Acceptance as Giving Up (Part 1) – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 737


Here in this blog, I am going to look at the point of ‘Living Words’ and explore and investigate what Words I am currently existing as right now as the totality of myself and within this look at how I am able to re-align myself as Living Words so that I can be and become my utmost potential.

One word that comes up when looking here is the word ‘Acceptance’.

How I have been living this word is where I will accept who I am and how things are without daring to actually change, so once I have a pattern or routine that I am living out, I will just accept that pattern as how it is, and within this ‘just go with it’, even when the pattern is abusive, detrimental, and limiting.

I can see that I have done this with in particular the more deeply engrained or long standing patterns, and habits that I have existed within and lived where now in my life I live the word ‘Acceptance’ through and within the statement that “whats the point of trying to change, I have already proven to myself that I won’t”

I have noticed this tendency within me to not even try and change the more heavily embedded patterns where instead I just accept them as part of me. A necessary evil as such for the moment, even when that moment is extended into weeks, months, even years of never daring to change.

I don’t dare to take on my pre-programmed patterning when it comes to some habits, patterns, personalities, emotional reactions that I have become accustomed to living and playing out.

So this word ‘Acceptance’ I am living on the Level of where I will just allow all these patterns to remain as is, and I will not Dare to Challenge them or to move myself into a point of changing them/myself.

Like for instance with Nail Biting. I just have accepted this pattern as part of me, and I do not move myself to even try anymore and change this point. This is in part related to the fact that it’s a long standing pattern and that I have worked with this physical pattern but haven’t really made any strides or progress in changing the actual habit, and so a part of me goes into this Living Word as ‘Acceptance’ where I just kind of give up on trying to change this point, and so just continue on chewing away my finger nails. So an aspect of living the word acceptance is also the words “giving up” in particular even before I begin.

So to change this word that I have accepted and allowed myself to Live as “Acceptance” will be to actually stop just accepting myself as who I am at the moment as all the patterns and habits and words I currently live out on a daily basis where these patterns, habits, and words, aren’t necessarily aligned with me living to my utmost potential but are aligned with limitation, and self diminishment, and basically a Self that is not Standing Within the Context of What is Best For All.

So Above is a bit of a description of how I am currently Living out the word Acceptance where I haven’t directed and dared myself to Take Myself On and actually change me, but have more accepted myself existing within a purgatory state putting everything off to the side for a moment yet, this moment has extended now into quite a length of time.

So how do I move myself from Living out this definition of Acceptance and into the Living Words as ‘Till Here No Further’, and actually actively taking Myself on.

So how exactly do I live out this word “Acceptance” as the context described above.

I do this by ‘putting things off until later’

A fundamental component to this Nature of this Acceptance is ‘not wanting to change’ where instead I just accept things ‘as is’ because within things being ‘as is’ I am ‘comfortable’. Things are predictable. If I am to change myself in my habits, patterns, and words, I will have to change and a part of me just quickly dismisses this prospect of changing because I see this as such a massive thing, like, I kind of look at this prospect of changing and I have this experience within me where firstly I see my current self and my current patterns, and I see myself changing these, and I experience a kind of strain within myself and I believe that “its too much” and “it will be to involved” and based on this idea within my mind, I reach the conclusion that “I won’t follow through” that “I Know Myself and I Won’t Follow Through”.


Okay I will stop here for this blog and continue in blogs to come in redefining how I will/can assist and support myself stop Living out the word “Acceptance” as I have been, and to redefine this into a point of Self Support to support me to actually change and create myself into and as my full potential of what I am capable of living and expressing as a human begin here on earth. – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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