Am I Getting The Most Out of Myself? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 728


Has my expression of myself in my life been completely dependent on and in relation to how much money I have I my bank account?

Now, in some ways, if you had very little money versus having a lot of money, what you would do with your day would differ to some degree obviously, though, that is not the question I am really asking here.

I am asking, and so in essence looking at my own Self Expression and how it has been connected to money within the starting point of actually limiting myself within my expression through making it contingent on how much money I have.

For a long time now I have been holding off on pursuing some new art projects where I have noticed from time to time this phrase that I would speak to myself within my mind when ever I thought about taking on these projects, the phrase would be something akin to “I will do it when I have more money”

Yet there is a part of me that knows that this is only a justification I speak to myself that isn’t as ‘reasonable’ as I make it seem.

The point that has been coming through in the past few days, which opened up last week sometime was the point of how “Living To My Full Potential” doesn’t depend on how much money you have.  This is particularly so when I look at Who I am in Thought Word and Deed where I take my expression and application to a more personal level of day to day, moment to moment living.

And also, if I just look at who I am ‘around the house’. Who I am upon waking up in the mornings, do I breath and get myself out of bed ready to direct myself and take on the day, or do I lounge around and procrastinate in bed? Am I moving effectively in my household tasks? Or, Who am I within my personal and work relationships, am I busy having internal arguments, and judgements, and secret thoughts about the people I have relationships with, or do I forgive myself and forgive others, and support myself to be clear within myself and supportive towards the people in my reality so to encourage them as well as myself to live the best versions of ourselves in our lives. All of these points I have just mentioned has nothing do to with money. And so what I see, is that, how much money I have, doesn’t actually limit my own Self Effectiveness, in Living to My Fullest Potential, because this sort of expression is done on so many levels and  dimensions within my day.

I see, that there is so much that I can do in various situations to Live to My Best Self that has nothing do with money.

Even for instance making the decision to write this blog, versus just wasting time on my phone. Here again is another point where I can support myself to be and become and Live to my fullest potential simply within what is already here as my life.

Deciding to share here some insights that I have seen with this point, versus sharing nothing, and just keeping it to myself. Who knows how simply sharing myself here will affect the lives of others and so I see how this simple act here is a way for me to become more substantial in who I am and how I am living in this lifetime to contribute to what is here on earth.

So this is a point I am going to continue to work with and Commit myself to Live.

Living to My Best Self and Fullest Potential within my already existing Life, and no more accepting and allowing myself to allow money to determine my Self Expression but rather push myself to expand and grow and develop my expression, my application, myself in each moment, in thought word and deed, where I look for Solutions and ways for how in each moment, I can assist and support and nurture myself to Live and BE my best Self in the moment, in my life, and in this world.


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