Living Words: Articulate – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 746



Today I practiced living the word ‘Patience’. After opening up this point of patience for myself last night in my blog I saw that there was a lot of other words inside of this word that would help me refine my expression and living of the word Patience. I listed many of these words in my last blog. To recap, the words that I was able to uncover in investigating the word ‘Patience’ is as follows

Stability, Hereness, Stillness, Calm, Direction, Clarity, Natural Expression, Breath, Thoroughness, Articulation, Deliberateness, Ease, Quiet, Stillness, Insight, Rooted, Grounded, Natural, Slow, Concise, Directive.


So in continuing with practicing this word Patience, and Living this word so that, I am it, and here transforming my previously accepted and allowed experience and state of and as haste, rushing, stressed, and survival mode, the new word I am going to be working with here in expanding my expression of the word ‘Patience’ is the word ‘Articulation’.


What I have observed about myself is that sometimes I am in such a rush, that I don’t effectively express myself because I end up cutting corners, or skipping over parts or details because I am in a state of rushing, stress, and haste. So here in Living the word ‘Articulation’ I am going to practice allowing myself to slow down, and articulate and express myself in the moment in which ever task or application or activity I am busy with.


Now, seeing as how ‘ART’ is in the word ‘ARTiculation’ I will share an example related to this.


When I am making sculptures, I find there seems to always be a moment during the process of each sculpture I make where I have to decide on how much detail to include. The crux of this question centers on the relationship between time and money and so this is actually a particular relationship that I am going to start challenging as I walk and live this word Patience, and specifically here the word ‘Articulation’ where what I am going to test out doing, is giving myself more time to articulate the details in a way where I am achieving the finish I would like to instead of accepting and allowing myself to compromise and hold back thinking “it will take too much time to do that”


Often at work, If projects take to long, I will start experiencing a build up of anxiety and I will start to alter my behavior where I physically start moving faster. So here in Living the word Patient, I am going to direct myself to Articulate the Details and Intricacies of the project I am working on now in a way where I am actually expressing and living to my utmost potential. As well as just overall changing my experience of myself so that I am stable, calm, and relaxed, instead of allowing myself to go into states of stress which I am quite tired of existing in.


So I commit myself to be aware of my inner experience as I work, and to move and direct myself to slow myself down, grounding myself, stilling myself, and directing myself to Articulate the intricacies, and specifics of the project I am currently working on and so here basically supporting myself to ‘ARTiculate’ my expression with specificity no more accepting and allowing myself to think that “I am late” or “its too late” and then not gifting myself the time to really specify and articulate my expression to the best of my ability and in a way where I am Fully Satisfied.



ART iculate









you late


Living the word Articulate is something that I will not only do at work. I see that essentially, it is something that I live in every breath and every moment as my Self Expression where I can direct myself to slow myself down, so that I can specify and articulate myself in my self expression no matter what I am doing. A key within this, is to Breath, and make sure I am aligned with the moment, with my Physical Body, with HERE, Stopping Time, essentially, meaning, checking to make sure that I am not caught up in my mind in the idea that “I am late” and that I must go, and that I must rush, and that I cannot take the time to articulate.


Alright so will see how this one goes.


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