Grounding Myself in Negotiation – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 727



A big part of my life, as it is with everyone’s life, is the point of money. Throughout my life, and in particular over the last 3 years I have been walking a process of learning about sales, and negotiation where I have been doing this in relation to selling my artwork.

Recently, during a negotiation, I observed that I still have a tendency to go into emotional reactions inside myself instead of staying calm, grounded, and stable, throughout the entire process. And what I noticed about this, is that when I do this, when I allow myself to go into my emotions during a sales negotiation, that it starts to impede my ability to actually view the various dimensions of the negotiation clearly as well also affecting my ability to communicate.

This fluctuation in my stability is not only something that happens in relation to money or during sales transactions, it can also happen during other conversations with people as well, where I see that as soon as one allows oneself to become captured and possessed by an emotion, that their ability to see clearly the various dimensions and depths of the interaction is greatly compromised.

Now in particular for myself, I have been noticing this surfacing in relation to money and sales as I have mentioned and so this is my starting point for opening this point up. I see that when I become emotional I actually become irrational to a certain degree. I observed that when I am engaged in a sales transaction or negotiation and I become emotional, that I start to disconnect from the facts and realities of the negotiation and I start to create ideas, and ideal, and even demands or desires that I then start expressing. I see that this is not at all effective and what I actually do through by going into emotions during sales negotiations is I Disempower Myself.

So I see here that it would be much  more effective for me to remain stable and grounded during such transactions, as well, as within other ‘normal’ conversations and interactions with people that isn’t about money or sales, and so here the word as the correction that I am going to commit myself to start practicing and Living is the word GROUNDED.

Therefore, When and as I am in a Sales Negotiation or Dealing with money, whether I am looking at points within my own mind or am communicating with someone about money, I commit myself to practice Living the Word GROUNDED, where I remain grounded within myself, stable, and do not accept and allow myself to go into emotional reactions because I see that when I allow myself to become emotional, that I am actually disempowering myself through by disconnecting myself from the facts and realities of the situation, negotiation or sales process, and so in disconnecting myself from the realities of the situation I am not longer able to practically assess, see, or direct these realities, and so I commit myself to assist and support myself to start LIVING the Word GROUNDED when it comes to these such negotiations where I commit myself to within such negotiations and processes, remain present and patient within myself and be realistic through making sure that in and as LIVING GROUNDEDNESS that I am aware of the practical realities of the negotiation so that I can practically direct myself within them, from a point of groundedness, clarity, insight, and stability, so that I can make the best decisions possible to support the best outcomes for all involved.

I commit myself to focus on my breathing as a point of stabilizing and grounding and rooting myself within such dealings so to remain present and not allow myself to go into emotional reactions if I see them coming up.

Okay so from here, I will practice Living this word and integrating this Word into my Living Expression when it comes to money, sales negotiations, and transactions as well as within my normal daily communication and interactions with others as well. And so supporting myself to stop disempowering myself through by going into emotional reactions but to rather remain Grounded, Rooted, Here, so I can direct myself and the situation to the best of my ability in a way that is best for ALL involved.


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