Living Words – ‘CLEAR’ – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 744


So tonight is one of those nights where I have been wanting to write a blog, and I have been thinking about different possibilities to the point where now my going off in different directions and potentials inside myself and can’t seem to settle on something.

So, I will just begin the blog as a point of getting myself grounded and here and see what opens up.

How about something different.

Today I am living the word….mmmmm…….dang, what is it……oh yes, “Planning”. I have recently began testing out the process of Living a New Word Each Day as a point of Self Creation. And today was the word “Planning” and a couple days ago I lived the word “New” So, today I will reach back into the past and snatch this word “New” and Live this word by writing something that isn’t so typical for me to write about.

Well, how about I write about this process of Living Words.

For me this is the first time I have been more active and consistent with taking a word each day and living it.

And so far it has been interesting, sometimes frustrating, and overall, a process that I see is supportive and will continue to explore, expand and develop, because I realize that this process of Living Words is like anything else where its not perfect in the beginning and sometimes there is growing pains but that is just how things go when you are learning something new.
Basically, I pick a new word each evening, and then define for myself how I will live that word the next day. Sometimes I do this in writing, or I will discuss it with my partner,  and what I noticed is that usually there is like one clear application that I can see how to apply a word. Sometimes the application is an ‘inner’ application, like letting go of self judgment in a moment when I see it comes up, or it is an ‘outer’ application, like for instance in Living the word ‘Planning’ today, I phoned ahead and arranged to have my car picked up tomorrow morning at 8am.

What I see is that there is various dimensions and contexts in which to live words.

Tomorrow my word I am going to Live is the word ‘Clear’.

I decided on this word because being Clear is something that I would like to be, and eventually Stand within in an absolute sense. Yesterday I wasn’t clear with myself and ended up in patterns and behaviors and experiences, that I know does not represent the best of me. So the word for tomorrow will be the word  ‘Clear’. Within this I can assist and support myself to not accept and allow thoughts, backchats, internal chatter that I see is not supportive for me so will support myself to practice remaining clear and here, and not clouded up with thoughts, and inner backchat.

Within this I commit myself to support me to push myself to ‘remain with my physical body’ instead of going into rabbit hole thought patterns that only take me into the mind and into preoccupation. So being Clear, is Standing Here with the Physical Body where I am aware of myself and aware of my breath, and aware of the depths and subtleties of my physical body. If I am in my mind participating in my own inner chatter or getting caught up in emotional experiences, I will not be able to see what is going on within and as my body or my awareness. So being Clear, Clears the air so I can see. Like looking across a clear lake, you can see far into the distance, and you can hear a fish jump a mile away because all is calm and all is clear.

I can also see the word ‘Clean’ within the word Clear, and so another dimension of the word Clear is the words ‘Clean’, and ‘Cleanliness’. So to Live the word clear is also to mean, not clogging up my body with unhealthy foods or actions which inhibit or supress the body’s natural expression, but rather to keep it clear and clean. For instance sitting on the couch in couch potato mode I see does not support me to be here and clear.

So I have opened up a few dimensions of this word Clear, which I will practice Living tomorrow and see what else comes up.

Oh, I just saw one more point – Clearing my desk, or making sure my workspace is clear, that is another cool application I can direct tomorrow as well.

Okay that’s all for now.


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