Daily Grounding – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 748



Yesterday I came across a potential future opportunity that really peaked my interest. Later on in the evening I was noticing how in my mind I kept going into projections and playouts related to this potential point. It was interesting because I haven’t experienced a point like this in a while where its like I can’t stop thinking about it. Though with having walked the process I have the past 7/8 years in investigating and understanding the mind/myself,  I was able to remain stable and directive within myself so as to not  become completely possessed by my thoughts, emotions, feelings, projections, playouts, and desires related to this potential opportunity.

Another interesting observation I had about this inner process taking place was that it was very much based on excitement which I define as a positive energy. Though what I observed is that going into these inner playouts and positive energy actually created a kind of discomfort within me, and instability. So going into positive energy wasn’t necessarily a positive thing, I actually felt uncomfortable within myself. So when ever I noticed myself starting to go into another projection or play-out related to this new and exciting potential, I would breathe and stabilize myself here in my physical body, and let go of the projection, seeing, realizing and understanding that a projection is not real. Yes, at times a projection can be used practically to test something out, though this was not one of those instances as I could see clearly that my projections were more based on fantasy play-outs of why might happen that weren’t really grounded in any practical sustenance and so in these moments I would take a breath and pull myself back HERE, out of the mind, and into and as my body and ground myself.

The application of using my breath and my physical body as a grounding point has been a great support for me in my life, this particularly in relation to the directive of aligning myself with “the physical” and stopping my participation within mental chatter, this has been a great support and I often wonder what other people do who are not aware of this Self Grounding Application, and how they support themselves. Or do they just go into such mental realities and get lost in there?

So I thought I would just share this mini-process here as a reminder and support for anyone reading because for me in facing this moment last night, I was able to remain stable and grounded which was awesome, instead of becoming swept away by excitement, anticipation, desire, and curiosity which is not awesome.

We have become so conditioned to diverting our attention, whether into our cell phones or into our minds and into our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. For me, I have to, and prefer to practice daily grounding myself within my breath, within my body, within my Self Presence, because our entire world seems to be set up to distract. And I much prefer and enjoy myself when I am Stable and Grounded and HERE, and not just drifting around like a leaf at the whims of the wind.


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