Mobility = Movement Ability – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 750



What does it mean to be mobile, to be flexible. I find for myself that I am comfortable in a routine and that I am willing to live that routine everyday without changing it. Within this I have a tendency to isolate myself and also limit myself through not directing myself to expand my expression into different avenues and ways of living, being, interacting, within my life and with others.

Mobility – I can hear the word Ability in the Mobility.










More Ability

More Movement


So in the word Mobility I am seeing/hearing the word MORE. As in expanding oneself.


I see for myself that to become more mobile I actually have to will myself to do that and move Directivity. Its just not going to happen automatically.


I have had a lot of resistance to changing my daily routine because I have become comfortable in it.


However I do see that this is something that will only benefit me.


I think of water that is still, and then in it forms all kinds slim on top and within it and the water gets murky. I equate this to human physical body, where within moving and expressing with the body it keeps it vital and alive instead of stagnant.


So the “Mo” at the beginning of the word Mobility can also refer to Movement or Momentum.

So this Mobility, this Movement Ability is a word I definitely can work on and practice as a Living Expression of myself to support myself to develop a more healthy, natural, being and expression of myself. Instead of existing like a boulder weighing 1000 pounds that just wants to sink down and not move.


So I will work with this word for tomorrow, and especially in relation to my more ingrained habits that I live everyday and don’t really change up ever because it is in those real habitual points that I see I keep myself locked into an immobility that is self-limiting.


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