” and to thus introduce the word Flow as a corrective behavior in these areas.





Personal Process

Self Development






Responsibilities and obligations

Facing fears


Animal care



Self forgiveness






Self Creation

My Passion




Alright from here I am going to take this point into some Self Forgiveness and so also continue exploring how to introduce this word into myself and life so that I can support myself to become un-stalled which is not the greatest experience and so become and Live the word FLOW.


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