Walking My Desteni Process: SELF WRITING – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 723

Its Time To Stop Carrying The Past, Investigate Self With Desteni I Process


Walking My Desteni Process
The Principles – Part 1
The Forums – Part 2


Another way I have engaged myself and practically participated within walking my process with desteni since the beginning and throughout the past 8 years, is SELF WRITING.

Throughout the years I have walked this process I have shared a lot of myself on the various online platforms, such as the  desteni forums, youtube, facebook, my blogs, ect. Though one thing I have always done since the beginning which was a way for me to support myself in the walking of this  process from Consciousness to Awareness, is I have done Self Writing.

This is where its just me and a notebook and I sit down with myself and write for myself and in this I really push myself to be self honest where I don’t have to think about editing myself for a public audience because these writings are for my eyes only.

I still do this to date, and actually did this just today. Me and my notebook…and my coffee usually also.

So if you are just beginning with your process or you are wondering what you can do to start actively walking your process. This is one suggestion that I would recommend. To make it a habit to do Self Writing.

Self writing for me was a way to just clear my head, or stabilize myself or ground myself. It was a way to look at those more personal points that you can’t necessarily publish. Self Writing was a kind of daily maintenance.

Doing Self Writing for me was natural where I just did it to develop my own Self Awareness and get to know in detail myself and the points I was facing.

The point with this process is to actually move from Consciousness to Awareness, and I have found consistent Self Writing over the years has really supported me in developing my Self Awareness and Self Stability within myself.

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